Nightforce-Actar Best Scopes Product Review And Quick Guide Navigation

Nightforce is a high-end optics manufacturer. The ATACR product line features several reliable scopes with different optics configurations. These scopes would be an excellent choice if you are looking for high-quality, reliable, and performing optics.

What Is The Nightforce ATACR?

The ATACR product line is based on a previous line known as the NXS scopes. These scopes are designed to withstand extreme conditions and still retain their optics settings and performance. The scopes are carefully sealed to keep moisture and dirt out, and the lenses are coated to repel water and dirt. Fog won’t impact performance.

These scopes will last you for years thanks to their rugged and reliable design. They are designed for long-range shooting and will deliver unmatched precision at this range. Some of the scopes are more versatile than others due to their magnification range.

The multi-coated lenses are what stand out the most about these scopes. These lenses will improve light transmission, color contrast, and brightness.

We like this product line because there are different configurations to choose from. Here are the different options regarding magnification power, reticles, and first or second focal plane designs.

​ATACR 1-8x24 F1 Scope

NightForce ATACR 1-8X24 F1 - .1 Mil - Capped - PTL FC-DM
  • MPN: C597
  • Model: ATACR 1-8x24
  • Reticle Position: First Focal Plane
  • Reticle: Daylight-visible illuminated FC-DM reticle with "Off" settings between brightness settings
  • Scope Turret Adjustment: .1 mrad

This is a variable scope with a low magnification power. We like the power throw lever that allows you to easily adjust the magnification setting and the compact design of the scope.

This scope is a versatile product thanks to its illumination feature and large field of view. The intelligent reticle will automatically adapt to your target, and the compact design makes this scope suitable for a wide range of firearms.

The reticle is located in the first focal plane, which makes adjustments easier. The low profile turrets with caps allow you to adjust different settings with a .1 Mil-Radian precision.

​ATACR 4-16x42 F1 Scope

Nightforce Optics 4-16x42 ATACR Series Riflescope, Matte Black with DigIllum Illuminated First Focal Plane MOAR Reticle, 34mm Tube, Side Parallax Adjust, .250 MOA
  • Internal Adjustments: Elev- 120MOA/34.9 MIL, Wind-80MOA/ 23.7MIL
  • Tube Diameter: 34mm
  • Eye Relief: 3.54"
  • Mounting Length (inches/mm): 5.9/150
  • Weight (ounce/gram): 37.6/1066

This is another scope with an F1 reticle located in the first focal plane. It allows for extremely precise adjustments, and the controls are what stands out the most about this scope.

There are two versions of this scope available. You can choose from a model with .1 Mil-Rad adjustments and a model with .25 MOA adjustments depending on what you like best.

The 4-16x magnification setting makes this scope from versatile than the previous model.

​ATACR 5-25x56 F1 Scope

Nightforce Optics 5-25x56 ATACR ZeroStop Riflescope, Matte Black with F1 DigIllum Illuminated MOAR Reticle, 34mm Tube Diameter, Power Throw Lever & Side Parallax Adjust.
  • Internal Adjustments: Elev- 89MOA/26 MIL, Wind-60MOA/ 18MIL
  • Tube Diameter: 34mm
  • Eye Relief: 3.54 inch
  • Mounting Length (inches/mm): 6.3/160
  • Weight (ounce/gram): 30/850

This scope has similar specs and features, but the magnification power is much higher. The 5-25x magnification is ideal for long-range shooting and hunting.

​ATACR 5-25x56 F1 Scope

ATACR - 7-35x56mm F1 - ZeroStop - .250 MOA - DigIllum - PTL - MOAR C569
  • 56mm objective lens
  • 1st focal plane
  • Tactical MOA turrets
  • Waterproof and fogproof
  • Illuminated reticle

This Nightforce ATACR scope is the most powerful one when it comes to magnification power. It also comes with improved parallax adjustment, which is a necessity with this level of magnification.

This is a high-end scope with an impressive field of view. The precision of this scope is unmatched, and this is something you could use in a competition.

​ATACR 4-16x50 Scope

Nightforce ATACR 4-16x50 F2 ZeroStop .1mrad DigIllum Mil-R C543
  • ITAR PRODUCT! By adding to cart, I confirm that I am U.S. Person, I agree that I do not intend to export this product, and I understand this product is regulated by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

This scope is slightly different from the other models since it doesn’t feature the F1 reticle. Instead, the reticle is located in the second focal plane.

This is a scope designed for precision. The resolution and clarity stand out. This scope also features an illuminated reticle and a feature that allows you to easily adjust diopters as needed.

You can choose from a model with .250 MOA adjustments or opt for a scope with .1 Mil-Radian adjustments.

This is the best Nightforce scope if you want something that will help you correct your aim at long range.

This enhanced version of the Nightforce scope features a few improvements when it comes to the controls. The controls are designed so you can adjust the magnification and diopters faster.

The field of view is also improved. You can get a field of view of almost 18’ when the 5x magnification setting is selected.

What Makes Nightforce ATACR Scopes Unique?

The Nightforce ATACR line of products is unique because of the precision you can achieve with these scopes, the quality of the image delivered by the high-end optics, and the accessibility of the controls.

These scopes are perfect if you shoot with heavy ammunition. Heavier ammunition has a high ballistic coefficient, which means you will have to anticipate and correct your aim accordingly. This coefficient is emphasized on the long range.

This is where a scope from the ATACR line can make a difference. These scopes are equipped with high-quality reticles that will help you make up for the high ballistic coefficient of your ammunition. You can get predictable results every time.

Even though these scopes are ideal for big game hunting and long-range target practice, they are versatile. You can use these scopes for competitions and many other settings.

We like this product line because of the many optics configuration you can choose from. There are different magnification ranges, different reticles, and first and second focal plane designs. You can expect to get the same high-quality optics performance with every scope but have several options to choose from depending on what your needs and preferences are.

The quality of the lens coating makes a difference regarding the quality of the image. This is crucial when using scopes with high magnification. You are going to love the image clarity, colors, and brightness of these scopes.

We should also mention the compact and rugged design. You can use this scope in any environment and won’t encounter any sighting issue. The price tag of these scopes is fully justified since they will last for many years.

We like the controls of the ATACR line of products. Most of these scopes have a ZeroHold feature to prevent sighting issues, and the parallax controls come with markings that tell you what each adjustment corresponds to.

In the end, we think the quality of these scopes is difficult to match in this price range!


Expect to spend between $2,500 and $3,000 for a Nightforce ATACR scope. The features and optics configuration you are interested in will impact the price.

Here are a few prices to give you a better idea of how much these scopes cost:

  • The ATACR 4-16x42 F1 scope costs around $2,500.
  • The more compact ATACR 1-8x24 F1 costs a little over $2,700.
  • You can get the Nightforce Enhanced ATACR 5-25x56 with a MOAR reticle for $2,600.
  • The ATACR 5-25x56 F1 sells for around $3,000.
  • The most expensive scope is the ATACR 7-35x56 F1 at almost $3,500.

Public Perception

A majority of shoppers are extremely satisfied with the ATACR scopes. People have very high expectations due to the price range of these scopes, and these expectations are met and exceeded.

A lot of reviews talk about how clear the glass is and about the precision of the image. In fact, this seems to be the first impression these scopes make. People also love the impressive magnification power and the field of view.

The reviews that mention the controls of these scopes talk about these adjustments in a positive manner. The overall impression is that the controls are very precise and easy to use.

The reticle is another positive point mentioned in most reviews. People also love how well these scopes handle recoil.

The only downsides we were able to find while looking at reviews are the price and weight. A few people said the design of the scopes was too compact.

The size and weight of the scope depend on the model you choose. Keep in mind that scopes with a high magnification power and additional features will have more lenses and moving parts, which adds to the weight of the scope. If you want a compact and lightweight scope, opt for the 1-8x24 F1 scope.

It is true that these scopes can seem costly. However, you need to approach this purchase an investment you are making in the long-term. If these scopes aren’t a good match for your price range, there are other options to consider.

How Do The Nightforce ATACR Scopes Compare To Other Products?

We found three other scopes designed for long-range shooting. These are scopes you should consider if the ATACR products don’t seem like a good match for you.

Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27x56 FFP

Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27x56 FFP Riflescope EBR-2C MRAD
  • The Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27x56 riflescope is feature rich and deadly accurate; perfect for advanced precision shooting and tactical operations. The glass-etched EBR-2C MRAD reticle has 11 illumination intensities and ensures subtensions stay accurate.
  • Built for dialing in long-range, precision shots, the L-TEC Turret System features a locking mechanism that prevents accidental elevation adjustments. A visual rotation indicator allows shooters to easily keep track of revolutions on the turret.
  • A 6x zoom range offers magnification versatility while the fast focus eyepiece adjusts the reticle into sharp focus. Side parallax adjustment and illumination controls have been integrated into one knob for easy access and streamlined performance.
  • The APO optical system delivers stunning image quality through premium, high density, extra-low dispersion glass. All lenses are fully multi-coated with XR plus anti-reflective coatings to increase light transmission for amazing brightness.
  • O-ring sealed and argon purged, the Razor delivers waterproof and fogproof performance while the single-piece, aircraft-grade aluminum construction gives shooters a durable platform. Armortek coatings protect the lenses from scratches, oil, and dirt.

The Vortex Razor HD Gen II costs around $2,500, which makes this scope an alternative to the more affordable ATACR scopes. This is a high-quality scope designed with long-range precision in mind.

This scope stands out thanks to the quality of the optics and features simple controls. You can, for instance, control parallax and illumination with the same knob.

The rugged and reliable design is similar to the quality you will get with Nightforce products. You will always get a clear and crisp image, even at a long range.

The Vortex Razor HD Gen II is an interesting option to consider if you don’t think the reticles used in the ATACR scopes are a good fit for you. You can find three variations of the Vortex Razor HD Gen II with three different reticle configurations.

Bushnell Elite Tactical XRS II

Bushnell Elite Tactical XRS II 4.5-30 x 50mm 34mm Main Tube G3 Reticle Black Riflescope
  • Throw hammer Throw Lever - Removable lever enables quick magnification changes
  • Precise - 10 Mils per Revolution on elevation, windage turrets for exact Adjustments
  • ED prime glass - delivers colorful, high-contrast images in any light

The Bushnell Elite Tactical scope costs around $2,250 and delivers optics similar to what you can expect from a Nightforce scope. This model is the best scope Bushnell offers.

We think this scope is an interesting option to consider because the optics configuration isn’t covered by the ATACR line of products. The specs are 4.5-30x50, which puts this scope somewhere between the ATACR 5-25x56 and the ATACR 7-35x65 models when it comes to performance.

There are a few differences worth mentioning. You can remove the throw lever that allows you to adjust magnification, the reticle isn’t illuminated, and the turrets are slightly higher than on the ATACR scopes.

Overall, the Bushnell Elite Tactical scope is a great alternative if you are looking for high-quality optics but want an optics configuration that is different from what the ATACR line offers.

Leupold Mark 8 3.5-25x56 M5B2

Leupold Mark 8 3.5-25x56mm 35mm M5B2 Matte Illuminated F/F H-58 Scope
  • Leupold 115062 Mrk8 3.5-25x56mm 35mm
  • M5B2 Matte Illume F/F H-58 Scope
  • Leupold is dedicated to the hunter and outdoor enthusiast in providing products with the quality or high performance they expect

This scope is worth considering if you are ready to invest in high-quality optics and want something that is more performing than the Nightforce ATACR.

The Leupold Mark 8 scope costs around $5,000 and can be more expensive if you choose some customization options. However, this is probably the best long-range scope you will ever find.

The lens coating stands out. This scope delivers unmatched brightness and contrast. It is designed to improve brightness in low-light settings, which isn’t something the ATACR scopes do.

We also think the controls are interesting. They will automatically lock and unlock when you touch them. Some customization features seem unnecessary, but you can get the scope equipped with customized dials that match the type of ammunition you use.

What We Think

You can’t go wrong with a scope from the Nightforce ATACR line if you are looking for high-quality optics in the $2,500 to $3,000 price range. We think this brand offers an excellent selection of products, and you should easily find the features and optics configuration that is right for you.

If you are looking for a versatile and affordable option, we highly recommend the compact ATACR 1-8x24 F1 scope. If you are looking for long-range performance and high magnification power, the 5-25x56 F1 and 7-35x65 F1 scopes are going to deliver the best value.

We highly recommend that you try out a few riflescopes if you are new to using optics. Get a feel for the kind of optics and quality you can expect in different price ranges to determine if you can justify spending more than $2,000 on a scope.

If you are experienced when it comes to rifle optics and need a reliable scope for long-range hunting, target practice, or competitions, we think these scopes are a great fit for you.

Nightforce is an excellent choice if you want to upgrade a firearm with a scope. The ATACR line of products is designed with long-range in mind, but these scopes are extremely versatile thanks to the high-quality of the lenses and the accessible controls. Any scope from this line is an excellent choice!

An In-Depth Brand Review Of Mueller Scopes: Buyer’s Guide

Brand Review: Mueller Scopes

Mueller is a brand that is well-known for making quality scopes. These products stand out because of their accuracy and affordable prices. Mueller presents its products as an alternative to expensive high-end optics. Do these scopes deliver on this promise?

An Overview Of Mueller Scopes


Mueller offers some of the best riflescopes in the $200 price range. The brand has an interesting selection of features and optics configuration. Here are the different product lines made by Mueller.

Mueller Target Rifle Scope, Black, 8-32 x 44mm
  • Eye relief of 4
  • Tube size of 30 millimeters. Fast-focus eyepiece
  • Magnification of 8-32x;"Mildot Reticle" (accurate milling based on 10x)
  • 44 millimeter objective. Windage/elevation adjustment range: 40 inches at 100 yards; over-all

​Side Focus Scopes

Hammers Long Range Side Focus Side Parallex Adjustment Rifle Scope 8-32X56B MilDot Reticle with Bubble Level
  • Easy to reach side focus wheel for qucik parallex adjustment
  • Small bubble level right beneath the illuminated MilDot reticle
  • Range finding capability with MilDot reticle at 10x power setting
  • 30mm Tube Size and ample 56mm objective lens
  • A great long range target scope ready for use with included heavy duty rings

These scopes are named after the side focus parallax adjustment feature. Placing this control on the side of the scope is more convenient if you use your rifle in a situation where you would have to adjust the magnification and parallax constantly.

