Vortex Strike Fire Red Dot Scope for AR15: Why You should Buy It?


Looking for a scope to mount on your rifle? This is a review of the Vortex StrikeFire Red Dot Scope for AR15 SF-BR-AR15. Read on to find out if it is what you have been looking for. The features of this rifle scope will be listed along with its advantages and disadvantages.

The  Vortex Strike Fire Red Dot Scope for AR15 is a great scope to equip on your rifle. You should consider getting one because it offers great quality for its price. It boasts a lot of neat features that you will surely like. Read on to find out more about this rifle scope

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Features And Benefits of the Vortex Strike Fire 

1. Multi-coated lenses and anti-reflective coatings

The Vortex StrikeFire Red Dot Scope for AR15 SF-BR-AR15 uses multi-coated lenses to help you increase effective light transmission. It also has anti-reflective coatings to minimize glares. This makes the rifle scope effective even in environments with [Read more…]

What Is A PCP Air Rifle? Here’s What You Need To Know

There are always going to be better introductory firearms for those looking to improve their marksmanship. What is a PCP Air Rifle? Well, it's the answer for those gun enthusiasts that may be new to practicing as well as those that prefer a piece that's a little bit easier to operate. The supreme user-friendliness of this gun make it an attractive option for many different expertise levels.

Even though their widespread usage has only occurred recently, historically the technology for these rifles dates back to the mid-1500s. The Austrians had their design standards down to a science. Their armies would frequently utilize this technology, and it was surprisingly advanced for the time. These rifles were some of the only 'repeater' firearms and could crank out 24 shots per minute. And since they had caliber specs at .24, this gave them a huge advantage over Napoleon's French armies.

What Is ​A PCP Air Rifle?

man holding a gun

image source: Unsplash

PCP in this instance stands for "pre-charged pneumatic." This means that the firing system involves a sequential dance involving air pressure and a controlled release of that pressure. In most cases the air is compressed at 3000 psi (or pounds per square inch). An air reservoir is what provides the air that propels the projectile. This can be filled either using hand pumps, small scuba tanks, or carbon fiber tanks.

Once the pressure is right, the firearm is ready for discharge. You pull the trigger, and then compressed air enters the barrel from the firing valve. This compressed air, having no other means of escape, shoves the projectile down the shaft of the barrel and out toward the target.

The release of this compressed air, having directed the projectile at its given target, slightly depletes the pressure in the reservoir, forcing the user to either re-pump or realize how much pressure they have left in a given tank.

Modern Resurgence

What is a PCP air rifle in the context of the modern firearm landscape? This variant was largely discontinued after World War I. This was because the technology driving what we think of as typical firearms was more powerful. The PCP revival occurred around 1980, when their use became more attractive to hunters and newer gun enthusiasts.

Benefits ​Of Using A PCP Air Rifle

someone holding a gun

image source: Unsplash

There are a lot of reasons this rifle can be a good option if you're not concerned with handling a high powered firearm. It's great for a casual user to pick up at a range, and its output can be manipulated simply and effectively. What is a PCP Air Rifle and how can you take advantage of its benefits?

Small Recoil

With this particular model, you can get away with not having a very forcefully recoil at all. This is because of how the air pressure functions and how that energy is directed within the workings of the firearm. So if you are constantly annoyed by the recoil of more traditional firearms, this can be a great option for you to work on your aim/accuracy.

It's also an exceptionally quiet kind of rifle, which makes it ideal for beginners or if you're in an area that has any kind of noise restrictions. Though it may be ideally tailored toward newer users, more experienced marksmen can get their own advantages through mastering the use of this gun, as well.

High Accuracy

When it comes to answering the question "what is a PCP Air Rifle," another answer could be that it's the most accurate air rifle there is. This is a lofty statement, but it's also true.

With a more traditional spring piston gun, there will always be a learning curve when it comes to aim. But with a PCP, there's no such learning curve and even the occasional dabbler in riflery can pick up this piece and fire it with high degree of accuracy.

Adjustable Performance: The Air Regulator

Most PCP rifles come with just a standard preset that cannot be adjusted. But if you're lucky enough to encounter one with an air regulator, you'll have much more control over the rifle's precision and handling. Most of the time when you fire, the projectile starts with a low velocity, increases, and then decreases again at the tail end of its range. But with this handy little addition, you'll have help managing the pressure in the firing valve.

Some Disadvantages ​Of ​The PCP Air Rifle

woman with a gun

image source: Unsplash

The benefits we just mentioned do have their downsides. There are simply some tasks that the PCP will not be able to accomplish. This mostly relates to the limitations of the kinds of caliber you can use and the power threshold; which will just never compare to a more traditional gun. So while knowing how to answer the question "what is a PCP air Rifle and what are its benefits?" can be a good thing, it's also good to consider where this piece falls short.

High Cost ​And Upkeep

Starting out with one of these firearms can cost a pretty penny. It's a good idea to have your vision for its use firmly mapped out before you buy. Remember that you're purchasing many different components, including pumps, tanks, and other hardware meant to keep the gun functioning optimally.

When you factor everything in (including filling equipment), the cost can be anywhere between several hundred dollars to over a thousand. However, once you've made your initial purchase, you won't have to procure additional filling equipment with the next PCP model you buy. So the cost does progressively go down.

Cumbersome Built-In Supports

There's also no way around the fact that it does take more disparate hardware to operate this firearm effectively. Yes, this can be mitigated somewhat if you have a 'hand-pump' model, but this also takes time in between shots or series of shots to get the pressure back to where you need it to be. Also, air filling stations are not always the easiest places to come by. So it's good to know where the nearest ones are to eliminate being caught without air when you need it.

Also if you travel a lot, taking PCP rifles with you is much more difficult than a conventional gun because of the components involved. With a more traditional gun, airport authorities can inspect your luggage and determine that a firearm in your checked bag is not loaded and move on.

But with a PCP rifle, there is no way of easily checking for this. There's also no way to look inside the air reservoir, which could lead to a quick confiscation of something that was already so expensive to acquire in the first place. In fact, airport personnel themselves may be less familiar with what they're looking at, so that the question 'what is a PCP air rifle' could lead to the answer: 'not yours anymore.'

Other Operational Considerations

gun and gun bags

image source: Unsplash

It's always good to practice with an expert. This, in addition to answering all of your questions about what is a PCP air rifle, will also help you learn more quickly than you could on your own. Just for some background, here are a few more operational aspects to consider when using a PCP for the first time:

Scanning ​The Tank

Just like gas in a car, you'll have different levels of power and performance based on how full your air pressure tank is. Paintball enthusiasts may be slightly more familiar with this concept, but in the case of a PCP air rifle there's also a gauge built in. This gauge will tell you where you're at in terms of air pressure. Most gauges operate on a three color system similar to a traffic light. These green, yellow, and red hues signal similar things, as well.