The exposed target turrets make the controls more accessible. These scopes stand out due to the fine crosshair and the 1/8” target dot that won’t cover your target when you use the scope for long-range shooting.

Mueller offers a fixed 40x56 scope as well as a variable 8-32x44 model with the side focus feature.


Predator Tactics Eradicator Predator & Hog Hunting Light Kit Red and Green LED
  • Intensity Control - Adjustable Focus - Waterproof Design
  • Interchangeable Red and Green LEDs
  • Silent switch technology - Ttwo free CR123 Batteries
  • Red LED up to 275 yards target ID - Green LED up to 300 yards target ID
  • Unconditional Warranty: Shell - Lifetime, LEB Bulbs - 2 years, Accessories - 1 year

The Eradicator is a variable scope with a magnification power of 8.5 to 25x. This is the best Mueller scope for long-range shooting with its high magnification and illuminated micro-dot.

The reticle is designed with long-range shooting in mind and the micro-dot, and fine crosshair reticle won’t hide the target. The micro-dot covers less than 1” at 200 yards.

​Speed Shot Scope

Mueller Speed Shot Rifle Scope, Black, 1-4 x 24mm
  • Eye relief of 3.5
  • Tube size of 30 millimeters
  • Magnification of 1-4x
  • 24 millimeter objective

The Speed Shot scope has lower magnification with its 1-4x24 specs, but this scope is designed for versatility. It features ½ MOA adjustments and an illumination system with 11 different settings, so you can quickly adjust the scope and take a series of shots.

The illumination features work in daylight, and the scope also comes with fast focus features so you never miss an opportunity.

​AO Tactical Scopes

Firefield Tactical AO Riflescope
  • Red/green illuminated mil-dot reticle
  • Second focal plane reticle
  • Multi-coated optics

These Mueller scopes come with different magnification powers. They are ideal for low-light conditions thanks to their 11 brightness settings and the mil-dot reticle is designed to give you a very accurate idea of how far the target is, even at long range.

There are three different AO Tactical scopes with specs of 4-16x50, 4.5-14x40, and 8.5-25x44.

​Sport Dot

Mueller AO Sport Dot Rifle Scope, Black, 4-16 x 50mm
  • Eye relief of 3.25
  • Tube size of 1 inch
  • Magnification of 4-16x
  • 50 millimeter objective

These Mueller scopes include a 4-16x50, 3-9x40, and a 3-10x44 model. The Sport Dot scopes are designed for big game hunting.

The sturdy design makes these scopes ideal for handling recoil, and the lenses have a special coating to improve contrast and brightness. The micro-dot reticle allows you to get a precise aim.

The fingerprint turrets are also worth mentioning since they allow you to adjust elevation and windage with precision.

​Multi-Shot Scope

Benjamin BTAP25SX Armada PCP Powered Multi-Shot Bolt Action 25 Cal Hunting Air Rifle with M-LOK Interface & Bipod
  • Modular, versatile design
  • Backwards compatible with Mil-Spec AR-15 grips and stocks
  • Machined receiver featuring 5 inches of Picatinny rail space
  • Delivers up to 16 consistent shots per fill. Barrel Type : Rifled/Shrouded/Choked
  • Bolt action is reversible

The Multi-Shot scope is a very versatile product. Mueller offers a 2-7x32 model that is compatible with any firearm.

This scope stands out because of its multi-purpose reticle. The reticle includes a crosshair as well as an outer circle. The circler will cover 15” at 40 yards if you select the 2x magnification setting.

The outer circle is an interesting feature because you can use it to aim with a dense pattern or use it as a rangefinder and bullet drop compensator.

​Mueller APV Scopes

Mueller APV AO Rifle Scope, Black, 4.5-14 x 40mm
  • Fully multi-coated camera-quality crystal lenses for superior brightness and contrast Large diameter ocular lens for wider field of view
  • All-weather, high-torque power change ring Exit pupil range: 8.8 - 2.8 mm Fast-focus eyebel
  • 1/4-inch windage and elevation adjustments with audible click stops and full target turrets Overall length: 13.75 inches 30mm tube construction with matte black finish to minimize glare
  • Nitrogen-filled, water-proof, fog-proof and shock-proof Minimum Parallax setting 10yds
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

The All-Purpose Variable scopes sold by Mueller are affordable and designed for small caliber rifles. You can choose from a 6-18x44 model, a 4.5-14x40 scope, or a 2-7x32 scope.

These scopes stand out with their wide field of view, the clarity of the optics, and the capped fingertip turrets. The 4.5-14x40 model delivers a field of view that ranges from 27 to 9’ at 100 yards.

The Hybrid scope is probably the best value of the Mueller product line. It is a versatile scope with specs of 3-9x40.

It stands out thanks to the brightness and contrast of the lenses. The lightweight design is another plus. The scope comes with a fine crosshair reticle and low-profile turrets.

The Hybrid scope is interesting because it has more eye relief than other Mueller scopes at 4.25.”

What Makes Mueller Scopes Unique?

Mueller is a brand that stands out due to the quality of its optics. It is difficult to find scopes in the same price range that deliver the same quality and features.

All the scopes mentioned above can be found in the $150 to $250 price range. Mueller offers a wide selection of affordable riflescopes, and a lot of these scopes are designed to be versatile.

Most scopes made by Mueller have different optics configurations to choose from, and a few of the scopes are designed for a specific scenario such as long-range hunting or big game hunting.

The quality of the optics is unmatched in this price range. The lenses are treated with several layers of coating that improve visibility, brightness, and colors.

Most of the scopes are one-piece scopes for durability. Reducing the number of moving parts of the scopes also helps with quality and durability.

The reticles are also worth mentioning. These scopes come with extremely accurate reticles with fine crosshair sights to avoid covering too much of the target. This might not be an issue when shooting at close or mid-range, but the fine crosshairs or small dots are an advantage when shooting at long range.

We should also mention the quality of the controls. The turrets and other controls make it easy to adjust different features and make these scopes very accessible, even for beginners. Most people also say that getting used to the reticles didn’t take them very long.

We like the fact that the brand releases new scopes on a regular basis. There is an effort made to improve the optics and features of the products, and each new generation of scopes includes several improvements.

Overall, Mueller scopes are sturdy, reliable, and affordable. The brand has an excellent reputation and offers a lifetime warranty on its products if you purchase them through the official Mueller website.


These scopes are available in the $150 to $250 price range. Here are a few prices to give you an idea of how much these scopes cost:

  • The Mueller 2-7x32 Multi-Shot scope costs around $150.
  • You can get a Mueller 8.5025x44 AO Tactical scope for $170.
  • The Mueller 4-16x50 AO Sport Dot is available for $225.
  • The more expensive Mueller 8.5-25x50 AO Eradicator will cost you $250.

Other retailers offer similar prices for these products.

​Public Perception

These scopes have received excellent reviews. People think Mueller products are a good value for the money. The scopes are very durable, and a majority of shoppers are happy with their purchase.

Reviews talk about the range of magnification being impressive and about the controls being easy to use. People love the performance at long range and think the glass quality is good for the price.

One of the major advantages of these scopes is that the settings hold very well. The controls are intuitive, and these scopes are very versatile. People are using these scopes with a wide range of firearms in many different settings.

A lot of reviews also mention the illumination and clarity of the image and the fine crosshair reticles. Most people found that the scopes handled recoil well.

A few negative points are mentioned in some reviews. The most common drawback mentioned in reviews is that the optics quality wasn’t as good as expected. Mueller delivers high-quality optics for the $200 price range, but these scopes are no match for high-end optics.

It is important to have realistic expectations for these riflescopes. If possible, test different scopes to get an idea of what to expect from a scope in this price range so you won’t be disappointed.

Some people didn’t like the turrets and magnification rings. They felt they were unable to get precise adjustments with these controls or didn’t like the way the controls felt. It would be best to try out one of these scopes to see how the controls feel to you and make sure they won’t impact your experience.

Overall, the reviews are positive, and people feel the scopes are a good value for the money. However, it is important to keep in mind that these scopes don’t deliver the same kind of optics quality as you would get with a scope in the $1,000 price range.

​How Do These Products Compare To Other Scopes?

We compared these scopes to a few other products made by other brands to give you more options to consider.

​Nikon Scopes

Nikon is a well-known optics manufacturer. If you are looking for a reliable and performing scope, the Varmint/Predator, Monarch or the Buckmasters II scopes are worth considering.

The Varmint/Predator scopes are made for hunting and come with a wide range of features. The Buckmasters II scopes are designed for long-range hunting, and the Monarch scopes are a more versatile alternative.

These scopes are interesting because of the high-quality lens coating. If the optics performance of the Mueller scopes doesn’t meet your expectations, a Nikon scope might be a better choice. Note the Nikon offers a wider selection of features and optics configurations compared to Mueller.

The Buckmasters II scopes are similar to Mueller scopes since you get one of these scopes for $150. However, you will have to spend between $300 and $600 for the other scopes mentioned.

Bushnell is another optics brand known for quality and durability. If you are looking for an alternative to Mueller products, the Bushnell Engage scope is worth looking at. You might also be interested in the Trophy and Elite scopes.

The Bushnell Engage comes in nine different optics configurations. The MOA windage and elevation adjustments aren’t as precise as on the scopes made by Mueller, but the quality of the optics makes the Bushnell Engage stand out.

The Bushnell Engage costs around $300, but you can find scopes under $200 in the Trophy line of products.

Leupold is better-known for its line of high-end scopes, but the brand also offers more affordable optics. You can get the VX Freedom 3-9x40 scope in the $250 price range, even though the magnification power doesn’t match what Mueller offers.

Leupold scopes stand out as some of the best optics on the market. You can expect high-quality optics and durability. The brand has an excellent selection of products, but most of these scopes are available in a higher price range.

If you are ready to spend more on a riflescope and want something that is specifically designed for high-end tactical shooting or long-range hunting, Leupold is worth considering.

​What We Think

Mueller is one of the best brands in the $150 to $250 price range. It is difficult to find scopes with better optics in this price range.

We like this brand because there is a good selection of products and most of the scopes are designed to be very versatile, which makes them a good value. You can use any of these scopes for hunting or long-range shooting and get good results.

We also think Mueller offers an interesting selection of magnification ranges. A lot of the scopes are available with different optics configurations so you can find the right product for your needs.

The quality of the optics is mentioned in some negative reviews, but these scopes deliver excellent optics for the price range. The multi-coated lenses improve visibility, colors, and brightness. The precision of the controls and reticles are another advantage of these scopes.

These scopes won’t meet everyone’s expectations. You should try a few different riflescopes to get a better idea of the kind of optics performance you can get in different price range to determine if these products would be a good fit for you.

Mueller is an excellent choice if you are looking for an affordable scope. The brand offers a great selection of scopes with different features and magnification ranges. You can expect excellent optics for the price, accessible controls, and accuracy in a wide range of settings.

Our Top Picks For The Best Air Rifle Scopes You Should Consider

Best Air Rifle Scopes

Upgrading your air rifle with a scope will improve your aim, whether you use it for target practice or small game hunting. Find out more about selecting the right scope for your air gun and take a look at our product recommendations to find a scope adapted to your needs and budget.

How We Chose Our Ratings

We looked at a few different things when selecting and rating scopes:

  • Durability: We chose scopes that are durable enough to withstand the vibration and recoil of an air rifle.
  • Magnification: We included scopes with different magnification ranges and looked for fixed and variable scopes to give you more options to choose from.
  • Objective lens size: We looked for scopes with different objective lens sizes so you can find a scope adapted to your needs.
  • Price range: We compared air rifle scopes in different price ranges to help you find the right fit for your budget. There is no need to spend several hundreds of dollars on a scope you will use occasionally.

Top Six Best Air Rifle Scopes

​Daisy PowerLine 4x15 Air Rifle Scope

Daisy Outdoor Products 4 x 15 Scope (Black, 4 x 15)
  • Air gun scope
  • Adjustable wind age and elevation
  • Fits 3/8 inch dovetail
  • Includes scope rings
  • 4 X 15 air gun scope

This is the best entry-level scope we could find. The Daisy Powerline 4x15 scope is ideal if you use your air rifle occasionally or want a budget scope.

The 4x magnification fits a wide range of uses. The 15mm objective lens doesn’t add any unnecessary weight to the scope.

You can easily install this scope since it is compatible with a standard dovetail mount. It is shockproof and will still deliver optimal visibility in foggy conditions.

You can adjust the elevation and windage of the scope. Note that the scope features a standard cross-hair reticle. This air rifle scope doesn’t have any advanced features, but it is a great value for the price.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

​Leapers UTG 3-9x40 AO True Hunter Rifle Scope

UTG 3-9X40 1" Hunter Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, w/ Rings
  • Emerald Lens Coatings, Built on True Strength Platform, Completely Sealed and Nitrogen Filled, Shockproof, Fogproof and Rainproof
  • Premium Zero Locking and Zero Resetting Target Turrets with Most Consistent and Precise 1/4 MOA per Click Windage/Elevation Adjustment
  • Mil-dot Range Estimating Reticle for Most Optimal Aiming and Shooting Performance, Parallax Adjustable from 5 Yds. to Infinity
  • Innovative EZ-TAP Illumination Enhancing (IE) System with RGB in Dual-Color Mode and 36 Colors in Multi-Color Mode
  • Complete with Picatinny/Weaver Rings and High Quality Flip-open Lens Caps

We recommend this scope for shooting in low-light settings and for air rifles with recoil. This air rifle scope is an investment, but the durable, shockproof build justifies the price tag.

You can adjust the magnification from 3 to 9x, which makes this scope suitable for a wide range of uses. The 40mm objective lens is also adjustable.

The scope is ideal for low-light settings thanks to the 95 percent light transmission feature and color enhancement and illumination. We like the fact that you can turn the illumination off with the touch of a button.

The reticle is also worth mentioning. This scope is equipped with a mil-dot ¼ reticle. Each click corresponds to a hundred yards.

You can adjust the parallax to get a more precise aim and will benefit from a field of view that ranges from 34.5 to 11.5.’

The eye relief is another interesting feature. You can use this scope at a 3.9” distance, which makes it ideal for an air rifle with significant recoil.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

​Cabela’s Air Rifle Scope

Magnum Air Rifle
  • Available in .177 or .22 Cal pellet
  • Magnum-powered air rifle, 33 mm cylinder and IGT MACH 1. This break barrel air rifle is able to deliver 1,650 fps in .177 Cal. And 1300 fps in .22 Cal. The IGT MACH 1 gas piston that delivers higher muzzle velocity, less vibration, and smoother cocking
  • Gamo 3-9x40 AO (adjustable objective) scope with RRR (Recoil Reducing Rail) - Absorbs the recoil of the rifle increasing the lifespan of the scope
  • CAT (Custom Action Trigger) - Independently adjust 1st and 2nd stages, adjust your trigger to your personal preference, make it predictable. Comfortable all-weather synthetic ambidextrous thumbhole stock
  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY. Made in Spain

Cabela’s offers a quality mid-range air rifle scope. We like this product because you can choose between two magnification options.

You can opt for the 4x32 model if you want a fixed scope or get the 2-7x32 model if you want a variable one. The 4x32 model is more affordable and has better eye relief compared to the variable model.

However, the 2-7x32 model has an impressive field of view of 130’ at 100 yards. You can adjust the objective lens on both models, and we think these scopes deliver excellent transmission thanks to the lens coating used.

Both scopes feature a duplex reticle for better visibility and have ¼ MOA turret adjustments for the different controls.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

​Winchester Air Rifle Scope 2-7x32mm Adjustable Objective Duplex Reticle Matte With Rings

Winchester by Daisy Outdoor Products 2-7 x 32 AO Winchester Scope (Black, 2-7 x 32)
  • 2-7 x 32 with adjustable objective
  • Adjustable for windage and elevation
  • cross-hair reticle
  • fogproof, shockproof and color corrected
  • Daisy quality and reliablility for unmatched accuracy

This is one of the best air rifle scopes for small game hunting since the turrets aren’t exposed. The cross-hair reticle is designed for optimal visibility, and you can adjust the magnification from 2 to 7x.

The 32mm objective lens is also adjustable, and the scope features windage and elevation controls. We liked the sturdy shock-proof design of the scope. The fast focus eyepiece is an interesting feature that could make a difference for beginners.

This affordable scope comes with the dovetail rings you need to attach it to your air rifle. Overall, we think this scope is an excellent buy given the magnification range and sturdy design.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

​Barska Air Rifle Scope 3-12x40mm Adjustable Objective Mil-Dot Reticle Matte

BARSKA 3-12x40 AO Airgun, Black Matte, Mil-Dot
  • Hunting scopes rifles
  • Versatile top of the line
  • Another quality product

This is one of the most versatile scopes we found since the magnification ranges from 3 to 12x. The mil-dot reticle is another feature worth mentioning since it allows for very precise adjustments.

The 40mm adjustable objective lens is slightly larger than the other air rifle scopes we looked at, but this would be an advantage for long-range shooting. The field of view varies from 35 to nine feet at a hundred yards depending on the magnification selected.

This is a mid-range air rifle scope that has received excellent reviews. We think this scope would be a good fit if you are looking for high magnification, quality optics, and a precise reticle. However, this scope doesn’t seem to have any illumination or color enhancement settings for low-light environments which could reduce visibility when a high magnification setting is selected.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

​Hawke Vantage SD 3-12x44 AO

Hawke Sport Optics Vantage 4-12x40AO Mil Dot Riflescope with Mounting Rings Kit
  • 11 layer fully multi-coated optics for excellent clarity / Adjustable objective for parallax correction (AO models) / 1 inch mono-tube chassis for superior strength
  • Glass etched reticle with red and green illumination / Rheostat on saddle offers 5 levels of brightness / 1/4 MOA low profile 'no-snag' fingertip turrets
  • Fast focus eyebell and high torque zoom ring / Threaded objective/ocular for optional accessories / Waterproof, Shockproof, and Nitrogen purged / All calibre rated / Turret caps
  • Authorized Hawke Sport Optics Dealer - Hawke Worldwide Warranty
  • Bundle Includes: Hawke Sport Optics Vantage 4-12x40AO Mil Dot Riflescope / Hawke Sport Optics Match Mount 1" 2 Piece Weaver Medium Riflescope Rings

This is a high-end air rifle scope. We think the Hawke Vantage SF is one of the best air rifle scopes money can buy if you are ready to invest in high-quality optics.

The 3 to 12x magnification is ideal for target practice and small game hunting. The scope features precise parallax adjustment as well as a 44mm objective lens.

The reticle is what truly stands out. This scope features a half mil-dot reticle that won’t cover your target. This is an interesting feature since you will be able to work with more than one aim point.

The ¼ MOA adjustments give you the precision you need for long-range shooting. This is a very durable air rifle scope that won’t require constant adjustments due to the high-quality of the optics.

The only downside is that this scope doesn’t have any illumination features. The eye relief is only 3.5,” which won’t be an issue unless your air rifle has recoil.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

How To Choose The Right Air Rifle Scope

Shopping for air rifle scopes means you have to become familiar with different specs and learn to identify which features represent a good investment for you. Here is what you need to know about scopes.

Before Buying A Scope

You should know that air guns have more recoil and vibrations than traditional firearms. The scopes designed for traditional firearms can’t be used with air guns. If you mount a traditional scope on an air rifle, you will eventually damage the optics and will never get accurate results.

If you own a break-barrel air rifle, you should know that opening and closing the barrel will cause the scope to end up in a slightly different position every time. This will make adjusting the optics and getting a precise aim impossible.

Scopes work best with fixed-barrel air rifles. You can mount a scope on a fixed-barrel, and the alignment of the scope won’t change.

Fixed And Variable Scopes

When looking at fixed air rifle scopes, you will see specs listed as 4x32. The first number indicates the magnification of the ocular lens. The second number indicates the size of the objective lens in millimeters.

Fixed scopes are typically more affordable. It is easier to stay sighted in since there is no need to adjust the magnification of the scope.

You will see specs listed as 4-12x32 when shopping for variable scopes. These numbers indicate that you can adjust the magnification of the ocular lens between 4 and 12x. The second number indicates the size of the objective lens.

Variable scopes are more versatile since you can use them at different ranges. However, variable scopes have more moving parts, including rotating rings that can let moisture inside of the scope. You can prevent issues by investing in a high-quality variable scope.

There are a few things to keep in mind when comparing fixed and variable scopes:

  • A scope with a high magnification power is ideal for long range, but remember that small movements will be greatly emphasized.
  • The lens sizes impact the weight of the scope and can make mounting more complicated.
  • A large objective lens will let more light in, which is ideal for low-light scenarios.
  • High magnification can darken the image.
  • A variable scope with several lenses can reduce the clarity of the image.

Scope Controls

Most scopes let you adjust the parallax, elevation, windage, and magnification. It is important to pay attention to how these different values are adjusted. Make sure controls are easily accessible and intuitive.

Magnification is typically adjusted thanks to rings located around the objective lens. Make sure you can adjust magnification with one hand and lock this setting as needed.

You will get better visibility if you opt for a scope with precise parallax adjustments. As you adjust the magnification of the scope, the focal plane might not match the position of the reticle. You can correct this thanks to the parallax adjustment feature of the scope.

You can typically adjust the parallax with a side turret or with a ring. Parallax adjustment isn’t an important feature unless you want to use a scope with high magnification.

You should also pay attention to the elevation and windage adjustment controls. You will typically find two knobs in the middle of the scope that you can use to adjust the reticle. Adjusting the elevation and windage of the scope help you get the crosshair to match with your target.

Pay attention to how accurately you can adjust the elevation and windage. Some scopes feature 1/2MOA, while others have ¼ or 1/8 adjustments.

Other Things To Consider

There are a few other things to consider when comparing scopes for air rifles. Eye relief is one of the specs you should look at.

The eye relief refers to the distance from which you can look into the ocular lens. Eye relief typically decreases as magnification goes up. The eye relief distance is important, especially if you are using an air rifle with recoil.

You should also find out how the scope needs to be mounted. Most scopes with a large objective lens require a high mount, which will give you more accuracy. If possible, opt for a scope that is compatible with a one-piece mount to get more stability.

You should also look at the crosshair style. The best crosshair style is a matter of personal preference, but keep in mind that some styles can partially cover your target. A mil-dot crosshair or a duplex crosshair would be ideal to avoid hiding your target.

If you plan on using your air gun in a low-light setting, look for a scope with good light transmission, color enhancement features, and illumination. This is especially important if you want a scope with a high magnification power since high magnification can darken the image.

Lastly, you should look at the field of view of the scope you are interested in. The field of view won’t be an issue when you use your air rifle for long-range shooting, but a scope with a good field of view can make a difference at close and mid-range.

The best air rifle scope depends on how you use your air gun. Take the time to compare a few different scopes in your price range and ask yourself which features would improve your accuracy and experience with your air rifle. The scopes we recommended are a great place to start, but there are many other options to explore.

A Review Of The Best Holographic Sights: Things You Need To Know

Best Holographic Sights

Are you a novice hunter? Are you tired of coming close to your target but always missing it? Sights are a popular choice for many gun owners because they are smaller and easier to use. Check out some of the best holographic sights to consider when shopping around for a sight.

Best Holographic Sights

Many gun owners choose to purchase a sight for their gun to make hitting the target a little easier. While you can try to hit the mark without a sight, using one can save ammo and make hunting or target shooting a little more fun.

If you’re shopping around for a new sight, you may have a hard time deciding which one to buy as there are many choices available. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best holographic sights around and given you all of the information you need, so you can feel confident about purchasing one.

What’s The Difference Between Holographic and Red Dot Sights?

You might be wondering what makes a holographic sight different from a red dot sight. Before we talk about the some of our top choices for holographic sights, let’s take the time to briefly explain the difference between a red dot and holographic sight.

As the name suggests, a red dot (which is also known as a reflex sight) has a LED that produces the reticle (or the target). A holographic sight relies on a laser that produces a holograph of the reticle. While types of sights to a great job at helping you find your target, there is more room for error with the holographic sight (which often makes it ideal for novice hunters).

Many people prefer a holographic sight because it’s often easier and quicker to lock in the target without being completely accurate and the holograph is not affected by any light that comes in; you can still see the reticle clearly, regardless of the amount of light outside.

If you want to work on your target accuracy as a hunter (and not necessarily rely on a sight), then a red dot sight may be better suited for you. If you’re just learning how to shoot or you want a little room for error, a holographic sight may be just what you need.

Comparison Table



Our Rating


EOTECH 552.A65
EOTech 552.A65
EOTECH 512.A65
EOTech 552.A65
Holosun HS510C
The Razor AMG UH-1
Vortex Optics Razor AMG UH-1

How We Choose Our Ratings

If you’ve already started to shop around for a holographic sight, you may be overwhelmed by your options. A holographic sight is a financial investment, and you want to feel confident about your purchase; that’s why we’ve compiled a “best of” list for you to look at before finalizing your decision.

 With all the holographic sights on the market, you might be wondering how we were able to narrow down our choices and come up with some top picks. We start out by reading dozens of customer reviews and testimonials online, weighing out the positive and negative feedback.

Even if a sight has overwhelmingly positive feedback, we don’t overlook what the dissatisfied users have to say. We believe that a well-rounded review must take a look at both sides, not just the positive.

We use a five-star rating system to rate our sights. A holographic sight with a five-star rating has exceeded our expectations and has overwhelmingly positive feedback from other users. Even if we don’t give one of our best picks a five-star rating, it doesn’t mean that it’s not a good sight (it might just mean that it has more mixed reviews).

Our goal, when creating our rating system, is that you can confidently select a holographic sight and be happy with your purchase.

Our Top 4 Picks For The Best Holographic Sights

Now that you have a better understanding of how our rating system works, it’s time to take an in-depth look at our top picks for a holographic sight. We will start out our list with our “best” choice and then give you some other options. Remember, even if some of the sights don’t have a five-star rating, it doesn’t mean it’s not a great choice.

EOTECH 552 Holographic Weapon Sight - 1 Dot Speed Ring Reticle
  • EOTECH 552.A65 - Holographic Weapon Sight in black with 68MOA ring & 1 MOA dot reticle
  • Night Vision Compatible - Works with all Gen 1-3 night vision devices
  • Mount - Compatible with both 1" Weaver and MIL-STD 1913 Rails
  • Water Resistant - The 552 is water resistant to 33ft (10m)
  • EOTECH HWS Prestige Warranty - Comes with 10 year limited warranty

EOTech is well-known for making high-quality holographic sights, and the Model 512 is a popular pick for close-range shooting without night vision capabilities. The sight is easy to use and is a great choice for beginners. The holographic reticle is designed to boost accuracy (regardless of the shooter’s experience) and have better control overall.

The 512 has a durable aluminum hood and tool-free mounting bolt. This sight is compatible with one-inch Picatinny or Weaver rails. While there are no night vision capabilities with this sight, there are 20 brightness settings. Other standout features of this sight include, but are not limited to:

  •  Waterproof up to ten feet and fogproof
  • Adjustment (per click): 0.5 MOA (1/2 inch at 100 yards)
  • Adjustment range: +/- 40 MOA travel
  • Field of view: 30 yards at 100 yards
  • Magnification: 1x
  • Power source: Two 1.5-volt AA batteries (supports lithium, alkaline, or rechargeables)
  • Battery life: 1,000 continuous hours (lithium) at nominal setting; 600 continuous hours (alkaline)
  • Dimensions: 5.4 by 2.25 by 2 inches (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 10.9 ounces

 The EOTech has overwhelmingly positive reviews from people who have purchased or used the sight. Users of the 512 sight like its durability and accuracy. While some were hesitant about its lack of night vision capabilities, the 20 brightness settings offer enough versatility in all types of lighting environments.

 Many users comment that the Model 512 is the most accurate sight they’ve ever used and for many, it’s the first time trying out a holographic sight.

 Most of the negative comments were regarding shipping issues, a damaged sight, and other issues with the company. Upon contacting the manufacturer, most users who gave the sight a negative review were happy with the sight in the end.

EOTECH 512 Holographic Weapon Sight - 1 Dot Speed Ring Reticle
  • EOTECH 512.A65 - Holographic Weapon Sight in Back with 68MOA ring & 1 MOA dot reticle
  • Mount - Compatible with both 1" Weaver and MIL-STD 1913 Rails
  • Adjustable Brightness - The 512 has 20 brightness settings for use in any lighting scenario
  • Water Resistant - The 512 is water resistant to 10 feet (3m)
  • EOTECH HWS Prestige Warranty - Comes with 10 year limited warranty

Although EOTech’s 512 Model is one of the manufacturer’s best-sellers, the 552 is also a solid option if you’re looking for a high-quality holographic sight that’s easy to use. The 552 Model is standardized by the DEA, ATF, and the FBI SWAT team and is ideal for close-range targets that need accuracy.