Green means that it's still ok to keep operating the firearm at will, and there will be no sacrifice in performance. Yellow means that you're starting to run low and that your level of pressure may or may not be adequate to hit the targets you desire. Finally, red means that there is not enough pressure at all and that it's time to either switch out the tank or resume the pumping action required until the tank goes back to full capacity.

Considering Your Target

There are also humane considerations at play when using this rifle. This is especially the case when it comes to hunting game. Yes it is possible to make kills with air rifle pellets. However, it requires that much more accuracy, if this is your goal.

Unless you are an expert marksman, in most cases it is more likely that the animal you're targeting is a pest that needs to be killed quickly and painlessly. This just means that you must take extra care and know your limitations. It is our belief that this firearm is a much better fit for this goal than other firearms; though that decision is ultimately up to you.


We hope this introduction has helped you answer the question: 'what is a PCP air rifle,' and how you'd go about using one once you pick one up. As always, make sure you're practicing proper gun safety in any and all circumstances. So be safe; and happy shooting!

Scope Review: C-more Red Dot

If you’re a target shooter, competitive hunter, or simply a rifle enthusiast that likes to make every shot count, a C-More Red Dot might be the optic for you. From the moment we first laid hands on this thing, we knew it was the real deal. But, after catching wind of all the hype we were skeptical at first. In this review, we hope to dispel with some of that skepticism in our readers.

If you have tested multiple red dot sights, you probably understand all too well that most of them are practically the same. Although cosmetic tweaks abound in the optics market, the functionality of the various devices rarely ever changes. However, the C-More Red Dot makes an honest attempt at breaking away from that trend.

Want to find out more about the C-More Red Dot lineup of optics? If so, you have come to the right place. In this article, our veteran shooters got their hands on a pair of C-More Red Dot scopes to throw on their rifles for a week. After extensive use, they put together this review to help you make an informed decision about potentially purchasing this optic for your rifle.

Comparison Table - C-More Red Scope

What Is a C-More Red Do and How Does it Work?

Owned and operated by Vertu Corporation, C-More Systems is a United States-based firearms manufacturer and distributor of firearms and firearm accessories. Founded in Virginia in the early 1990s, C-More Systems has quickly become one of the premier firearm manufacturers in the world, largely due to the success of its various sights and red dot sights.

The C-More Red Dot sight lineup is now one of the most successful in the world. Known for their high-quality materials and excellent build quality, their firearm optics are meant to improve accuracy and shorten preparation time for everyone from novice shooters to veteran hunters.

The term “C-More Red Dot” refers to the red dot sights that C-More Systems manufacturers in the United States. Although no specific model is referenced when someone mentions “C-More Red Dot” optics, the most popular model on the market is the C-More Systems Railway.

Red Dot Sight

When we get asked about C-More Systems Red Dot sights, we often are also asked about the physics of red dot sight systems. Among the gun enthusiast community, as well as the public at large, there is considerable misunderstanding about how red dot optics work.

However, the answer is simpler than you may think. Red dot sights, including the C-More Red Dot sight, use a light-emitting diode (LED) to produce a red Aimpoint through the eyepiece. The Aimpoint appears in the form of a red dot that stays aligned with the center of the sight, no matter where the viewer’s eye is located.

Most red dot configurations involve a tilted spherical mirror within the device. This mirror reflects a red LED onto the sightline from the reflection point below. The light is coated with a dichroic filter so that only the red color spectrum is visible to the viewer. The LED device is usually exceptionally bright at a 650-700 nanometer wavelength.

The LED light that is produced by C-More Red Dot products is powered by a small lithium-ion battery. Since LED lights consume very little battery power, it is highly unlikely that an owner of a red dot sight system will ever have to replace the battery. Lastly, an aperture hole controls the size of the red dot that appears through the sightline.

What Makes C-More Red Dot Unique?

red dot on a handgun

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One of the unique aspects of C-More Red Dot sights is the fact that they are universally applicable to any firearm. Virtually all C-More sights come with a variety of mounts for easy attachment to your firearm. Plus, many C-More sights are compatible with aftermarket mounting attachments, so you are guaranteed a proper fit no matter what gun you own.

Readers should note that, although they are universal sight attachments, C-More Red Dot sights are specifically marketed toward the following three firearms:

Additionally, C-More Railway Series sights are unique for their excellent performance metrics. For example, the Railway mount has a battery life of up to 1,500 hours of continuous use and is more compact than most other holographic sights (i.e., 4.8 inches long, compared to EOTech’s 5.6 inches).

We loved how the reticle on the C-More Red Dot sights can be manually adjusted. With the easy-to-use “Click Switch” setting, shooters can switch between the various dot sizes and intensity levels. This is a great perk to buying a C-More because veteran shooters and novices are unlikely to use the same intensity level.

Lastly, the objective lens inside C-More sights are a bit smaller than most rival brands. For example, EOTech typically relies on 30 x 23 mm lenses. By comparison, C-More uses a 29mm object lens which, in our opinion, provides a crisper and brighter image through the eyepiece.


There are several C-More Red Dot products, and each of them is priced differently. Below, we will list the various C-More Red Dot products currently listed on the company’s official website and will include the price of each.

RTS2 Series

C-MORE Systems RTS2 3 MOA Red Dot Sight with Rail Mount, Black
  • Heads Up Display for Fastest Target Acquisition
  • Super Bright 3 MOA Red Dot with 10 Manual Brightness Settings
  • 1 MOA Click Adjustments for Windage and Elevation Featuring a Positive Locking Screw
  • Removable Battery Tray Eliminates Re-Zeroing When Changing Batteries
  • Removable Weaver/Picatinny Mount Included

The RTS2 is one of C-More’s flagship red dot sights. This device uses a CR2032 battery to power the LED sight and a 10-position push button for manual operation of the intensity settings. Plus, its yellow eyepiece makes for an attractive addition to any rifle or pistol. We also found that this device is significantly easier to mount than most other red dot sights.

The starting price for an RTS2 Series red dot sight with a rail mount is $$. This price includes the mount and the red dot sight, and additional mounting kits for Glocks and other firearms start at $ each.

Railway Series

C-MORE Systems Tactical Railway Red Dot Sight with Click Switch
  • Heads Up Display for Fastest Target Acquisition
  • Super Bright Red Dot with Adjustable Intensity and Interchangeable Dot Module
  • Infinite Adjustment for Windage and Elevation Featuring Positive Locking Screws
  • Aluminum Body, Click Intensity Switch (12 Positions = Off, 2 NV, 1 Low Light and 8 Day light)
  • Attaches to AR15 Style Flattop Rail, Iron Sight Co-Witness Capable

The Railway Series is the standard budget-minded red dot sight from C-More. This sight has a rail built into the device for easy installation to any rail mount or receiver. If your gun has a rail mount, this sight is guaranteed to snap on without any hassles (including rifles, handguns, revolvers, paintball guns, and even crossbows).

The standard polymer body Railway Series sight is priced a $$. If you feel like shelling out for an upgrade, you can purchase the aluminum body model for $. Tactical spacer kits of the Railway model cost $ apiece and the most expensive variant of the Railway series, the Tactical Railway Red Dot Sight (Aluminum) costs $$.