The 552 has night vision capabilities in addition to 30 brightness settings. Like the 512, the 552 is compatible with one-inch Picatinny and Weaver rails. Made from the same durable aluminum as the 512, it can withstand a lot of use in a variety of environments. Other standout features of this sight include, but are not limited to:

  • Waterproof up to 33 feet and fogproof
  • Adjustment (per click): 0.5 MOA (1/2 inch at 100 yards)
  • Adjustment range: +/- 40 MOA travel
  • Field of view: 30 yards at 100 yards
  • Magnification: 1x
  • Power source: Two 1.5-volt AA batteries (supports lithium, alkaline, or rechargeables)
  • Battery life: 1,000 continuous hours (lithium) at nominal setting; 600 continuous hours (alkaline)
  • Dimensions: 5.4 by 2.25 by 2 inches (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 10.9 ounces

Similar to the 512, most users of the 522 were impressed by the accuracy of the reticle and how easy it was to use. Many users didn’t have to worry about making any adjustments, and first-time users of this holographic sight were instant fans of the sight. Users also liked the night vision capabilities and extra brightness settings.

The users who experienced the most issues with the 512 had either purchased a fake online or received a product that was damaged. Other complaints were regarding the battery life and having to change out batteries. A few users complained about the reticle looking “fuzzy,” but it’s not uncommon for the reticle to appear that way; it shouldn’t affect the accuracy of the target.

Holosun HS510C 2 MOA Dot Or A 65 MOA Ring Open Reflex Circle Dot Solar Power Holographic Red Dot Sight
  • The Holosun HS510C New advanced technology LED allows up to 50,000 hours of operation on one CR2032 battery
  • 2 MOA dot and a 65 MOA ring, Dot only, Ring only, or Dot and Ring reticle combinations
  • Unlimited field of view, Titanium-alloyed, shock resistant hood
  • Powered by both battery and solar
  • QD mount integrated for easy mounting and removal

For holographic sight users, who don’t want to worry about a short battery life or the inconvenience of changing out batteries, the HOLOSUN HS510C might be an ideal option. The holographic sight has a battery life of up to five years (or 50,000 hours) and is powered by solar technology (with a battery backup).

The sight is made of durable titanium and is designed for speed and accuracy when honing in on a target. This sight has two-night vision options and ten brightness settings. Other standout features of this sight include, but are not limited to:

  • Waterproof up to about three feet and shockproof
  • Field of view: Unlimited
  • Magnification: 1x
  • Power source: CR2032
  • Battery life: Up to 50,000 Hours
  • Dimensions: 3.3 x 1.6 x 1.8 inches (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 8.3 ounces

Users of the HOLOSUN sight love the affordability, durability, and the accuracy. It’s smaller size, and lighter weight makes it even easier to tote around. A majority of reviewers raved about the dual power options (solar and backup battery). Many commented on how clear the reticle was and how easy the sight was to use.

Most complaints were in regards to a sight that arrived damaged; most issues were resolved through the manufacturer or with the seller.

Vortex Optics Razor AMG UH-1 Holographic Sight - 1 MOA Dot
  • The Razor AMG UH-1 represents a new paradigm in holographic sight technology with revolutionary technology, first class energy efficiency, and an impressive sight picture.
  • A single fused holographic element with no moving parts delivers a sharp reticle image with zero distortion or fade. Eyepiece glare and visible stray light emissions are virtually eliminated.
  • An ultra-efficient power system produces long battery life and a micro USB port is available for charging when used with a rechargeable battery.
  • An integrated, quick-release mount makes the sight easy to install on various Weaver or Picatinny style bases. Shockproof aluminum base protects all internal components and eliminates the need for a secondary housing.
  • Shatterproof, XR Plus coated windows are scratch resistant with Armortek protection. Interior is argon purged for water and fogproof performance.

The Razor AMG UH-1 by Vortex Optics is a comparable holographic sight to the EOTech sights. It has a durable aluminum base and is shatterproof, fogproof, and waterproof. The integrated, quick-release mount makes it compatible with Weaver and Picatinny bases.

Not only does the sight have a longer battery life but there is also a micro USB port for easy and fast charging options. This sight has 15 brightness settings. Other standout features of this sight include, but are not limited to:

  • Waterproof up to 10 feet
  • Field of view: Unlimited
  • Magnification: 1x
  • Power source: CR123A Battery
  • Battery life: 1,500 hours
  • Dimensions: 3.5 inches in length
  • Weight: 11.8 ounces

Users of this sight like the option to plug it in and recharge the battery. Most users were happy with the clarity of the reticle, but noticed that it got blurry at the brightest settings. The majority of users who gave the Razor high ratings were happy with the ease of use, durability, and accuracy.

Some users didn’t like that the control buttons were on the same side where you view the target (some buttons were easier to bump by accident). Other complaints were in regards to damaged sights and other issues due to shipping problems.

Some Final Thoughts About Holographic Sights

The sights that made out “best picks” are all designed for handguns and smaller firearms. If you are looking for a holographic scope for a rifle and larger firearms, we recommend the Aipa AR15 Tactical Rifle Scope or check out some of EOTech’s other scope options.

As you might notice, there are a variety of sights made by EOTech and many of them have high-ratings. Rather than mentioning each holographic sight made by the company, we focused on two; if you’re impressed with the company, you can browse through their catalog to read up on more features.

When you’re shopping around for holographic sights, you will notice that the price varies greatly. Cheapest isn’t always the best option, but you can find a high-quality sight within your budget (it just may be lacking certain features).

It’s more important to look for a holographic sight that is durable and is easy to use. Keep in mind that a holographic sight is meant to make hitting your target fast and easy; if you have to make constant adjustments to the sight, it may not be worth your time and money.

If you’re able to test out a sight in-person before buying that will be the best way to determine if it’s the best sight for you. If you don’t have the option to try one out in a store, make sure that there is a return or full-refund policy in place just in case it’s not the right sight for you.

An In-depth Scope Review Of The Leupold Rimfire Scope


Scope Review: Leupold Rimfire Scope

Scopes are just as unique as firearms, and if you want to get the most out of your shooting experience and hit a target accurately, you need a scope that is specifically designed for your firearm. Some people will use a standard scope on a rimfire rifle, without too much trouble, but their scope ends up getting damaged or not being as accurate.

Why settle for a subpar experience? Purchasing a rimfire scope for your rimfire rifle can greatly enhance your accuracy and the enjoyment of hitting your target.

We review the Leupold rimfire scope to see, talk about some its unique features, and what others have to say about the scope. With this information, we’re confident that you’ll be able to decide if the Leupold rimfire scope is an ideal choice for you.

What Is A Leupold Rimfire Scope and How Does It Work?

leupold scope

Like many manufacturers that specialize in gun scopes, there are four rimfire scopes made by Leupold to choose from; we will discuss them in greater detail a little later in our review.

As we already mentioned a rimfire scope is specifically designed to be used with a rimfire rifle. Many people wonder what the difference is between a rimfire and centerfire rifles. The biggest difference is the ammunition. Centerfire ammunition has primer in the center of the casing base, and rimfire primer is in the rim of the ammunition, near the bottom of the casing.

A scope, of course, is designed to provide magnification and works best in long-range shooting. Scopes have a large lens. This is the objective lens, which is located on the opposite end of the eyepiece. When the light transmits through the lens and back into the lens of the eyepiece (also we see a magnification of our target. Most scopes have a variety of magnification options.

While many people choose to use a standard scope for a rimfire rifle, you have a better chance of accuracy, clarity, comfort, and overall better experience when using a rimfire scope for your rimfire rifle.

The Leupold company is a well-known and well-respected family-owned company, based out of Beaverton, Oregon, and is over a hundred years old. According to the company, their first scope was created by Marcus Leupold after he became frustrated with poor clarity due to fog.

The Plainsman was the first Leupold scope, and dozens followed. While some Leupold scopes are no longer in distribution, today’s scopes remain waterproof, shockproof, and durable enough for the recoil of a rifle.

Leupold currently distributes four rimfire riflescopes:

  • FX-II Ultralight 2.5x2.0mm
  • FX-I Rimfire 4x28mm
  • VX-Freedom Rimfire 3-9x40
  • VX-Freedom Rimfire 2-7x33

Next, will discuss the specs and unique features of each one.

FX-II Ultralight 2.5x2.0mm

Leupold FX-II Ultralight 2.5x20mm Wide Duplex
  • Leupold's classic/standard fast focus eyepiece with a low profile lock ring makes reticle focus easy to achieve and maintain
  • 1/4-MOA field-click adjustments for windage and elevation
  • Durable and compact, the one-inch maintube is lightweight and fits more legacy rings
  • Made with Leupold's Proprietary nitrogen sealing process, which has become the industry standard
  • DiamondCoat lens coatings on exterior lens surfaces provides the ultimate in abrasion resistance

Weight: 6.50 ounces or 184 grams

Linear Field Of View (FOV): 39.50 ft/100 yd and 4.90 m/100 m

Eye Relief: 4.90 inches or 125 mm

Objective Diameter: .80 inches

Elevation and Windage Adjustment Range: 147 MOA

Length: 8 inches

Mounting Space: 5.8 x 1.80 x 2.20 inches

Eyepiece Length: 2.10 inches

Objective Diameter: 1 inch

Eyepiece Diameter: 1.40 inches

Tube Diameter: 1 inch

Some highlighted features include ¼-MOA field-click adjustments, waterproof and fogproof (which makes it ideal for any conditions), and DiamondCoat lens coating for long-lasting protection and clarity.

FX-I Rimfire 4x28mm

Weight: 7.50 ounces or 213 grams

Linear Field Of View (FOV): 25.50 ft/100 yd and 8.50 m/100 m

Eye Relief: 4.50 inches or 114 mm

Objective Diameter: 1.10 inches

Elevation and Windage Adjustment Range: 80 MOA

Length: 9.20 inches

Mounting Space: 4.8 x 1.40 x 2.20 inches

Eyepiece Length: 2.30 inches

Objective Diameter: 1.40 inch

Eyepiece Diameter: 1.40 inches

Tube Diameter: 1 inch

Some highlighted features of the scope include micro-friction dials with ¼-MOA increments for easy adjusting. The lenses have a Multicoat 4 system, which maintains clarity and brightness in low-light conditions. The rimfire parallax adjusts for up to 60 yards.

VX-Freedom Rimfire 3-9x40

Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9x40mm Riflescope, Rimfire MOA Reticle, Matte Finish
  • Repeatable 1/4 MOA precision finger clicks offer intuitive, simple adjustment over a lifetime of dependable use
  • Complete waterproof and fogproof integrity: ready for a lifetime in the field, in all conditions
  • Crafted from 6061-T6 aircraft quality aluminum
  • Twilight Light Management System for superb visibility in low-light conditions
  • Durable and compact, the one-inch maintube is lightweight and fits more legacy rings

Weight: 12.2 ounces or 346 grams

Linear Field Of View (FOV): 33.7 ft/100 yd (low) and 13.6 ft/100 yd (high)

Eye Relief: 4.17 inches (low) and 3.66 inches (high)

Elevation and Windage Adjustment Range: 60 MOA or 17.5 MIL

Exit Pupil: 4.7mm

Length: 12.39 inches

Mounting Space: 5.38 x 2.31 x 1.85 inches

Eyepiece Length: 3.50 inches

Objective Diameter: 1.83 inch

Eyepiece Diameter: 1.56 inches

Tube Diameter: 1 inch

This scope has been rigorously tested to withstand the same conditions as some of the more “top-tier” Leupold rifle scopes and the outer lens of the rimfire scope is scratch resistant to “military standard extreme abrasion specification.”

Other highlighted features include a 3:1 zoom erector system, which makes it more versatile and ¼-MOA precision adjustments. The scope is also made from aircraft-quality aluminum, which makes it durable.

VX-Freedom Rimfire 2-7x33

Leupold VX-Freedom 2-7x33mm Riflescope, Rimfire MOA Reticle, Matte Finish
  • Repeatable 1/4 MOA precision finger clicks offer intuitive, simple adjustment over a lifetime of dependable use
  • Complete waterproof and fogproof integrity: ready for a lifetime in the field, in all conditions
  • Crafted from 6061-T6 aircraft quality aluminum
  • Twilight Light Management System for superb visibility in low-light conditions
  • Durable and compact, the one-inch maintube is lightweight and fits more legacy rings

Weight: 11.1 ounces or 315 grams

Linear Field Of View (FOV): 43.8 ft/100 yd (low) and 17.8 ft/100 yd (high)

Eye Relief: 4.17 inches (low) and 3.70 inches (high)

Elevation and Windage Adjustment Range: 75 MOA or 21.8 MIL

Exit Pupil: 5 mm

Length: 11.04 inches

Mounting Space: 4.81 x 1.74 x 1.85 inches

Eyepiece Length: 3.50 inches

Objective Diameter: 1.83 inch

Eyepiece Diameter: 1.56 inches

Tube Diameter: 1 inch

Aside from some differences in size, the features are the same as those that are

In the VX-Freedom Rimfire 3-9x40 scope.


If you are doing some price comparisons online, you might notice that the Leupold scopes cost a bit more when you order directly from the company rather than an online marketplace like Amazon.

On the Leupold website, the starting MSRP prices are as follows:

  • FX-II Ultralight 2.5x2.0mm: $354.99
  • FX-I Rimfire 4x28mm: $259.99
  • VX-Freedom Rimfire 3-9x40: $259.99
  • VX-Freedom Rimfire 2-7x33: $234.99

As we did some comparing of our own, we noticed that the online prices vary by up to $100, which might make you reconsider purchasing directly from Leupold. While prices on Amazon are significantly less, and it’s difficult to detect if there are any differences in the scopes, you should definitely make sure that the scope is not pre-owned and that it is an authentic Leupold.

A Note About Warranties

One advantage to ordering directly from the Leupold site is that they offer a warranty. Leupold will repair or replace any of its rimfire scopes as long as it doesn’t work as guaranteed by the company. You don’t need to provide proof of ownership, have a warranty card, or even be the original owner of the scope.

As long as your scope says Leupold (and it’s authentic), there is no expiration on a warranty. Keep in mind that any rimfire scopes that have been modified, damaged, or misused may not qualify for the warranty. Check out the Leupold website for more information on their warranty or to register your rimfire scope when you purchase one.

Some Things To Consider When Thinking About Buying A Rimfire Scope

leupold scope

Even though Leupold scopes are designed for gun owners of all experience levels to use with relative ease, you can download a rifle scope manual and a ballistic aiming manual to look at before you decide which rimfire scope to purchase.

Leupold scopes also require minimal maintenance, which means you can spend more time using the scope than taking care of it. Here are some maintenance tips to consider when looking at a Leupold rimfire scope.

Lenses should be cleaned with a lens brush and then pure alcohol, high-grade glass cleaner, or plain water to wipe the lens clean. As long as you store the scope in a case, it should stay relatively dust-free.

The windage and elevation adjustments are permanently lubricated, and there’s no need to oil them. As long as you keep the adjustment covers on, they should need no extra maintenance. The side focus, adjustable objective, and power selector eyepieces are also permanently lubricated, so there’s no need to worry about maintenance on those parts.

The best way to keep your scope clean (apart from the lens) is to wipe it with a clean and dry cloth. If you encounter any issues with your rimfire scope, Leupold recommends checking out their troubleshooting tips (which can be found in the scope manual) before sending your scope to the company.

What Others Say About Leupold Rimfire Scopes

Even though the Leupold company has a long history of making high-quality scopes, we wanted to see how they held up over the years and what other scope owners had to say about the rimfire scopes.

As we browsed online reviews, customer testimonials, and dozens of product comments, the Leupold scopes have overwhelmingly positive feedback; many of the scopes received at least four out of five stars.

Most users are quick to remark on the lightweight scope, and its durability. While some users are familiar with the infamous high-quality craftsmanship, others were using a Leupold scope for the first time.

Users like the rimfire scopes for their versatility and their ability to withstand all kinds of weather and perform well in low and high-light conditions. Many users thought that the rimfire scopes by Leupold were well-worth the cost and thought they were easy to install and use.

Many commented that their accuracy and overall enjoyment improved as soon as they started using a Leupold scope.

We found little complaints in regards to the rimfire scopes and the negative feedback mostly referred to issues with the warranty and some thought the cost of the scope was too high.

How Do Leupold Rimfire Scopes Differ From Other Competitors?

leupold scopes

We’ve shown you some of the features that make the Leupold rimfire scope unique, and many of the features cannot be found in rimfire scopes from competitors.

When you compare the Leupold scope to other high-quality competitors like Bushnell or Nikon, you’ll notice that the Leupold brand makes lighter weight scopes. Leupold’s high-quality lens, durability, and shock/water/fog proof capabilities definitely make it stand out from others.

While some of the competing rimfire scopes are less expensive than the Leupold brand, there are limited warranties or no warranty available at all. The Leupold company will stand behind their rimfire scopes for a lifetime; other companies don’t.

What We Think About The Leupold Brand

Whether this is your first rimfire scope or you’re replacing one, the Leupold brand is a solid option. The century-old company has continued to stand behind their scopes and produce high-quality scopes with overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers.

If you’re a novice or have a lot of experience using a rimfire scope, the Leupold scope is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. Due to its craftsmanship and durability, you can use a Leupold scope out in all kinds of weather and lighting conditions and have more success hitting your target than if you used a competitor’s rimfire scope.

While the price of a Leupold rimfire scope may be more than most want to spend, it’s important to keep in mind that the scope is backed by a lifetime warranty and any issues are cleared up by the company relatively fast and easy.

8 Best Night Vision Scopes under $1000 in 2019

Night vision scopes have always been essential equipment for both night hunts and military operations. A quality night scope differs from the average one in numerous ways, from manufacturing material, effective range, illumination, blur, etc.

To help you choose the optimal scope, in this article, we will go through the best eight scopes you can obtain in 2019. Moreover, the article will explain the most prominent features of these night scopes, from range to price.

Benefits of Night Vision Rifle Scopes

There are many benefits to night vision rifle scopes. It offers an advantage on areas that have little to none visibility. Night vision rifle scopes provide you with accuracy every time. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an accomplished shooter, you’ll hit your target with greater accuracy.

This device also provides an expanded rifle range as part of your shooting area. When you’re out in the field, you don’t want the creature to come charging at you. Night vision rifle scopes allow you to get your target at a greater distance. This can help you enjoy the activity without putting yourself in danger.

Night vision rifle scopes can make you a better shooter. It’ll improve your physical and mental well-being. As you improve, you’ll gain confidence as a shooter. It’s a great way to increase someone’s self-esteem.

Using this device will also improve your scores. You’ll have a high score in any of the activities you take part in. This will increase your shooting abilities and points abilities on activities. The benefits of night vision rifle scopes can help you make the right decision in choosing the right rifle scope for the job.

How Night Vision Rifle Scopes Work

Night vision rifle scopes are just another name for enhanced optical devices that allow you to see in all forms of weather, including total darkness. Even if it’s a cloudy night or a dark interior, you’ll see everything within your range. That’s the beauty of night vision, as it instantly improves one’s vision.

Night vision rifle scopes work by using optico-electronic devices that assist you in near-darkness or complete darkness by increasing the light. Some night vision rifle scopes have a built-in infrared illuminator that acts like an additional night vision flashlight that provides additional light. It makes it possible for you to see in complete darkness. The red dot appears on the front of your device whenever the infrared illuminator is turned on and ready for use.

Why Night Vision Rifle Scopes Are Better

Night vision rifle scopes have several advantages to thermal imaging cameras and night vision goggles. For one, night vision rifles don’t require the magnification of remote or moving objects to increase one’s visibility. Night vision requires on some form of light for detecting objects in great distances where light is limited.

When night vision rifle scopes are used, the light energy bounces off the target and the hunter will get an image of the creature. Night vision rifle scopes are very durable and can withstand a 30 caliber gun. Night vision is also more durable and affordable than thermal imaging and has been made widely available since World War II. Night vision is the best if you want to spot and identify your target.

Frequently Asked Questions About Night Vision Scopes

How far can I see with night vision? 

It all depends on the object, person, or creature you’re trying to look at it. If you’re trying to detect a human being, then you’ll be away to see that person 300 yards away. You may not recognize who that person is though. It depends if you purchase night vision scopes with detection range or recognition range. Another factor is the amount of light that’s available during that night. The bright your light is, the better the recognition range and detection range will be.

What is an infrared illuminator and do I need one? 

An infrared illuminator projects additional light that works like a flashlight. Infrared light is visible to the naked eye, but can be even more visible with night vision equipment. You may want to use infrared illuminator for close range, indoor night vision, and interior use such as dark buildings and wooden environments. This additional feature can greatly improve one’s vision and provide infrared light beam distances of up to 500 yards.

How durable are night vision scopes? 

Night vision scopes are much more durable than thermal imaging cameras. However, there might be a time when you drop it and break it. It depends on how you drop it and the impact of that drop. It’s highly recommended that you take good care of your night vision rifle scopes and invest in a 5-year or 10-year warranty plan.

What else can I do with night vision? 

Night vision rifle scopes are used for many activities such as hunting, wildlife observation, camping, home security, night photography, and other nighttime activities. There are so many things that you can do with night vision rifle scopes. You can even use them to go ghost hunting or stargazing if you’re more interested in astronomy. There are plenty of things you can do with this equipment.

Please see our list and review of our favorite rifle night vision scopes below.

1. Sightmark SM18008 Photon XT 4.6x42S

Sightmark SM18008 Photon XT 4.6x42S Digital Night Vision Riflescope

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Used for medium range, the SM18008 Photon XT 4.6x42S Digital Night Scope is versatile, durable and light. It offers high magnification, six reticle options in 3 colors (green, red and white).

Powered by 2 AA batteries, the 4x scope with 4.2 cm objective lens offers clear vision at up to 120 yards. You can also attach other gun modifications and adjust the adjust the elevation accordingly.

The 4X scope costs $457.74 ($479.54 with 2m mm QD rings).


  • 4.6X – 6.5X magnification.
  • LED or laser IR.
  • 42 mm objective lens.
  • efficient energy consumption.
  • Six reticles.
  • comes weaver for rail modifications.

2. ATN DGWSXS520Z X-Sight II 5-20x/85mm

ATN X-Sight II HD 5-20 Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope w/1080p Video, Ballistic Calculator, Rangefinder, WiFi, E-Compass, GPS, Barometer, IOS & Android Apps

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The X-Sight II introduced HD into the world of night vision scopes. It is smart scope, allowing to you make multiple profiles for different conditions. The scope offers 3- 14X magnification optimal for day and night use. It has a built-in range calculator, ballistic calculator, and e-zoom feature.

ATN X-Sight can efficiently switch from day and night options, both in HD resolution. It is definitely one of the best optics when it comes to image and resolution quality.

On top of all this, you can record the videos in HD on the SD cards. The stock price is $413.10, but you can add $96.60 battery with USB connector, and the $84.79 IR illuminator: total value of $640.39.


  • ballistic calculator.
  • long-range IR illuminator.
  • 3-14 X magnifiers.
  • rechargeable 22h battery.
  • HD recording and streaming options.

3. Firefield FF16001 NVRS 3x 42mm

Firefield FF16001 NVRS 3x42 Night Vision Riflescope

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The Firefield FF16001 NVRS 3x 42mm emphasizes crystal clear image with its powerful IR illuminator. Weaver mounting is easily adjustable, allowing you to switch between scope and iron sight with ease.

The 42 mm lens provides higher light spectrum registering and the 3X zoom is perfect for medium range targets. The scope is made of titanium, weighing only 1.8 pounds without additional attachments.

The scope also features red duplex reticle and is powered by the 2 AA batteries. It costs $289.00, with the option to purchase manufacturer-picked AA batteries for $20.25.


  • 3X zoom.
  • titanium lightweight body.
  • 42 mm lens (top quality resolution and imagery).
  • powerful IR illuminator.
  • rapidly detachable mount.

4. Armasight ORION 5X

Armasight ORION 5X Gen 1+ Night Vision Rifle Scope

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The Armasight ORION 5X is a powerful mid to long range scope, suitable for sports, hunting, and military personnel. It features top wheel focus, rubber covered aluminum body and illuminated red cross reticle.

The scope is water resistant, is easy to detach and attach, and is ready to adjust and control. The scope is relatively heavy (3.7 lbs), utilizes 40 hours long lasting batteries and grants clear picture with its 5X zoom.

The stock price is $499.00, with the option to buy 12 pack lithium batteries for $20.25.


  • 5 X magnifier.
  • 30-40 line pairs (per millimeter).
  • adjustable diopter (from -5 to +5).
  • infrared illuminator.
  • long lasting batteries.

5. Sightmark Photon RT 4.5-9x42S

Sightmark SM18015 Photon RT Digital Night Vision Riflescope, 4.5x42S, Black

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When looking for best night vision scope under 1000, Sightmark brand is always a valuable option. The fifth on our list is the Sightmark Photon RT 4.5-9x42S, a 2x short-medium range scope.

It uses upgraded high res CMOS sensor, offering a high and clear resolution, clean display, vision app with built-in wifi technology. The LED IR illuminator will help you spot a target at 220 yards, with the help of 6 different reticle type indicator.

The additional rail offers various attachments and options, including additional modifications and secondary power source supply system. Price of the scope is $639.99 with the opportunity to buy QD rings for $21.80.


  • 2X digital zoom.
  • Six reticle types.
  • 42 mm lens diameter.
  • CMOS sensor.
  • LED IR illuminator.

6. Firefield FF26014T 2.5 x 50

Firefield FF16001 NVRS 3x 42mm Gen 1 Night Vision Riflescope, Black (Certified Refurbished)

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Made of quality titanium, the 2.5 x 50 Firefield FF26014T features a sleek design with improved ergonomics and more comfortable shooting. This is the second Fairfield on our best night vision scope under 1000 list, confirming the brand quality and popularity.

The 50 mm lens provides optimal high-quality resolution, light registration, and clear vision. Plus infrared illuminator works wonders when paired with the already illuminated reticle, making this scope perfect for night vision combat or hunt.

Other features include adjustable elevation and wind alignment, excellent brightness, and durable batteries. The scope costs $566.80.


  • 2X magnifier.
  • titanium made.
  • suitable for bolt action rifles (extended design).
  • high-quality image generation.
  • 15 FOV.
  • effective up to 220 range.

7. Bushnell 4.5X40 Equinox

Bushnell NightVision 4.5x40 Equinox Z, Rifle Mount

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The Bushnell Equinox uses 4X magnifier, objective lens paired with high-performance glass objectives (40 mm). Scope features extreme durability and battery longevity, is made of quality material, and provides excellent zoom capabilities.

For best performance, pair with long-range Super TAC IR illuminator for maximum comfort and optimal vision. Furthermore, consider attaching LED flashlight for secondary vision.

4 AA batteries power this scope, efficiently and conservatively. Bushnell 4.5X40 Equinox will cost you $328.76 with the illuminator and LED flashlight. It is very cost-effective, which is one of the main reason why this scope is on this best night vision scope under 1000 list.


  • 3X zoom.
  • 40 mm objective glass lens.
  • high-quality image and video capture.
  • Super TAC IR illuminator.
  • tripod mount.

8. Bering Optics BE16350 Trifecta

Bering Optics BE16350 Trifecta 3.0X Gen 1+ Night Vision Sight, 50mm, Black

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Last on our list of best night vision scope under 1000 is the Bering Optics Trifecta is 4X night vision scope. This scope utilizes GEN 1 tube to achieve optimal performance and comfort. The user can switch from red and green reticle, and adjust the drop elevation.

Aside from choosing colors, you can also change the reticle brightness according to your needs. The scope is suitable for heavy caliber weapons and will fit regular mounts, together with additional weapon attachments.

The scope features fast target locating and acquiring, making it suitable for moving shooting targets during the night. The vision is crystal clear and blur-free. The scope will cost you $735.00, making it the most expensive one our best night vision scope under 1000 list.


  • 3X magnifier.
  • red or green reticle.
  • reticle brightness control.
  • aluminum made.
  • fast target recognition.
  • can withstand heavy recoil.

The Bottom Line

Selecting any of the scopes mentioned in this night vision scope under 1000 list will ensure that you have a tactical advantage over your environment. When choosing the scope, firstly determine the budget.

After you set it, go through the article and seek the night vision scope that will meet your requirements. Think about the material, range, elevation control, reticle type and color, and other technical details as well as tactical details.