STS2 Series

C-MORE Systems STS2 Super Bright 6 MOA Red Dot Sight, Black
  • Heads Up Display for Fastest Target Acquisition
  • Super Bright 6 MOA Red Dot with 10 Manual Brightness Settings
  • 1 MOA Click Adjustments for Windage and Elevation Featuring a Positive Locking Screw
  • Removable Battery Tray Eliminates Re-Zeroing When Changing Batteries
  • Requires a C-MORE Mounting Kit (Sold Separately)

The latest addition to the C-More line up is the STS2 Series of red dot sights. Significantly smaller than the other C-More models, the STS2 is a compact solution for a lightweight, easy-to-use aiming experience. This is a fantastic all-purpose sight that is available in two different dot size modes.

The standard STS2 mini sight costs $$, with most additional mounting kits costing between $ and $ each. Although this option is not the best for budget-minded shoppers, it may prove to be frugal in the long run as the extended warranty on the STS2 Series is superior to many other C-More products.

Slide Ride Series

C-MORE Systems SlideRide Red Dot Sight with Click Switch
  • Heads Up Display for Fastest Target Acquisition
  • Super Bright Red Dot with Adjustable Intensity and Interchangeable Dot Module
  • Infinite Adjustment for Windage and Elevation Featuring Positive Locking Screws
  • Aluminum Body, Click Intensity Switch (12 Positions = Off, 2 NV, 1 Low Light and 8 Day light)
  • Direct Mounting for Custom/After Market Mounts and Glocks (requires C-MORE GAP Mounting Kit for Glocks)

The Slide Ride is one of C-MORE’s original sight products. The fact that it has lasted the test of time should say enough about this excellent sight. It has no mounting base attached to it, which allows for custom mounting configurations with aftermarket mounts. This feature makes the Slide Ride Series arguably the most customizable C-More red dot product.

The SlideRide Red Dot Sight with Polymer Body starts at $, making it one of the best budget-friendly options in the C-More line up. However, the aluminum body variant is priced a bit higher at $. For an additional $, you can receive the “Click Switch” edition for manual operation of intensity.

What Others Think

After scouring the web for hours gathering all the opinions we could find about C-More red dot sights, we concluded that this is a highly respected line of products. Every review we found had generally positive things to say about their products, with only a few questions raised about the durability of their polymer body sights.

Amazon Feedback

If you judge public perception of the C-More Red Dot by its Amazon reviews, you would be convinced that it is the perfect scope. This is because it has a 98% positive review rating on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, which is an incredible feat for firearm peripherals. Typically, the best-selling firearm scopes average less than four stars.

Customer Testimonials

On numerous message boards and web forums dedicated to firearms we noticed overwhelmingly positive reviews. Multiple customers raved about how they “highly recommend” the C-MORE Red Dot sights, while others called them “brilliant” and “fantastic pieces of equipment.”

Overall, the impression that we received after reading customer testimonials and countless anecdotes was that the C-MORE Red Dot line of scopes and sights were reliable, easy to use, and well-priced. However, there is a healthy mix of fair criticisms as well. For example, some customers lodged complaints about the plastic editions and their lack of durability.

Although the durability issue was a common thread we noticed across several reviews, there were no scathing reviews anywhere we looked online. Even the harshest critics made sure they mentioned the various positive attributes of the product, such as the value received for the cost, and the pinpoint accuracy of the sightline.

How It Compares

Compared to rival scopes like Aimpoint and EOTech, C-More is regarded as a premium-quality manufacturer. Amazon reviews and other reviews we read online indicated that the C-More Railway and STS2 models are vastly superior to similarly-priced sights such as the EOTech XPS2-0 and EOTech 512 A65 holographic sights.

While EOTech sights are an excellent choice for ranges of 100 yards or less, our personal preference is that higher ranges in the 100-200-yard distances and above are better suited for C-More sights. Simply, C-More is the gold standard for precision at a distance and is more compact, lighter, and built with better materials than any similarly-priced product.

What We Think

Overall, our impression of all the C-More red dot products was positive from the moment we first took them out of their box. If you decide to splurge on the aluminum body models, you will notice right away that these products have been handcrafted with fine craftsmanship and delicate care.

These products won’t break on you after a few seasons of use and have a fantastic warranty and return policy for additional peace of mind. In our view, this makes the C-More line up unique, as most other brands offer less-than-stellar customer service which can be a real pain if you buy polymer-bodied products.

Ultimately, we highly recommend C-More Red Dot products. Not only are they excellent for short and medium distance shooting, but they are often multiple perks that you won’t find anywhere else at the same price point. To be able to manually adjust the MOA size of the red dots with a simple click of the finger is one of the reasons why we love C-More as much as we do.

If you love to shoot with pinpoint accuracy, and don’t like emptying your wallet in the process, we think you will love going with a Railway, Slide Ride, STS2, or RTS2 red dot sight from C-More. We expect to see many more great products created by C-More in the years ahead as they continue to leave their mark on the tactical industry.

Coupons and Deals

At present, there are no coupons or deals available online for C-More Red Dot sight products. However, we will update this page as necessary whenever we come across a sale or coupon code to help you save a few bucks off the checkout price.

Everything You Need To Know About Idaho Elk Hunting

For hunters in North America, there is no more rewarding game than the elk. For as long as there have been hunters in North America, they have hunted the elk for its massive yield of meat ,which is considered one of the leanest sources of protein from any game animal. Such a great trophy animal can't be taken down easily, however. Elk are truly one of the most magnificent game animals, and Idaho elk hunting is top class for serious hunters wanting to give their best shot at hunting these creatures.

Tracking elk is a difficult task that requires preparation, planning, and if you're serious about bagging a top-notch bull, even some exercise is an absolute must. An estimated 120 thousand elk are roaming throughout Idaho's diverse habitat, which is divided into 28 elk management zones and 96 management units. So if you're planning an elk hunt in Idaho, let's take a look at some things you'll need to know before setting out.

Elk 101: About These Majestic Creatures

Elk were abundant in the days before European colonialism in North America. An approximate 10 million elk roamed the country during that time. However, by the turn of the 20th century, it was estimated that only about 50 thousand elk remained, and 2 species of elk had gone extinct. Elk had disappeared from all but the mountainous regions of the U.S. and Canada.  

Efforts by conservationists, which included Teddy Roosevelt, led to a resurgence in elk herd populations. Today, organizations like the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, founded in 1984, see to the protection of these incredible creatures in the U.S. Elk have been reintroduced east of the Mississippi where they used to dominate the habitat, and have been introduced in new areas such as New Zealand and South America.

Elk Sizes

Weighing in at an average of 700 lbs, elk are one of the largest game animals in North America, just after the moose. With all of that lean meat in a 5 foot high (at the shoulder) by 8 long foot frame, it's no surprise that they're so frequently sought after by serious hunters. Given their difficult-to-reach locations, and with antlers that can reach 4 feet in length and 4 feet apart, anyone can see why these massive animals are considered one of the top trophy animals in the world.