A Comprehensive Brand Review Of Bushnell Rifle Scopes


Brand Review: Bushnell Rifle Scopes

Maybe you’ve recently purchased a rifle, or perhaps you’ve been looking for the right rifle scope. With dozens of rifle scopes on the market, and made by various well-known manufacturers, it can be difficult to know which one to buy.

Even though rifle scopes are all designed to help you see your target more clearly, so that you can improve on your accuracy when you shoot, the quality, design features, and price all vary greatly from one brand to the next. Since a rifle scope is a financial investment that you hope will last you a lifetime, it’s a good idea to know as much as you can about a brand of scopes.

In our brand review of Bushnell rifle scopes, we will talk a little bit about the Bushnell brand, the history of the company, and the rifle scopes that they carry. With all of the information that we give you, we are confident that you will be able to decide whether or not Bushnell rifle scopes are the right scopes for you.

What Is The Bushnell Brand?

bushnell scope

You may know the Bushnell brand for some of the company’s other products rather than riflescopes. Bushnell is famous for manufacturing and distributing sporting optics, and other outdoor products, their first product that put them on the map was their high-quality binoculars.

In 1948, David P. Bushnell, a native of California, created the Bushnell brand after vacationing in Japan on his honeymoon.

Bushnell returned with a few crates of binoculars and the dream of pricing them at a fair cost so that everyone could experience and enjoy a pair of binoculars; up until this point, binoculars were expensive and considered a luxury item by the affluent population. The secret to keeping his binoculars affordable was to import them from Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

As the Bushnell brand expanded to manufacture rifle scopes and other optic gear, the company was sold in 1971 to Bausch & Lomb; the company name still kept the Bushnell name but became known as Bushnell Performance Optics.

Over the years, Bushnell has continued to expand and has become a parent of other companies like Serengeti eyewear and Tasco, all the while continuing to manufacture and distribute rifle scopes and other products. Today, Bushnell is based out of Kansas and is a subsidiary of Vista Outdoor.

Know that you know a little more about the Bushnell brand and the history of the company, let’s take a closer look at Bushnell rifle scopes.

Bushnell Rifle Scopes

bushnell scope on a rifle

Bushnell manufactures twelve unique riflescopes, and we will give you a brief overview of each one, so you can decide which rifle scope may be ideal for you. For more in-depth specs for each scope, visit the specified category.

Elite Long Range Hunter

Bushnell Tactical E3124H Elite Hunter LRHS Riflescope with G2H FFP Long Range Reticle, 3-12x 44mm
  • Beautiful design and durability built to last
  • Long-range riflescope with 3-12x magnification and 44mm objective lens
  • G2H first focal plane reticle
  • 30mm one-piece tube; RevLimiter Zero Stop mechanism
  • .1 mil clicks with 10 mils per rev of adjustment

Bushnell has created a sizeable assortment of long range hunting scopes (LRHS). With expert advice and input from hunters and others who use long range hunting scopes, Bushnell created an optic just for LRHS, a type of scope that needs to perform accurately from a variety of distances. There are three models of Elite Long Range Hunter scopes.

  • LRHS 3-2x 44mm
  • LRHS 4.5-18x 44mm
  • LRHSi 4.5-18x 44mm

Some features of the “ultimate long-distance hunting optic” include a first focal plane G2H reticle for multiple ranges, 30mm tube for increased adjustment, RainGuard HD lens coatings, multi-coated lens, and a 2” sunshade on select scope models.

Elite 6500

The Elite 6500 rifle scopes go through rigorous test and to ensure that it can withstand all types of conditions. According to Bushnell, the Elite 6500 scopes are multi-coated optics with “95% light transmission across 300 % more of the visual light spectrum.” There are three models of Elite 6500.

  • 2.5-16x 42mm
  • 2.5-16x 50mm
  • 4.5-30x 50mm

Some features include 100 percent waterproof, shockproof, and fogproof. Side focus, sunshade, rain protection, and a variety of reticle options.

Elite 4500

Bushnell 452104 Elite 4500 Matte Rifle Scope
  • Bushnell 452104 Elite 4500 Matte, RainGuard HD, Ultra Wide Band Coating
  • Fully multi-coated optics, Magnum recoil-proof construction, One-piece tube
  • 00% waterproof, fogproof and shockproof, Argon purged, ¼ MOA or finer fingertip, audible and resettable windage and elevation adjustment

Similar to the Elite 6500, the 4500 is rigorously tested to withstand a variety of conditions from rain and fog to bright sunlight. It can also stand up against 1,000 rounds of recoil. The 4500 is available in five models.

  • 2.5-10x 40mm
  • 2.5-10x 50mm
  • 4-16x 40mm
  • 6-24x 40mm
  • 8-32x 40mm

Depending on which model you choose, they are ideal for long-range shooting of small animals, perfect for low-light conditions, target shooting, or just an all-around good long range rifle scope.

Elite 3500

Bushnell BS354124B Elite 3500 4-12X40 DOA 600
  • Bushnell Elite 3500 4-12x40 DOA 600
  • High quality product
  • Highly durable product
  • This product is manufactured in United States

The Elite 3500 scopes are one of Bushnell’s newest scopes and it designed to have some of the brightest, sharpest, and clearest optics thanks to the 60 layers of coatings on each lens of the scope. This scope is available in five models.

  • 2-6x 32mm
  • 2-7x 32mm
  • 3-9x 40mm
  • 3-9x 50mm
  • 4-12x 40mm

These scopes are fog, water, and shockproof and are designed for fast focus. Depending on the model you choose, the scope may be best suited for a slug gun or for big game hunting.

Legend Ultra HD

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Multi-X Reticle Riflescope (3-9x50-mm )
  • Ultra-strong, one-piece tube design that allows for a waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof scope
  • Superior low light performance with variable 3-9x power versatility; the Multi-X reticle is ideal for target shooting, all-around hunting and plinking
  • Features side focus parallax adjustment for adjustable long-range accuracy and a fast-focus eyepiece
  • ED Prime Extra-Low Dispersion glass, fully multi-coated optics bring vivid clarity and contrast, even in low-light conditions
  • Lenses are protected by Bushnell's ultra-effective Rain Guard HD for the clearest possible view in the face of foul weather or condensation from your own misguided breath

According to Bushnell, the Legend Ultra HD was “built in the spirit of” the Legend Ultra HD binoculars. The scope is designed to withstand all conditions and has permanent RainGuard HD lens coating. The Legend Ultra HD is available in four models.

  • 1.75-5x 32mm
  • 3-9x 40mm
  • 3-9x 50mm
  • 4.5-14x 44mm

Depending on the model you choose, the scopes are versatile and are effective at close and long range. Some can be used on a rifle, shotgun, or crossbow. The 3-9x 50mm model is the winner of the Outdoor Life Great Buy Award.


Bushnell Engage Riflescope, 2.5-10x44mm, Matte Black
  • Includes flip open objective and Eyepiece covers

According to the company, the Engage line of rifle scopes is the “latest evolution in Bushnell optics,” and new MOA reticle features are ideal for short to mid-range targets. There are nine models.

  • 2-7x 36mm
  • 3-9x 40mm
  • 3-9x 50mm
  • 4-12x 40mm
  • 6-18x 50mm
  • 2.5-10x 44mm
  • 3-12x 42mm
  • 4-16x 44mm
  • 6-24x 50mm

These scopes include scope covers. Visit the Engage category for more in-depth details.

Trophy Xtreme

Bushnell 756245B Trophy Xtreme X30 6-24x50 Scope with DOA LR800 Reticle, Matte Black
  • Magnification x objective: 6-24x 50mm
  • Dao Lr800 reticle. ¼ MOA fingertip windage and elevation adjustments
  • Provides 30mm tube
  • Waterproof, Fog proof, and shockproof construction
  • Rain guard HD fully multi-coated lenses

Bushnell’s Trophy Xtreme has a Fast-Focus eyepiece, and the magnification is 4X. Each model comes with Rainguard lens coating and is rain/shock/fog proof. The Trophy Xtreme is ideal for hunting due to the choice of four reticles, two that are long-range and one which is illuminated. The Trophy Xtreme is available in and comes in four models:

  • 2.5-10x 44mm
  • 4-16x 44mm
  • 6-24x 50mm
  • 2.5-15x 50mm


The Trophy scope is a shorter one-piece tube that has six reticle options and seven configurations. The Fast-Focus eyepiece helps you hit your target fast and accurately and the Trophy is available eight models, so there’s the perfect Trophy for your hunting needs.

  • 1.75-4x 32mm
  • 2-6x 32mm
  • 2-7x 36mm
  • 2-7x 36mm Scout
  • 3-9x 40mm
  • 3-9x 50mm
  • 4-12x 40mm
  • 6-18x 50mm

Depending on the scope you choose, some are ideal for handguns, slug guns, long-range and some have color finish options like silver or black matte.

Trophy XLT

Bushnell Trophy XLT Multi-X Reticle Riflescope Bone Collector Edition, 3-9x 40mm
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • 100% waterproof, fogproof and shockproof
  • Dry nitrogen filled
  • Fast-focus eyepiece
  • One-piece tube w/integrated saddle. Weight: 14.1 ounces / 400 grams, Length: 11.9 inches / 302 millimeters

Bushell calls the Trophy XLT scope the “most proven riflescope in history” and it has 91% light transmission, multi-coated optics for various light conditions, and like other scopes, it’s been rigorously tested. There are 11 models:

  • 1.74-4x 32mm
  • 2-6x 32mm
  • 3-9x 40mm Bone Collector
  • 3-9x 40mm Multi-X
  • 3-9x 40mm DOA 250 MZ
  • 3-9x 40mm Multi-X or DOA 200 SG
  • 3-9x 40mm DOA 600 CF
  • 3-9x 40mm Mil-Dot
  • 3-9x 50mm Multi-X
  • 4-12x 40mm
  • 8-18x 50mm

Since each of these scopes is unique, visit the category for in-depth specs on each scope model.

Trophy Red Dot

Bushnell Trophy 1x28 Red/Green Dot Rifle Scope 4 Interchangeable Reticle
  • Fully coated high-contrast amberbright optics provide increased contrast and image brightness for hunting all Day
  • Wide angle field of view for fast raget acquisition
  • Fast focus Eyepiece for maximum clarity
  • Rifle scope with 28-Millimeter objective lens
  • Amber bright optics provide increased brightness for low light conditions

These red dot scopes are accurate and perform well in dark, thick wooded areas. Each scope is unique and has features that Bushnell fans have grown to love. The five models are as follows:

  • First Strike
  • TRS 1x 25mm
  • TRS 1x25mm RealTree AP
  • 1x28mm RealTree AP
  • 1x28mm Multi-Reticle

The scopes are 100 percent water/fog/shockproof, Amber-Bright high contrast lens, and use a CR2032 battery.

Rimfire Optics

Bushnell Rimfire Optics 6-18X40 Riflescope
  • Black 6-18x40 Riflescope/Truplex reticle/second focal plane
  • 1 inch main tube diameter/1/4 MOA per click correction
  • 80 MOA windage and elevation/multicoated optics
  • Calibrated for 17WSM cartridges/aluminum housing
  • Target turrets/side Parallax focus/fast-focus Eyepiece

The Rimfire Optics rifle scopes are specially designed for rimfire rifles and can be easily adjusted for precision on short-range targets. These scopes are also ideal for long-range varmints. The Rimfire is available in five models:

  • 3-9x 40mm
  • 3.5-10x 36mm
  • 3-12x 40mm
  • 4-12x 40mm
  • 6-18x 40mm

Each model has multiple reticles, visit the category for more options.


Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Multi-X Reticle Riflescope with 3.3-Inch Eye Relief, 3-9X 40mm
  • Quality optics with stunning HD clarity
  • 100% quality materials used and tested extensively
  • Beautiful design and durability built to last
  • Dusk &
  • Low-light riflescope with 3-9x magnification and 40mm objective lens

The Banner scope is another durable and accurate option from Bushnell that offers bright and clear focus from early morning to dusk. The Banner is available in 14 models:

  • 1.5-4.5x 32mm-Multi-X
  • 1.75-4x 32mm-Circle-X
  • 1-4x 32mm-Circle-X
  • 3-9x 40mm-Illum CF 500
  • 3-9x 40mm-Multi-X
  • 3-9x 40mm-Circle-X
  • 3-9x 40mm-MZ 200
  • 3-9x 50mm-Multi-X
  • 3.5-10x 36mm-Multi-X
  • 4x 32mm-Circle-X
  • 4-12x 40mm-Multi-X
  • 4-16x 40mm-CF 500
  • 6-18x 50mm-Multi-X
  • 6-24x 40mm-Mil Dot

Where To Buy and Pricing

Due to Bushnell’s popularity, their large selection of rifle scopes is available in most major sporting good stores and in online marketplaces like Amazon. The price you pay for a rifle scope will greatly depend on the model you purchase. In general, the prices range from under $70 to nearly $300.

Once you find the Bushnell rifle scope that you want, you may need to take a little time to do some price comparisons, but when it comes to specific models, the price doesn’t vary too greatly. You are likely to find scopes priced a little lower online than in brick and mortar stores.

Bushnell offers a variety of warranties for their rifle scopes, which are worth checking out, so you know what to expect when you purchase a scope. If you decide to purchase a pre-owned Bushnell scope, the good news is that a warranty may apply to you, but keep in mind that the scope cannot be modified or damaged.

What Others Have To Say About Bushnell Rifle Scopes

Bushnell a company that’s over six decades old definitely helps when it comes to consumers knowing the brand. For many users of the rifle scopes, it was a family tradition to use Bushnell scopes. Others purchased them because it was a name they could trust, the scopes were durable, and the price was affordable.

While Bushnell scopes have an overwhelmingly positive rating from the public, some scope owners worried that the quality of the scopes has lowered over the years; others have no problems.

As we read through dozens of customer reviews, most were happy with the scope, and it performed as expected. For some, the Bushnell scope was their first rifle scope purchase, and they commented on the ease of use and other features.

What We Think About Bushnell Rifle Scopes

After reading reviews and taking a closer look at the vast assortment of rifle scopes, it appears that Bushnell is still trying to make a high-quality product that’s affordable for everyone. While it’s always nice to have options, the various scopes and models may be overwhelming for someone new to the world of rifle scopes.

Each rifle scope is made with high-quality materials, are durable, and better optics than other scopes. As an interested owner of a Bushnell rifle scope, the biggest downside is that you’ll need to spend a little time doing your own research to see which one is the best fit for you.

One of the benefits of considering a Bushnell rifle scope is that the company has years of experience in manufacturing scopes and despite the decades of experience they are still making improvements and winning awards.

7 Best Rifle Scopes for 300 Yards

Finding the best rifle scope for 300 yards isn’t always an easy task. There’s quite a few options out there for long range scopes. But that wealth of options is in itself a large issue. 

Most reviews focus on getting shots with as much distance as possible. This review will examine every criteria to find the best scopes for 300 yards.

Benefits of Using a Rifle Scope

There are several advantages to using a rifle scope. Due to their recent surge in popularity, many rifle users are wondering what benefits come with using a rifle scope. First and foremost, rifle scopes improve the shooting experience by offering range. When shooting with a standard rifle without a scope, users may not be comfortable with shooting from farther distances. This leads many hunters to get dangerously close to their targets. Rifle scopes offer a series of long-range optics and reticles that provide shooters with a better understanding of range.

Improved accuracy is another major advantage to using rifle scopes. Without these devices, rifle users are limited to the accuracy of their naked eye. This is a poor marker when shooting from far away. Rifle scopes help to magnify and focus the target, making it much easier to hit accurately. This increase in accuracy will help to save time, energy and bullets.

Many rifle owners invest in scoreboards or participate in shooting competitions. Rifle scopes are a great way to improve those scoreboards and win competitions. It's important to use every tool to gain an advantage. Rifle scopes are perhaps the most effective add-on to a rifle to improve shooting in a competition or for personal improvement.

Another great advantage that comes with using rifle scopes is the ability to increase shooting distance. Shooting and hunting is more than just about hitting targets. This activity is also about overcoming challenges and self-improvement. User's can greatly improve their shooting capabilities by gradually increasing the distance at which they shoot. A rifle scope makes this gradual improvement possible. One of the more superficial benefits of having a rifle scope is aesthetics. Rifles look more complete and cool with a scope mounted on top. 

How it Works

With their small size and simple function, rifle scopes are quite easy to mount and use properly. A majority of rifles will have a series of ridges on the top to which additional devices can be mounted. Rifle scopes attach to this part of the gun with locking screws and brackets. Once the brackets of the scope are placed over the series of ridges, the screws can be tightened to hold the scope still. The external anatomy of a scope is rather simple. It is a metal tube with pieces of glass on either end. There is a knob on the top of the scope that allows shooters to adjust the view for clarity.

The internal workings of a scope are a bit more complex. There are a series of lenses that help to magnify and focus on the target. An object lens is located in the front of the scope and allows light into the barrel. This provides the necessary illumination for the scope to work. Their is an ocular lens located closer to the shooter that allows the human eye to register the images. In between these two lenses is a device known as the erector tube. This tube helps to concentrate the visuals within the scope and contains the magnifying lens. This lens can be moved closer or farther away from the front lens to change the magnification of the target. This erector tube also houses the cross-hairs, reticles and other visual markers. 

Important Factors to Consider 

When purchasing a rifle scope, there are a few important factors to consider. Before deciding on what kind of rifle scope to buy, shooters must inspect their rifle compatibility. Rifles are only compatible with certain size scopes. These dimensions can be found on the top of most rifles.

The required range is another factor to consider when purchasing a rifle scope. These scopes vary widely in their range ability. Some scopes can see hundreds of yards while others are very limited. Rifle users will differ on their needed range depending on their shooting style and what animals are hunting.

Price is perhaps the most important factor to consider for rifle users. While all quality rifle scopes will be pricey, there is still a variety of different costs. Setting a budget before shopping for a new scope can help narrow down the list of possible choices.

Below is a review of our favorite rifle scopes and what we recommend.

The Ledsniper sits lower on the list due to overall novelty. It uses a powerful LED system to line up one's shots. However, this runs in contrast to most hunter's experiences. This scope has a detachable green laser sight with complete accessories. Those accessories include a pressure switch, rail, and barrel mounts.

As a result, it's best suited to people who haven't formed real habits yet. First time hunters and those who love technology might find it particularly useful.


  • Length: 16”.
  • Magnification:6 - 24x.
  • Objective lens: 50 mm.
  • Tube diameter: 1.54”.

6. Burris 4.5 x-14 x -42mm Fullfield II Ballistic Plex Riflescope

The Burris Fullfield II earns high marks for durability. It's obviously good for a 300 yard shot, but what makes it so desirable comes from how long it lasts.

The construction uses a singular piece design. It is able to stand up to a level of wear and tear that other scopes might not. However, one should take note that it's among the smaller scopes. This makes it a better match for shorter mounts. The scope is water, fog, and shockproof.


  • Length: 13”.
  • Magnification: 14x.
  • Objective lens: 56 mm.
  • Tube diameter: 1”.

5. Meopta Optics Meostar 3-12X56 Riflescope

The Meopta MeoStar is an example of doing things a little too well. It's arguably the single best rifle scope for 300 yards when looking at stats. But the price point pushes it rather low on the list.

It's the best rifle scope for 300 yards in some instances. For example, if one needs perfect precision then it might fit perfectly. This scope offers a level of confutation options which the other options can't match.

However, one also needs to have money to spend on it. The high cost pushes it down on the list. It's a great scope if money is not a factor. But that's seldom the case for most people. As such, this particular scope ends up lower on the list.


  • Length: 18”.
  • Magnification: 4 - 16x.
  • Objective lens: 44 mm.
  • Tube diameter: 30 mm.

4. Sightron SIII SS 6-24x50mm Long Range MOA Reticle Rifle Scope

The Sightron SIII ranks a little lower due to overall cost, but it's also a case where price denotes features. One can feel how well built it is. The 24 ounce form factor isn't light, but it demonstrates how strong it really is.

It is such a luxury purchase that one might want to limit it to higher quality setups. In particular, one should make sure to pair it with higher quality scope rings to get the best effect.


  • Length: 14.96”.
  • Magnification: 4x.
  • Objective lens: 50 mm.
  • Tube diameter: 30 mm.

3. Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical 4-12x40 Second Focal Plane Riflescope

The Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical isn't easy to judge by sight. It's among the longer scopes within this list, and the nature of the scope's magnification isn't always easy for beginners to use.

Those facts keep it outside of the top two on the list. One can also consider these as benefits. It's a more elegant scope that demands some extra skill, but it's able to provide some great performance when one gets the hang of it. Not to mention that it's a perfect aesthetic fit for higher class rifles.


  • Length: 14.2”.
  • Magnification: 4 - 12x.
  • Objective lens: 44 mm.
  • Tube diameter: 1”.

2. BARSKA 6-18x40 mm AO Hot Magnum .17 And .22 Interchangeable 30/30 Rifle Scope

The Barska earns a higher ranking thanks to lower price point. It is among the best rifle scope for 300 yards. There's certain expectations for performance that one can find within its feature set. This scope has multi-coated optics with 30/30 reticles, and adjustable objective lens for parallax correction. 

It is the price that really earns it a place within this list. It's a solid scope which can reach 300 yards. Just as importantly, it's a scope that almost anyone can afford.


  • Length: 15.65”.
  • Magnification: 6 - 18x.
  • Objective lens: 40mm.
  • Tube diameter: 1”.

1. Nikon INLINE XR BDC 300 Riflescope, Xtra Green BDC 300

The Nikon Inline XR 300 isn't easily judged by traditional metrics. The main reason comes from overall usage patterns. It's meant for muzzleloaders and larger caliber centerfire firearms. The scope uses Nikon's patented BDC 300 reticle with a unique open circle design. This is made to make long range shots easier to hit. A consistent 5 inches of eye relief keeps your brow and face safe against the recoil.  

The price comes in at a quite reasonable point. It's usable in some of the more powerful firearms out there. At the same time it comes in at a price and precision point that's worth taking note of.


  • Length: 11.3”.
  • Magnification: 3 - 9x.
  • Objective lens: 49.3 mm.
  • Tube diameter: 1”.

Summing Up

The best rifle scope for 300 yards isn’t that difficult of a choice. There are quite a few options out there. One simply needs to consider how important the various metrics are. The options can shift up or down depending on one’s own needs.

For example, some people put cost above anything else. Others want specific features. But the best option is the one which helps get a perfect shot. That’s what really decides the best rifle scope for 300 yards.

7 Best Scopes for .22LR on the Market Today

The .22 is an all-time favorite rifle for target practice, plinking, wiping out small varmints, and even hunting small game. It’s simple, effective, and inexpensive. Additionally, it’s a great tool for introducing youngsters to shooting. However, to unleash its full potential, it must be accompanied by a high-quality scope.

Benefits of Using a Rifle Scope

A rifle scope is used by people who love to hunt. The rifle scope is light, easy to carry around and detachable. It has clear visibility and can help the hunter or shooter see the target clearly from miles away. The more powerful the rifle scope is, the better the focus. The lens should be robust to enable you to take your shot immediately after aim. Animals will less likely stay still so choose the rifle scope wisely as you have very little time to aim and hit. 

A good rifle scope should be accurate and take minimal time and effort to aim to your target. With experience or otherwise, a scope with accuracy can be used effectively by anyone who can hold a rifle. Accuracy helps in aiming within a short time and with a lesser struggle. This is because the ability to hit a target at the first attempt is the greatest challenge a shooter can have. Buy a quality product that will help improve your hobby and ‘up your game’ when aiming your game. 

A good rifle takes long shots of about a hundred yards away. You can easily get your target without strain if you pick a long shot scope. The feeling and experience when aiming targets also matter a lot. Near misses and regular misses that are too often make the experience not worthwhile. Struggling with an aim is struggling with your hobby. As a result, despite a good scope being slightly expensive, you will have a better success rate than when you don’t have one. It is an investment worth prioritizing on. 

How a Rifle Scope Works 

A rifle scope is used to magnify the image of an object far away. Magnification enhances visibility and clarity. Once the image is magnified and is in sight, the rifle is directed where it is supposed to shoot. The alignment is achieved and maintained by boresighting. A boresighter is inserted on the rifle and adjusted until the object is in sight. Zeroing is much faster with a boresighter on the rifle. A bullet is then shot at the direction of the object. However, for long range shooting, a control knob is needed. This is because gunshots don’t travel in a straight line.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right Rifle Scope 

There are many factors that hunters should consider when choosing a quality rifle scope. The first factor to consider is the cost. You want to make sure that the rifle scope you buy is worth the price. A high-quality rifle scope can be slightly expensive. However, you should ensure that it is worth it and not an overpriced scope of lesser quality. Apart from the cost, you should consider if the rifle scope can do basic duties without any features added on. Added features by default come with added costs. Such costs could be expensive, sometimes even surpassing the scope cost. 

When shooting animals, you require a rifle that is a long-range shooter. Scopes that can shoot long distances are the most accurate. As explained above, a scope that can zero in a hundred yards away is a good choice. The weight of your rifle is also an important factor to consider. When using your rifle, it is less tiresome when the weight of your luggage is reduced. Walking around with too much weight can lag you behind and waste your time. You can also easily maneuver with a lightweight scope and defend yourself in case of an attack. 

Also, choose a rifle scope that can be used in low light places. A rifle that can be used in the dark is a good investment for a hunter because you are not limited on daytime use only. It can be used at any time. With hunting hours increased, the effectiveness and success rate of your rifle scope is increased.

So, which is the best scope for 22 rifle? Read on to find out.

1. Nikon P-RIMFIRE Riflescope

Nikon P- RIMFIRE 2-7x32, best scope for 22 rifle

Price: $164.88.

The Nikon P-RIMFIRE is perhaps one of the best, if not the best scope for 22 rifle. The scope is equipped with a broad combination of features that will greatly improve the use of your rifle. Its fully multi-coated anti-glare optics facilitates up to 98% light transmission to help you in low-light conditions. Additionally, it is nitrogen-filled and O-ringed making it rugged enough to handle whatever Mother Nature may throw your way.

The Nikon P-RIMFIRE also features ample eye relief at 3.8 inches. This allows for consistent shooting and comfort at any magnification.


  • Tube diameter: 1 inch;
  • Magnification: 2-7x;
  • Objective Lens: 32 mm;
  • Overall Length: 11.5 inches;
  • Eye Relief: 3.8 inches.

2. Tasco Mag .22 Rifle Scope 3-9x32mm 30/30

Tasco Rimfire Series 3-9x 32mm 30/30 Reticle

Price: $41.57.

The Tasco Rimfire is not the most expensive scope out there, but it is perfect for plinking, target shooting, and small game hunting. The Tasco Rimfire .22 Riflescope features fully coated optics for maximum clarity and glare. It is also fog resistant and water resistant as well.

You’ll be glad to learn that the scope is characteristic of zoomable magnification from 3x to 9x. Additionally, you should expect to get a 30/30 reticle without any range compensation marks.


  • Tube diameter: ¾ inches;
  • Magnification: 3x to 9x;
  • Objective Lens: 32 mm;
  • Overall Length: 11.5 inches;
  • Eye Relief: 2.5 inches.

3. Leupold VX-2 Rimfire EFR

Leupold 120617 VX-2 Rimfire EFR CDS Wide Wind

Price: $362.49.

If you’re seeking the ultimate in versatility and don’t mind paying a premium price for it, the Leupold VX-2 Rimfire EFR could be the best scope for 22 rifle. The scope is recoil proof, fogproof, and waterproof. In addition, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

The scope features an extended focusing range, meaning you can turn the front ring to adjust the parallax for any range from 10 yards to 10,000 yards. The Leupold VX-2 Rimfire EFR also comes complete with windage and elevation knobs with an adjustment rate of 1/4 MOA. That allows you to tailor each of your shots to their exact location.


  • Tube diameter: 1 inch;
  • Magnification: 3x to 9x;
  • Objective Lens: 33 mm;
  • Overall Length: 12 inches;
  • Elevation: ¼ MOA.

4. Simmons 511039 3 – 9 x 32 mm .22 Mag Scope

Simmons 511039 3 - 9 x 32mm .22 Mag(R)

Price: $47.37.

The Simmons 22 Mag Riflescope could be a good option for anyone looking for the best scope for 22 rifle. The scope is fitted with Simmons’ Quick Target Acquisition (QTA) eyepiece that provides a larger optical spot. This helps you to acquire the target quickly and shoot faster with more accuracy. In addition to that, the Simmons 22 Mag Riflescope is designed with the company’s patented zero adjustment system that offers strong light transmission and crystal-clear clarity.