Elk Behavior 

Elk travel in herds of mostly single-sex groups during the majority of the year. During the mating season, known as rut, bull elks will follow groups of female (cow) elks in order to compete for a harem, or a group of cow elk that a bull has laid claim to for mating purposes. Bull elk seen fighting are often fighting for or defending their harem from an opposing bull. 

Rut season in North America typically lasts from mid-August to mid-October, but can vary slightly depending on the exact location and variations in climate or season. Elk can be found sticking close to water during the rut season, and will spend more time than usual bedding down and resting.

Elk communicate and attract cow elk with a verbal call known as "bugling," and it is considered one of the most recognizable sounds in nature. The high pitched, drawn out bellow is also used to establish dominance over rival males, making bugling a handy skill for any elk hunter as it can draw in a large, curious bull.

Elk Habitat 

Elk tend to reside in mountainous, high altitude areas, which adds to the degree of difficulty in hunting them and is another reason they are so highly regarded by serious hunters. What this means for you is that you'll need to stay in shape for your elk hunt. Tracking elk can be arduous and will undoubtedly require miles of hiking, often in steep environments, all while carrying equipment and, if all goes well, several pounds of meat.

With an estimated 120 thousand elk living in Idaho, the state boasts a healthy population and 28 management zones, ensuring these magnificent animals are preserved, and that Idaho elk hunting remains one of the top experiences of hunters.

Common Questions About Idaho Elk Hunting Answered

What Is the Best Weapon to Take Down an Elk? 

That answer is entirely up to you. Hunters use both bows and rifles to hunt elk, so it entirely depends on the preference of the hunter. The important thing is to choose a bow or firearm that suits you. You need to be proficient with it when the time comes, so this means owning a weapon that you can practice with often.

If you do use a firearm, a good rifle with heavy enough caliber to take out a large animal is a necessity. Typically, a bolt action rifle with a mounted scope is preferred in elk hunting, as it is in any type of big game hunting. You don't need a .50 caliber, but a varmint caliber won't work, either. Standard .308 or .30-06 used for deer hunting are the most common for elk. Whitetail deer hunters who are used to using .270 ought to upgrade to a .30 caliber round.

The tool you use to bring down your game is up to you, but it is a must that it is in proper working condition, you are proficient with it, and you are capable of hitting vital areas. Ensure you are caught up on elk anatomy, and possibly even try to acquire elk targets to practice on.

Can Non-Residents Acquire Tags in Idaho? 

Yes, General Season tags are available to non-residents, and they can be bought over the counter each year, so residents and non-residents alike can take part in Idaho elk hunting. They are, however, available on a first come, first served basis, and it is possible for them to run out.

Is It a Good Idea to Hunt with a Guide?

If you think you might need a guide along your hunt, then it's possible that you do. Guided hunts are a great idea for those either inexperienced or ill-equipped for an elk hunt. These hunts can be an especially good idea for those who are traveling from outside of Idaho and don't necessarily want to haul their equipment across the country.

Aside from having the obvious benefit of a guide, guided hunts are often well equipped (at cost, of course) for the experience. If you have the money and don't mind an extra person along, guided hunts can be a great way to experience Idaho elk hunting. Check out businesses such as Boulder Creek Outfitters if you think a guided hunt is the right idea for you.

Tips and Things You Should Know before You Go


Learning the elk's call will be a very useful skill to draw attention from nearby bulls. As with your weapon, it requires practice to perfect, so no time is too soon to start. Keep in mind, bad bugling can just as easily send an elk running, so ensure you've perfected the art before you use it in nature.


Elk scents can be purchased online or at most outdoor outfitters. Scents can help in 2 ways: 

1. To mask your own scent, which can spook and elk if it ends up downwind from you

2. The scent can bring them closer to investigate 

Learn what scents work best for the particular time of year you are hunting during, and use them accordingly.


It can't be said enough that elk live in difficult areas, and being out of shape and unable to track your game can ruin your trip, as well as anyone else's trip that you're hunting with. Doing anything from cardio, weightlifting, or even hiking in your local area with the pack you intend to use can be great ideas while preparing for your hunt. Of course, getting plenty of sleep and a healthy diet go a long way as well.

Laws and Rules

Ensure you check with the Idaho Department of Fish & Game and are caught up on the rules and regulations regarding Idaho elk hunting.

Field Dressing 

As discussed, an elk is a large animal with a huge yield in meat, so be prepared and equipped to haul that meat out of the field. If you're in a far, remote area or are camping, you'll also want to make sure you have a way of storing the meat properly until you're home. ATVs and horses, where available, can be great resources when hauling out an elk.

Prior knowledge in elk anatomy and general field dressing of animals is important before setting out on your elk hunt. The last thing you want after all your efforts to land an elk is to lose the meat because you were logistically unable or unprepared to handle it.

Final Thoughts on Idaho Elk Hunting 

The thrill of an elk hunt can be a rewarding experience, and Idaho is one of the best places you can take that adventure. Whether it's in the thick timber ridges of the north, or the rugged mountains in the central state, Idaho elk hunting is among the best in the country, and anyone who considers themselves an avid hunter shouldn't skip out on the experience of tracking one of the most exciting game animals in the diverse, sprawling habitat of Idaho. Plan your elk hunt in Idaho, and you'll thank yourself for the experience.

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Best 4x Scope: List Of Top 10 Picks And Buying Guide

Every long gun enthusiast needs a reliable 4x scope if they want to land the perfect shot. When it comes to shooting, there is nothing more important than accuracy. That is why our rifle experts put together this definitive list of the best 4x scope products on the market today.

Want to discover the best 4x scope for your rifle? In this article, our firearm professionals review the top optical sighting devices for rifles to get the best shot every time. Read on to discover which scopes are a bust, and which will ensure your aiming true when you pull the trigger.

Comparison Table - 4x Scopes

What is a 4x Scope?

Before listing our favorite 4x scope products on the market, it is important first to flesh out exactly what these products are. The 4x scope is a kind of telescopic lens, or scope, that magnifies objects in your gun’s crosshairs by four times. Having increased magnification makes targeting easier for the shooter, which results in greater accuracy.

Scopes are classified according to their optical magnification (i.e., 4x) and their objective lens diameter (i.e., 30 mm, 50 mm, etc.). The latter refers to the diameter of the lens within the scope; broadly, larger objective lenses result in more light entering the scope and thus a brighter image in the eyepiece. Shooters should select their lens diameter according to their individual purposes.

Although scopes once had an objective lens of 20 mm or smaller, it is now common to find much larger lenses on store shelves. Technological upgrades in lens technology have improved the state of scope magnification over the years, which is one of the reasons why target shooting is far more competitive than it once was in the early days of the sport.

How We Choose Our Ratings

armed man holding a rifle

Image Source: Unsplash

At RifleScopeCenter, we understand that your trust is earned and not given. We do not take your trust for granted. Rather, with every product we review we pledge to always provide the most accurate and bias-free feedback possible. We believe that this is integral for earning your trust and winning your loyalty as a reader.

How do we plan on earning your loyalty? By providing the best scope and firearm reviews on the web. To do this, we promise never to accept financial compensation from product manufacturers or affiliate groups. We believe that doing otherwise would compromise our independence and our objectivity. We also believe that this is simply the right thing to do.

To produce the most accurate reviews, we always scrutinize our products from a multitude of angles. For example, we consider a wide variety of factors such as cost, shipping and handling, durability, build quality, materials used, warranty, return policy, and aesthetics. By doing this, we believe we arrive at the most holistic and bias-free content for our readers.

List of Best 4x Scopes

Without further ado, let’s get into the main purpose of today’s article. Below, we have ranked and reviewed our favorite 4x scopes. Each of the scopes enumerated below has been hand-tested by our experts and are among a list of several dozen products that we tested out over the past few weeks.

CVLIFE 4x32 Rifle Scope

CVLIFE 4x32 Compact Rifle Scope Crosshair Optics Hunting Gun Scope with 20mm Free Mounts
  • Magnification:4x;Objective Diameter: 1.26" (32mm); Eye Relief: 3.3" (83.82mm) Length: 7.48"(190mm);
  • With the fully coated optical glass, the rifle scope would give you a bright and high-contrast image.
  • Made of high-strength aluminum alloy and with its one-piece tube construction, the scope is definitely for greater strength and durability.
  • Inert gas purged, fog,shock, water proof, this scope can be used under any weather condition.
  • The length of the whole scope is 7.48" (190mm), which makes this compact scope suitable for quick moving and aiming.

The CVLIFE 4x32 Rifle Scope is among the best in the business on several counts. First, this scope is made of fine optical glass that you can tell is highly durable from the moment you peer through the eyepiece. The field of view is wide and crystal clear for a dead-on shot every time. Ultimately, our first impression of this scope was extremely positive.

Further, we love that this scope is made of aluminum alloy in one-piece tube construction. Too often we find that scopes are made from multiple connected pieces, which tend to come undone when you need them the most. However, this scope comes up big in the right moments thanks to its highly durable build, excellent material quality, and, of course, its unbeatable price.

TASCO Pronghorn 4x32 Reticle Scope

Tasco Pronghorn 3-9x 40mm 30/30 Reticle Riflescope
  • Quality optics with stunning HD clarity
  • 100% quality materials used and tested extensively
  • Beautiful design and durability built to last
  • 30/30 reticle
  • Magenta multi-layered fully coated optics increases light transmission for bright, clear images

The TASCO Pronghorn 4x32 Reticle Scope is one of our favorite budget-friendly rifle scopes. One thing that stood out immediately after taking this product out of the box was its magnificent aesthetics and build design. Compared to most other aluminum scopes, the TASCO Pronghorn is a marvel. However, looks unfortunately do not mean much in the world of shooting.

With a matte finish and a great one-year warranty with no questions asked, the TASCO Pronghorn makes for an excellent scope no matter what kind of shooting experience you have under your belt. However, we feel like the price point is a bit too high for what is an entry-level device and the eyepiece clarity could do with some improvements.

Ade Advanced Optics 4x32 Fixed Scope

Ade Advanced Optics 4x32 Fixed Power Green/blue/red Illuminated Reticle Compact Rifle Scope with Fiber Optic Tactical Sight and Weaver Slots
  • Magnification 4X Fixed , Objective Diameter - 32mm
  • Illuminated Red-Green-Blue Rapid Range Glass Etched Reticle
  • 100% Shock and Recoil Resistant, Nitrogen Filled, Shockproof, Fogproof, and Water Resistant
  • 6061 T6 Aircraft Grade Body
  • Six-inch total length, 30-millimeter tube diameter, 32-millimeter objective lens, and 3.5-inch eye relief

The Ade Advanced Optics 4x32 Fixed Scope is a beautiful tactical sight scope with an assortment of weaver slots for your convenience. This scope features a 3.5-inch relief for your eye and measures six inches in length, making it extremely compact and lightweight. Plus, this thing is built to last as it is made of 6061 T6 aircraft-grade metals.

Unlike most of its competitors, the Ade Advanced Optics scope has a brightly illuminated red-green-blue rapid range glass reticle for easy aiming and a great sightline. Additionally, this scope is 100% shockproof and resistant to water which makes it a fantastic choice for backcountry missions and tactical operations.

CVLIFE 4x32 Tactical Optic Scope

CVLIFE 4x32 Tactical Rifle Scope Red & Green &Blue Illuminated Reticle Scope with Fiber Optic Sight
  • Magnification power: 4x ,Objective lens: 32mm, Field of view(feet/100 yards): 36.6, Length(inches): 5.5
  • High performance optical scope with fiber optic sight for quick and accurate acquisition (with Weaver Slots)
  • Crisp image for accurate shooting. With the green multi-layer coated lenses, the tactical compact scope can shoot target fast and precisely with high light transmission and resolution
  • Glass etched reticle with tri-illuminations (green/red/ blue), 3 levels of brightness setting for each color allow shooters to find the perfect brightness needed for lighting and weather different conditions
  • Shock proof, recoil, fog resistance (nitrogen filled); high quality aluminum alloy in durable black matte finish

The CVLIFE 4x32 Tactical Optic Scope is set apart from its non-tactical counterpart for several key reasons. For one, this scope has a far lighter fiber optic build, which makes it fantastic for long hunting trips and backcountry excursions. Its lightweight build also happens to look a lot better and appear more compact than its non-tactical variant.

Ultimately, we were thrilled when we upgraded to the CVLIFE 4x32 tactical edition. This product is suitable for all-weather conditions and is resistant to water and fog which makes it a great choice if your vision might be impaired by natural elements. Once you hold this scope in your hands, you will realize why it is considered one of the best in its class.

Simmons 22 TruPlexReticle 4x32 Scope

Simmons .22 Mag TruPlexReticle Riflescope with Rings (Black Matte, 4x32-mm)
  • Waterproof, fog proof, shockproof and recoil proof
  • One-piece tube construction for lighter handling, greater strength and durability
  • Fully-coated, high-quality optical glass, for bright, sharp images and high contrast
  • Quick target acquisition eyepiece with plenty of eye relief to make acquiring targets a snap
  • Rimfire mounting rings included

Ranking among the finest fixed scopes on the market today, the Simmons 22 Mag TruPlexReticle Scope is a sleek and sharp-looking black matte optical scope appropriate for everyone from novice to veteran hunters. Made with the highest-quality glass, this scope features vivid contrast down the sightline for easy aiming and pinpoint accuracy.

In our experience, we were delighted by the Simmons 22 TruPlexReticle. This is because the scope is super lightweight, made of best-in-class materials, and has convenient rimfire rings that mount directly on top of the scope. For greater strength and a better shot every time, we recommend trusting the experts at Simmons with their latest TruPlexReticle series scope.