The True Zero design is another feature worth mentioning. It utilizes a spring and ball-bearing system to provide you with accurate and reliable clicks. The scope’s construction features a one-piece tube which is extremely sturdy to provide for greater strength, lighter handling, and durability. The tube is also fog proof, waterproof and shockproof.


  • Magnification: 3–9x;
  • Weight: 10.8 ounces;
  • Elevation: ¼ MOA;
  • Length: 12 inches;
  • Exit Pupil: 10.7 – 3.6 mm.

5. BSA Sweet .22 3-9x40mm

BSA 3-9X40 Sweet 22 Rifle Scope

Price: $49.99.

If you need a scope that can give you value for your money, then the BSA Sweet .22 3-9x40mm could be a good option. Even though it does not have a boatload of sophisticated features, it has everything that the .22 rifle needs for an excellent performance.

Just like many scopes in the .22 category, the BSA Sweet .22 is waterproof, shockproof and fogproof making it perfect for most weather conditions. It comes with a 40mm objective lens to help minimize light gathering.

The BSA comes with hand adjusted windage and elevation controls that are easy to mount on a .22 rifle. The scope also utilizes a quick-change turret system that is calibrated for several grain weights for calibers.


  • Magnification: 3–9x;
  • Weight: 16.80 ounces;
  • Parallax Settings: 7.5 to Inf.;
  • Exit Pupil Range: 13-4.3 mm;
  • Elevation: ¼ MOA.

6. BARSKA 3-9×32 Plinker-22 Riflescope

BARSKA 3-9x32 scope for 22

Price: $43.58.

This is another best scope for 22 rifle. It is specifically designed for plinking and hunting. The BARSKA 3-9×32 Plinker-22 provides sharp optical clarity and exceptional light quality thanks to its fully multi-coated optics that come with a 30/30 reticle. The adjustments knobs offer 0.25-inch click adjustments to fine-tune for elevation and windage allowing you to react to any environment.

Upon purchase, the scope is delivered with lens covers, a lens cloth, and mounting rings. In addition, it features a 1-inch tube that has been sealed and purged to be completely waterproof and shockproof.


  • Magnification: 3-9x;
  • Length: 12 inches;
  • Weight: 11.46 ounces;
  • Elevation: 1/4 MOA;
  • Tube Diameter: 1 inch.

7. Vortex Crossfire II 2-7 x 32 Rimfire Rifle Scope

Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7X32

Price: $129.00.

Vortex Crossfire II Rimfire is yet another functional mid-range rifle scope you may want to purchase. Unlike other rifle scopes listed here, it is not specifically engineered for use with the .22 rifle. However, it still makes an excellent choice for use with the .22 rifle.

This scope from Vortex is made of aircraft-grade aluminum to offer unmatched strength and reliability. It also has a multi-coated lens that is controlled by capped turrets to prevent inadvertent adjustments from marring your shot. The lens also ensures that you achieve a bright light transition and a clear, high-definition view.

The scope has a purged and nitrogen filled tube that is not only fogproof but also waterproof and shockproof.


  • Magnification: 2-7x;
  • Adjustment Graduation: ¼ MOA;
  • Length: 11.3 inches;
  • Weight:14.3 ounces;
  • Eye Relief: 3.9 inches.

Summing Up

There are a variety of rifle scopes on the market today. Choose a scope that matches your rifle, the task at hand and one that is within your price range. This way, you will quickly find the best scope for your 22 rifle.

The Most Comprehensive Brand Review 2019: Millet Scopes

millet scope

Millet is a brand that has enjoyed recognition for making sights and other tactical gear, and they have been a respected name since their inception in the 1970s. Millet entered the armament industry in 1980 when they began making sights for pistols. Today, Millet is owned by Bushnell, and the label has been producing scopes for firearms since 2000.

If you are in the market for Millet scopes, you'll be happy to know they produce Long-range scopes, Designated Marksman scopes, and Tactical Riflescopes.

Scopes from Millet surprise many shooters for the quality and performance for the affordable price tag. Compared to higher-priced scopes, Millet still manages to keep toe-to-toe with competitors. Although at some point, there are higher-end models that will undoubtedly surpass Millet's clarity concerning the glass when taking a shot taken at a larger distance.

If you are looking to shoot anywhere between 100 to 600 yards, Millet has built its scopes to comfortable handle adjusting zoom, adjusting for light, and taking on the stronger recoil of select firearms. The markings on most scopes from Millet are very clear, and the provided lock ring keeps things set.

You will want a Millet scope if you desire a scope that is no-nonsense, user-friendly, easy to mount, and gives shooters reliability with every shot. You can't beat the look, feel, and precision of a Millet scope compared to other scopes that cost just as much, or even more than a Millet.

Considering that Millet has been in the shooting industry for over a few decades, they have had enough time to produce quality scopes, which are large, built tough and accurate.

What Are Millet Scopes And How Do They Work?

shooting range

 Millet scopes have been a mainstay offering for interested persons who enjoy hunting or shooting targets at mid-range to long-range since 2000. Bushnell is the parent company for Millet, and the company is respected for its red dot scopes, rifle scopes, mounts, and other tactical gear.

 Millet offers four types of scopes.

  • DMS
  • TRS
  • LRS
  • Buck Gold
  • Millett 6-25 X 56 LRS-1 Illuminated Side Focus Tactical Riflescope (35mm Tube .25 MOA with Rings), Matte
    • Huge 56 mm objective for a wider field of view and brighter image
    • Massive, super-strong 35mm tube improves reliability and resolution
    • Positive 1/4 MOA click adjustments for windage and elevation
    • Come-up scale on windage and elevation adjustments
    • Glass etched exclusive Mil-DotBar reticle
    Millett 1-4x, 24mm DMS Multi Coat Rifle Scope
    • Variable power zoom ring serves to seal and support the eyepiece securely
    Millett Buck Gold 4-16x 50 Side Focus Illuminated Multi Coat Rifle Scope
    • 100% quality materials used and tested extensively
    • Adjustable green illumination with 10 brightness settings for precision in varied lighting conditions
    • Variable power from 4 to 16 times magnification with a large light gathering 50mm objective lens
    • Fully multi-coated optics for bright images
    • Mil-DotBar system functions as a standard Mil-Dot with the addition of a thin line for easier alignment

    Before Millet entered the industry of firearm implements, they were known for metal injection molding and manufacturing.

    What Makes Millet Scopes Unique

    rifle on display

    Millet is unique because it offers a small range series of scopes for rifles. Millet only offers one LRS model for ultra-long range shots, so you are better off considering the Millet for its DMS or TRS scopes, and purchasing a military-grade scope that is built to handle a 2,000 yard shot.

     The LRS or Long Range Scope does come with a Mil-DotBar reticle that is available illuminated or non-illuminated. If you enjoy shooting with a large caliber, the LRS scope from Millet will suffice.

     The TRS or Tactical Rifle Series offers three different options, and all make use of a 30mm tube. All of these scopes have 3.5 inches of eye relief, and the lenses are multi-coated to increase the light transmission. The TRS models also use a Mil-DotBar reticle like the LRS model.

     The Buck Gold model offers shooters two options for magnification, a range of 4x to 16x zoom with a 56mm lens, or 6x to 25x zoom with a 56mm lens. An adjustment knob is available to adjust the side focus parallax, but there is no Mil-DotBar reticle. The lenses are treated to increase light transmission.

     The DMS or Designated Marksman Scope only has one option, similar to Millet's LRS. This scope stands out because it uses a Donut-Dot reticle, and it has an 18 MOA ring so you can execute quick targeting at a close range. You will appreciate that it has a 1 MOA dot in the center to aid you with precision targeting and to shoot at longer distances.

     The DMS comes in a camouflage finish or black matte finish.


    snowy day display

     Millet scopes are thought to be a good choice for entry-level sniper rifle shooters, looking for a scope that offers quality craftsmanship and features, but comes in well under the $500 mark. Millet scopes are very friendly for most marksmen and their budget.

     LRS models range between $450 and $675. TRS models are priced around $300 to $475. DMS scopes are priced around $225-$350. You can also purchase scopes online sites like eBay from sellers for closer to $100 to $200.

    Millet is known for offering hunters and marksmen bargain priced scopes that do not sacrifice quality and features because of their price. Millet has been known for its sights for a while, and the brand continues to produce scopes that you can rely on for accurate targeting.

    Public Perception

    target practice

     Online internet forums, avid firearm, and tactical gear enthusiasts are all too happy to swap stories, tips, and tricks about their choice of rifle scopes and other gear.

     When it comes to Millet, they don't measure up to a Leupold, but they are durable, uncomplicated, and applicable for hunting, tactical use, and target practice for competitions.

    Everyone does need a tactical rifle scope, and Millet brand scopes may not be for everyone. Millet produces scopes that feel aggressive, big, and are user-friendly because they are easy to grip and turn.

    Overall, you will want to choose Millet scopes if you want something that is affordable, offers precision and okay clarity for mid-range to long-range targets, and performs well under various weather conditions. Some outdoorsmen feel that around the 800-yard mark that the resolution or sharpness with a scope from Millet falls a bit short on performance.

    Any scope you get from Millet can be thought of as comparable or interchangeable with Mueller scopes for their value and functions for the price tag.

    Some hunters have felt that scopes from Millet are best for hunting varmint, and other scopes are a better option for more experienced marksmen.

    If you enjoy shooting an AR-15 rifle, you'll like using a Millet scope. And the performance for scopes from Millet work out just fine for precision targeting, good range, and the glass has decent clarity if you can't afford to invest in a Leupold or Nikon scope.

    How It Compares

    aiming down sights

    Comparing Millet to Nikon, Nikon may have a slighter edge on clarity because of the optics are nicer, but Millet's TRS offers .1 mil clicks. Nikon is recognized for having a high-quality glass for their scopes, but the price tag is a bit steeper than Millet.

    If you don't want to spend more money, you can feel comfortable going with Nikon scopes versus Millet. However, for the price, Millet does offer dependable features and offers clarity from 100 yards to 600 yards.

    With a Millet scope, you shouldn't have much issue with holding zero or making adjustments. The overall feel and look of a Millet scope is strong, tough, and handles itself nicely.

    The illumination provided by Millet for its scopes ensure precision when in low-light conditions and even hold up during full daylight. The clicks feel good with the scopes, and the ¼ adjustments are true.

    The Donut-Dot on the DMS model may be too big for some marksmen and off-putting. However, the DMS will give you a decent field of view up to about 300 yards. After you go past the 300-yard mark, you'll realize why some people complain about the size, and prefer comparable scopes that use a smaller mil-dot instead. If you like to shoot fast, a DMS scope is an okay choice.

    Millet's DMS is a little hefty and is similar in size to many 3x9 scopes with 40mm. The weight and size of the scope can make it challenging to mount backup sights.

    When it comes to comparing red dot sights on various types of scopes, we considered how the Millet ZoomDot compares to the Vortex Strikefire. Both scopes are user-friendly with adjustments and allow you to track your target comfortably. However, the Millet scope has an adjustable dot size which pushes itself into your field of vision and can throw your sighting off, and the aperture shape can be distracting.

    Comparing Millet LRS to NightForce scopes, NightForce still has better quality optics for shooting targets at ultra-long distances. If you are into competitions and challenges, Millet is a basic entry-level option. If you can spend the money to enjoy upgraded optics quality, go for it.

    Vortex scopes may offer more quality optics, reliability, and other features versus Millet or Burris scopes. However, you will incur a higher initial cost for a Vortex scope. Burris is another viable budget option like Millet.

    Comparing Millet to Leupold, the sight and optics are not as clear as a Leupold scope, but you aren't paying over the $1000 mark either. The tick marks on the mil-dot reticle can take some getting used to, as they are on the thicker side.

    What We Think

    scope reticle

    If you are looking for a decent and affordable scope that is good for TRS, you should consider a Millet scope. Some of the scopes do have features that can be a bit distracting, but the overall performance is tried and true. Entry-level marksmen will appreciate how user-friendly Millet brand scopes are, and the construction quality stands up to most weather conditions in the field.

    If you are budget-conscious and don't need a scope that is outfitted with lots of bells and whistles, Millet gives you a glass that offers unexpected quality and clarity and still offers features like mil-dots and illumination. If you are looking for a more compact and lightweight scope, you might want to pass, as a Millet model will take up a lot of space when attached to your rifle.

    If you are interested in Millet for an LRS, you can't beat the price. You will get optical clarity with a good range of varying magnification power so you can lock onto your target.  You won't want to have the power up to high when shooting at a 1000-yard match, and strong sunlight will certainly require dialing down the power

    The controls are large and visible, much like those extra-thick mil-dots that can be a little distracting, until you get comfortable with the adjustments. The illuminated reticle is nice and crisp, with both clearly defined crosshairs and Mil Dots. However, make sure to keep the illumination brightness at a low level, especially if you are shooting in full daylight to reduce any unwanted harm to your eyes.

    Millet's LRS is a good buy for shooters who enjoy hunting or feel like they will need to play sniper in an urban setting, or for competition. The Millet LRS will give you the accuracy you want, and if paired with a lightweight rifle, you'll be able to pick up to move in your terrain with ease.

    A Millet scope is an excellent choice for big guns with a high caliber and can withstand heavy recoil. That being said, expect to deal with a bigger scope that will not leave room for a back-mount. You won't have many problems with holding zero with a Millet scope, and they come with a lock ring.

    Mounting a scope from Millet is a breeze. Unlike other scopes that have been called out for mounting problems or loose lock rings, a Millet scope stays steadfast holding your settings through the range of your focus and zoom.

    If you don't want to shell out thousands of dollars on a scope, are a moderate to regular hunter or marksman, and are looking for average to high-quality optics, clarity, and precision for a more than reasonable price, you want to go with a Millet scope.

    If you are willing to shell out more money for a higher-end scope, you can't beat Millet's price for their products. However, higher-priced scopes from other companies do have slightly better optics and glass.

    If you outfit yourself with a Millet scope for your rifle, you are letting everyone know how much you value an affordable, user-friendly scope with solid features and a rugged exterior and construction that holds up over the years for precision shooting.

    Coupons And Deals

    resting rifle

    You can find online deals for discounts or percentages off of Millet scopes online Optics Planet. Retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, and Best Deals online offer deals and deeply discounted prices on Millet scopes.