Bushnell Optics Drop Zone 223 Reticle Scope

Bushnell Optics, Drop Zone Reticle Riflescope with Target Turrets, Matte Black, 1-4x/24mm
  • 30 millimeter tube dia
  • Drop zone reticle; Field of view (feet at 100 yard) 90 feet at 1X to 23 feet at 4X
  • Fully multicoated optics
  • Fast focus eyepiece
  • Outstanding close quarters accuracy, with a drop zone 223 BDC reticle for mid range precision

The Bushnell Optics Drop Zone 223 Reticle Scope is a fantastic all-purpose scope with some of the best technical specifications to back it. Featuring Bushnell’s signature Drop Zone-223 ballistic reticle, this scope is calibrated for 55-62 grain and aiming points up to 500 yards away. Plus, the target turrets are adjusted for pinpoint precision up to half a mile in distance.

At 30mm tube diameter, the Bushnell Optics Drop Zone 223 is one of the best in its class. With a fast-focus eyepiece, we found that we were able to quickly lock onto our targets within one or two seconds and fire with perfect accuracy. With little rattle or recoil, this scope aims true with every shot and removes the need for shock absorbers or any added peripherals.

Nikon Buckmasters II 4-12x40 BDC Reticle

Nikon 16344 Buckmasters II 4-12x 40mm Obj 23.6-7.9 ft @ 100 yds FOV 1" Tube Dia Clamshell Black Matt
  • Fully Multicoated Optical System
  • Precise Hand-Turn 1/4-inch @ 100 Yards Click Adjustments
  • Spot On Ballistic Match Technology
  • Waterproof, Fog proof and Shockproof
  • BDC Reticle

Nikon has proven that it is not only a camera lens company with the Buckmasters II 4-12x40 BDC Reticle Scope. This scope is made with the quality you would expect from a brand name like Nikon, featuring some of the best glass you will find in a rifle scope. The reticle in this product is extremely bright and allows for a perfect high-res image even when hunting at night.

Built with Nikon’s patented BDC reticle technology, the Nikon Buckmasters II is one of the best products on the market for advanced hunters and those looking to gain an edge in competition. Whether you are hunting at dusk or dawn, the Buckmasters II is a fine choice of scope at 4x magnification. To boot, it has all the same anti-shock and waterproof features as its rival scopes.

UTG 4-16x44 Scope

UTG 4-16X44 30mm Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, w/ Rings
  • 30mm Tube with Best in Class Emerald Lens Coatings to Achieve Maximum Light Transmission for Best Clarity, Built on True Strength Platform, Completely Sealed and Nitrogen Filled, Shockproof, Fogproof and Rainproof
  • 4X to 16X Power with Quick Power Selector Ring Perfect for Target Acquisition and Zooming In, 1-Click Technology for Quick Access to Your Favorite Color and Brightness in Reticle
  • Field of View @ 100 yards: 24.4 feet - 6.8 feet. Innovative EZ-TAP Illumination Enhancing (IE) System with Red/Green in Dual-Color Mode and 36 Colors in Multi-Color Mode to Accommodate All Weather/Light Conditions
  • Premium Zero Lockable and Zero Resettable Target Turrets with Most Consistent and Precise 1/4 MOA per Click Adjustment, Side Wheel Adjustable Turret (SWAT) for Parallax Adjustment - From 10 Yards to Infinity
  • Mil-dot Range Estimating Reticle with Built-in Integral Sunshade for Most Optimal Aiming and Shooting Performance, Complete with UTG Max Strength Twist Lock Picatinny/Weaver Rings and High Quality Flip-open Lens Caps

The UTG 4-16x44 Scope is easily one of the better 30mm reticle scopes on the market for entry-level and novice shooters. This scope features a magnificent emerald lens and allows for maximum light transmission for a clear, dead-on shot every time you pull the trigger. Plus, the scope is rainproof and shock-proof for a reliable shot regardless of the weather at hand.

Overall, we were happy with our purchase of the UTG 4-16x44 Scope. As one of the best non-fixed optical lenses for rifles, it is a great product for learning how to aim with pinpoint accuracy at varying target distances. Plus, patented 1-Click technology and quick selector rings make readying the gun a breeze compared to similarly priced products on the market.

UUQ Prism 4x32 Reticle Scope

UUQ Prism 4x32 Red/Green/Blue Triple Illuminated Rapid Range Reticle Rifle Scope W/Top Fiber Optic Sight and Weaver Slots
  • High performance optical scope with fiber optic sight, Manufactured Multi-coated optics, Illuminated Red-Green-Blue Rapid Range Glass Etched Reticle.
  • Magnification 4X Fixed , Objective Diameter - 32mm, Crystal Clear Fully Coated Prism Lens for Excellent Light Transmission and the Best Clarity.
  • Combat Ready Rapid Target Acquisition Glass Reticle with Range Finding & Ballistic, Precise 1/4 MOA Click Value for Windage and Elevation Adjustment.
  • Fit all 20 mm weaver and 3/8 inch dovetail rails , Durable all Metal Housing, with Dual - Layer Coated Lens.
  • Built on Proven Robust Platform. Completely Sealed and Nitrogen Filled, Shockproof, Fogproof and Rainproof.

The UUQ Prism 4x32 Reticle Scope is a formidable scope with one of the best warranties in the industry. Backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Warranty over 12 months, the UUQ Prism is a great option for those who want a risk-free investment in a quality scope. Made of premium carbon fiber, this scope is also lightweight and easy to adjust and install.

Despite its great value, we were a little disappointed in the bulkiness of this scope. After installing on our gun, we found that it made our gun look wider and bit more unwieldy. In other words, we found that this scope is a bit ugly compared to similarly priced scopes on the market. Nonetheless, the UUQ Prism is a great option for budget-minded shooters.

UUQ 2.5-10x40 Rifle Scope

UUQ 2.5-10x40 Tactical Rifle Scope Dual Illuminated Mil-dot W/RED Laser Sight, Rail Mount and 4 Reticle Red/Green Dot Reflex Sight
  • UUQ 2.5-10 Magnification Rifle Scope with Red/Green illuminated Mil-dot Reticle and 40mm object lens.
  • Tubeless design with 33mm reflex lens aperture provides a wide field of view, suitable for normal and rapid-firing shooting of moving targets.
  • Tactical 4 Reticle Red/Green Dot Open Reflex Sight with Weaver-Picatinny Rail Mount for 20 mm Rails.
  • Integrated red laser sight, fully adjustable and independently controlled.
  • Multi-protection: Shockproof, Waterproof and Fogproof.

The UUQ 2.5-10x40 Rifle Scope is a reticle scope for intermediate to advanced shooters and hunters. This product features red and green illuminated mil-dot reticle crosshairs and a whopping 40mm objective lens for great accuracy for every shot. Plus, 20mm rail mounts back it easy to attach to any firearm you might own.

Our overall impression of this scope was overwhelmingly positive from the moment we first held it in our hands. This is a high-quality, durable, lightweight rifle scope that is meant for serious hunters and shooters. A tubeless design, this product will not attach even after years of wear and tends to outlast most other products in its price range.

Buyer's Guide

black and white photo of a man preparing to use a rifle with 4x scope during a target practice shooting

Image Source: Unsplash

A lot goes into buying the perfect 4x scope. There is a wealth of information that goes into sourcing the right brand and model and, honestly, it can become a little overwhelming—even for veteran shooters. To help you make an informed purchase without overloading you with information, we put together this quick point-form list of the top takeaways from today’s article.


Point 1 

Look for the brand names you can trust, like Nikon, Vortex, Simmons, and CVLIFE


Point 2 

Rainproof and fog-proof models are a must for backcountry shooters


Point 3

Fiber optic scopes are superior to aluminum builds on almost all counts


Point 4

Most rifle scopes have an objective lens diameter between 30 and 42mm


Point 5

Seek out models with a 12-month warranty if possible

A Review Of The Kuiu Icon Pro 1850 Hunting Backpack

There are backpacks and then there are backpacks. There's the backpack your kid takes to school and the day pack your Aunt Ruth takes on a two-hour “hike” to hold all her snacks. There are those little packs that hold bladders for water but nothing else. And then there's the Kuiu Icon Pro 1850.

The Kuiu Icon Pro 1850 is the bag to hold everything you need for trips that last for days and handle everything you and mother nature can throw at it along the way. This bag doesn't come in Precious Pink or Unity Blue. It comes in camouflage, another style of camouflage, and maybe in slate grey if they get that color back in. If you need a pack that can handle days on the trail as well as you can, then the Kuiu Icon Pro 1850 should be on your list.

What Is the Kuiu Icon Pro 1850 Bag?

The Kuiu Icon Pro 1850 is a leader in the industry when it comes to day packs and is part of the Icon Pro and Ultra pack systems. You can add a frame and suspension systems from either line or use it without a frame. There are endless opportunities to add additional gear even between the frame and bag.

The Kuiu Icon Pro 1850 can be used in four different configurations and offers plenty of pockets inside and out. It's pretty safe to say that this bag can hold as much as you're capable of carrying, yet it doesn't significantly add to your weight burden. The bag itself weighs just a feather over 23 ounces, and even when fully kitted out with everything you can add to it it's just under four pounds, four ounces.

Product Specs 


Will the pack you're considering hold everything you need? There's a really good chance the Kuiu Icon Pro 1850 can. The bag itself has 1,850 cubic inches of capacity. The amazing part, really, is that the load sling capacity gives you room for another 2,500 cubic meters: perfect if you're packing out some meat after a successful hunt.

You also won't have an issue keeping things separated from each other as you carry them around. There are two pockets on the sides for stuffing things in, four pockets inside, two zippered outer pockets, a large mesh hydration pocket, and two outer mesh pockets that zipper shut.


It doesn't matter how much a bag can hold if it doesn't hold up itself. This one has been load tested to over 150 pounds, and all the fabric has been DWR coated so you get very good water resistance.

On top of all that, the fabric is 500D Cordura ripstop. Sounds impressive, right? Let's get to what that actually means.

Fabric Strength

Any fabric is only as strong as how well it's woven or spun together, and that weave will depend on how thick the material is that you're weaving together. When it comes to nylon, which the Kuiu Icon Pro 1850 is made from, Cordura is the most trusted brand.

However, strength isn't all there is to it. If it was, everything would be made of the same weave, really. The tighter you weave your nylon, the heavier it gets. The tightest possible weaves are found in ballistic armor, which is so strong it can stop some bullets and knives. But ballistic material is very heavy (just ask any policeman).

Best Pack Material

A hunting pack needs a lot of resistance to punctures and tears, but it also has to be light enough to carry around all day. 500D Cordura offers a great compromise between 1000D, which is stronger but heavier, and lesser weaves that won't hold up to much abuse.

Carry Quality

What's it like to carry this around? The best word we can think of to describe it is “comfortable.” You're getting four removable straps for changing things up either internally or externally, and the hook and loop retainers on the ends of all webbing make it easy to hang things out of the way of your torso or legs.

The compression straps evenly distribute the load, the shoulder straps have velcro so they couldn't be easier to adjust, and the padded waist belt makes it easy to get comfortable with the weight just the way you want it. This bag doesn't ride up or down your torso as you walk, either.


We do love how well this pack is designed. The configuration of the pockets could be the best thing about it. Not only do you have the pockets it comes with, but you can add as many pockets or pouches as you can handle to the hip belt and in any size.

There's a spot ready made to hold your bladder and direct the hose to your face for easy access to water, a great vertical pouch perfect for any long items like a scope, and bottle holders that would also hold a rifle conveniently. It would be safe to say that there really is no shape you can't find a convenient place for on this pack, and it's also safe to say that your legs are liable to give out before the capacity of this bag.


All the bags we looked at are made do some seriously hard work, and prices tend to reflect the quality and reliability that makes that possible. The most expensive of the bags we looked at are 300 to 400 dollars depending on where you get it and how fully kitted out the pack is with accessories and frame.

The cheapest we looked at can be had for around 130 dollars. More expensive bags are made for longer trips with meat packed out at the end and are usually more durable for the long haul.

How It Compares 

We wanted to see how the Kuiu Icon Pro 1850 held up to some competition, so we compared it with three other popular hunting packs out there.

  • ALPS OutdoorZ Commander +
  • Badlands Diablo Dos Approach Hunting Pack
  • Badlands 2200 Hunting Pack and Meat Hauler

Kuiu Icon Pro 1850 Bag

BLACKHAWK Ultra Light 3-Day Assault Pack - Multi Cam
  • Quality tested in the field, made of quality materials
  • Built to withstand the toughest Terrain and environments
  • Don't sacrifice price for quality, with Blackhawk you get what you pay for
  • Constructed of lightweight, high-tenacity 210/330 denier nylon and 210 denier ripstop nylon
  • S.T.R.I.K.E. webbing over the entire pack

Ease of Use

We really can't get enough of how easy this is to use. For something so substantial, and with so many features, you would think it would be as complicated as launching a missile just to get ready for a week in the woods. About the only complaint we have is that the strap for holding the cam of your bow didn't work right with certain models.

Design Quality

No complaints here. The design sits on your back and hips just the way it should. This thing is so sturdy that after the apocalypse gets you, that crazy neighbor who was expecting it all along will come by to steal your Kuiu Icon Pro 1850 so he can move on in search of survivors.


Kuiu is pretty confident in their product. They offer a limited lifetime warranty on your pack for anything that isn't caused by normal wear and tear or misuse. The warranty can't be transferred from the original owner, though.


  • Can carry a lot of weight
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Easy to adjust as circumstances change


  • When loaded, height makes it hard to move through low trees
  • Can't hold certain shapes of bows

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander +

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack Bag, Briar
  • Made of durable nylon rip stop fabric, giving you a long lasting Use in the Harshest weather environments
  • Organize your gear in one of the many pockets: two side accessory hinged pockets, Main, front and spotting scope pocket
  • Keep your essentials close with accommodation for clip-style holster, drop-down rifle pocket and hydration pocket and port
  • Detach your bag and use The frame to haul out meat with a unique, Secure lashing System
  • Total weight: 7 lbs. 5 oz. , bag weight: 2 lbs. 3 oz. , size: 5250³

This is another serious pack for the serious hunter or backpacker. It has almost more compartments than you can count with special places for your spotting scope and rifle. It's lightweight at just about two pounds without the frame.

The bag itself has 5,250 cubic inches of space, which is, frankly, astounding. And while it doesn't transfer weight quite well as the Kuiu Icon Pro 1850, it makes up for this with extraordinarily comfortable padding on the shoulder, waist, and back.

Detach the backpack and use the frame alone and you have the perfect way to carry meat from one place to another. The frame includes webbing loops to help you do this, and the frame is highly adjustable to accommodate people of different heights.

Ease of Use

We really can't get enough of how easy this is to use. For something so substantial, and with so many features, you would think it would be as complicated as launching a missile just to get ready for a week in the woods. About the only complaint we have is that the strap for holding the cam of your bow didn't work right with certain models.

Design Quality

No complaints here. The design sits on your back and hips just the way it should. This thing is so sturdy that after the apocalypse gets you, that crazy neighbor who was expecting it all along will come by to steal your Kuiu Icon Pro 1850 so he can move on in search of survivors.


Kuiu is pretty confident in their product. They offer a limited lifetime warranty on your pack for anything that isn't caused by normal wear and tear or misuse. The warranty can't be transferred from the original owner, though.


  • Great price
  • Organization is good
  • Durable quality
  • Carries meat easily


  • No suspension makes large loads uncomfortable
  • Too noisy to work well for stealth
  • No water bottle pocket

Badlands Diablo Dos Approach Hunting Pack

Badlands Diablo Dos Hunting Backpack, Approach FX
  • VENTILATED FOR COMFORT - Even in cooler weather, carrying a pack builds up a sweat. Badlands' Hypervent suspension actually pulls your pack away from your back, for a constant flow of cooling air. Where your body does come in contact with the pack, ventilated foam and a tough mesh fabric help continue the flow of air, keeping you cooler, dryer, and more comfortable.
  • CARRIES RIFLE OR BOW - Why risk damaging your rifle or bow? Use the built-in Rifle/Bow Boot and the batwing straps on the back of your Badlands pack to securely carry your rifle or bow, hands-free.
  • KXO-32 FABRIC - After 31 attempts at creating the ultimate hunting fabric, we nearly gave up. Turns out 32 tries was the charm. Badlands' KXO-32 fabric is tough, waterproof, incredibly quiet, and lightweight, too. But we didn't stop there with the Diablo Dos. Badlands' C6 Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment doesn't allow moisture to seep into fabrics. Water beads and rolls off, keeping your gear dry, longer.
  • BELLS & WHISTLES - The devil's in the details and the Diablo is loaded with them, including easy access hip-belt pouches and multiple rear compression straps. Seamless shoulder straps deliver long haul comfort. The Diablo Dos fits Badlands' 3L hydration reservoir.
  • APPROACH FX CAMO - Groundbreaking concealment technology meets a darker color palette to render hunters virtually invisible. Designed for the Midwest or Eastern hunter, as well as late-season Western hunters, this dark woods Camo adapts to your surroundings AND the current lighting.

This internal frame backpack is meant to take all the abuse you can possibly throw at it. In fact, the manufacturers encourage it. The pack is made of a proprietary fabric that is quiet, waterproof, and strong. That combined with the camouflage makes it possible to be very stealthy while wearing this pack.

The hyper vent suspension system is made to allow lots of air to flow between your back and the bag, keeping you cool for the long haul. The straps come with load lifters that make it easy to haul a lot, and the waist belt gives you access to all your immediate necessities.

The pack can accommodate either a bow or a rifle. Inside you'll find 2,100 cubic inches of storage space, a pocket for a 3 L hydration bladder, and seven pockets total. The bag is a bit heavy at just over four pounds, but it's made for hard work in hot weather.

Ease of Use

This bag is really easy to use and, in some ways, we liked it better than any of the others. The size and pocket number limits make it harder to lose your stuff. Though they do limit how much you can organize. How you like it will depend on your preferences.

Design Quality

Wow, is this bag a nice design. You can carry seriously heavy loads comfortably, it's genuinely waterproof (not just resistant), and once you hold it in your hand you wonder if even a tank shell would be capable of destroying it. Our only complaint is that you won't be hauling out a lot of meat with this.


Badlands' warranty is the best in the business. No matter what's wrong with your bag, even if you did it, they'll fix it for free. You don't have to have the original receipt, either, as the warranty transfers to anyone who owns the bag.


  • Comfortable
  • Excellent warranty
  • Tough and durable
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not ideal for larger game packing
  • A full water bladder only just fits the pocket

Badlands 2200 Hunting Pack and Meat Hauler

Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack and Meat Hauler, Approach, 2019 Closeout
  • FULLY LOADED - The 2200 covers all the bases with a built-in meat shelf, internal scope and tripod pockets, and a zippered rear entry panel for quick access to your gear; DWR-treated, waterproof fabric offers scent suppression and resists moisture, dirt, and blood
  • COMFORTABLE CARRY - ThermoMold Suspension utilizes molded foam so ergonomically advanced that it virtually matches every contour of the human form; T-6 Aircraft Aluminum internal frame and load lifter straps transfer weight to your hips to reduce fatigue
  • APPROACH CAMO - Tested across the globe in varying terrains, Approach camo has a neutral color palette, meticulous patterning, and multi-layered design that’s proven to confuse the eye; Hunters are rendered virtually invisible in varying surroundings and light conditions
  • RIFLE & PISTOL COMPATIBLE - 2200 features an integrated rifle boot and built-in hipbelt pistol holders; Compression straps give you loads of options for gear attachment; Compatible with 2-liter hydration systems and the Badlands Bow Boot (sold separately) to attach in place of rifle boot
  • UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY - Our packs are built to withstand the toughest conditions hunters might endure; If your pack ever gets damaged, Badlands will fix it for free, forever, no matter who’s at fault; Contact Badlands for more details; Weight: 5 lb 15 oz; Dimensions: 19 x 17 x 9 inches; Main compartment volume: 1980 CI (32.4 L); Total volume: 2250 CI (36.9 L); 8 pockets

This is a pricier pack that's much the same as the one we just reviewed, only larger. This one also has scent suppressing fabric, integrated rifle boot and hip belt pistol holders, a rear entry access point, and a built-in meat shelf. It's meant to carry more, but it doesn't have the hypervent system of its lighter sibling.

It can handle all kinds of useful attachments; but these are all extra, including the 2-liter hydration attachment, the Bow Boot, and many others.