Top Best AR 15 Scopes For You

All that power will be useless unless you can actually hit your target which gives you all the more reasons to buy a scope. Though finding one can be a little bit tricky since you have to take note of several factors like material build, glass quality and reticle especially that you will be using this in the most fragile and rugged of situations. Compared to spotting scopes, rifle scopes are small and can be easily attached on top of a rifle for combat mobility. You can also use red dot sights for your Ar 15.

Best AR 15 Scopes Guide

If you are still new to this kind of category and technology then you will be finding it hard to choose the best AR 15 scope that will fit your needs since there are a lot of products in the market having several different features. Don’t worry though because we have narrowed down that search by accumulating all the best AR 15 scopes in their category and placed them in the table below for easy comparison.

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The Road to the Purchase of the best AR 15 Scope

The table shows only a small amount of information and by this time you still have no clear idea of how to really pick a rifle scope. Don’t worry since the discussion doesn’t end with the comparison table, its main purpose was just to narrow down your choices than going about into the entire market of rifle scopes. If you really want to get the best out of your rifle then here is a guide to help you make up your mind from the 5 products in the comparison table.

  • Magnification –the main idea of getting a scope is to see targets that are of a distance and this is all dependent with the magnification. There are two types: variable and fixed power. A scope that has a range instead of a constant magnification is a variable and is preferred at all times.
  • Reticle of the best AR 15 scope – other than the purpose of seeing distant objects, you would want to use your scope to hit a target accurately which is the purpose of the reticle. It is commonly termed as crosshairs is what you see as the cross in the middle of your scope. There are many variations, you have dot and duplex. Each is good at certain occasions like duplex for camouflage operations and dot for distant contact operations.
  • Parallax – this is a more technical feature that is quite hard to explain. If you have a scope that has magnification more than 10x then you will be experiencing that the reticle constantly comes off the middle without even moving the scope. This is what you call parallax and it is necessary to have adjustable objective lenses for to counter-act this phenomenon.
  • Eye-relief – the distance between the scope and your eye that still gives a full-image is called the eye-relief. This is vital since rifles have recoils and if you have your eyes too close to the scope, you might actually experience getting a black eye.
  • Minute of Angle (MOA) – if you have a scope that has a specification of ¼ MOA, this means that for every click of adjustment, the bullet lands ¼ inches from the specified bull’s eye of the scope. This is used for adjustment purposes and not really that essential for beginners.

AR 15 Target Shooting

Test Scope: Leupold Mark III, 4.5 x 15 x 50mm. Zero was set for 200 yards.

Distances of 175 to 200 yards on steel and water jugs

Top 6 AR 15 Scope Reviews

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A rifle scope doesn’t need much magnification power so its specification of 4-12x40 is already an overkill in terms of magnification. If you cannot understand what this means, it stands for variable magnification power between 4 to 12x with an exit objective lens of 40mm in diameter.
The exit lens is not too big nor too small and being paired with Nikon’s multi-coating formula, light is less likely to be reflected from the lens for a brighter and clearer image quality. Along with a total length of 19 inches and average weight of 2.2 pounds, it is highly-versatile and portable. You wouldn’t be able to feel any changes in the gun’s weight when the scope is mounted.
The reticle also maximizes the rifle’s capability with its BDC 600 opening circle aiming points. What’s great about this is that the open circle changes accordingly depending on the distance of the target and will be functional as long as the target is within the range between 100 and 600 yards.
Additionally, it has a ¼ MOA accompanied by easy to adjust spring-loaded turrets. They are also instant zero reset turrets for fast adjustments especially if your target is on the run.
If you compare this with its other version still having the name Ninkon P-223 3-9x40, you can see that there is not much difference other than the magnification power. Since it has a maximum magnification power of only 9x, it no longer needs the parallax adjustment compared to the 4-12x40. All in all, this comes at a price of .

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This rifle scope is anodize-finished, made of high-durability aluminium alloy and sealed to protect the inside from harmful elements. Its first focal plane reticlegives outstanding low light performance and accurate hold overs out to 500 yards. It has a great price and ranks no. 10 in Sports and Outdoors Best Sellers rank. It features target turrets for pinpoint precise adjustments specifically, .1Mil click value.
Bushnell AR Optics FFP Illuminated BTR-1 BDC Reticle is also built with highly sought features that include tactical turrets for quicker target adjustment, a black finish for easy concealment, and a waterproof/fogproof/shockproof body that ensures longest working capabilities.

Moreover, this riflescope provides illuminated red and green T-dot reticle for better target lock-in and accuracy in shooting even at different hunting environment. Another added feature is the scope's Amber-Bright lens coating, which easily tells apart targets such as a brown tree and a brown critter – allowing this scope to be most effective an useful during autumn days.
With these new and highly innovative features, the Bushnell AR Optics FFP Illuminated BTR-1 BDC Reticle AR-223 Riflescope is considered by majority of hunters to be the most effective and ideal scope to use during autumn deer woods hunt. Lastly, with its multi-coated optics for adjustable brightness even at low-light hunting conditions, you will surely experience a more enjoyable at accurate hunting results that will satisfy your purchase.

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Ranked no. 15 in Sports and Outdoors Best Sellers rank, this scope mostly 5-star reviews. It is optimized with .223 REM/5.56 NATO round with 55-grain polymer tip bullet. From dawn to dusk, it offers maximum brightness because of a fully multi-coated optical system with up to 98% light transmission. It provides a guide to help you magnify your targets and widen your vision as you follow and carefully wait for the perfect timing to shoot.
Provides a vey precise, ¼ MOA hand-turn tactical-style, zero-reset turrets. It has positive click reticle adjustments which get you zeroed in quicker and maintain your setting.
Moreover, BDC Carbine Reticle is equipped with a new BDC Carbine reticle which gives a 200 yard crosshair and can also work efficiently up to 400 yards to 600 yards.
Furthermore, its innovative Fully Multicoated Optical System gives the best light transmission that can reach up to 98%. Lastly, the Zero-Reset Turrets-Positive click feature allows you to zero-in on any target in a much quicker time while enabling you to maintain your desired setting even with several recoils.Nikon P-223 3x32 Matte BDC Carbine is built to last for a long time because it is waterproof, fogproof and has a Nitrogen filled O-ring.

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​This rifle scope is ranked no. 4 in Sports and Outdoors Best Sellers rank. It has mostly 5-star reviews and fully multi-coated optics with up to 98% light transmission. As its specs, it is repeatable, precise and has a hand-turn ¼ inch at 50 yards reticle adjustments with quick zero rest turrets. This product is guaranteed Nitrogen sealed and O-ring sealed.
Aside from a worthy price, this riflescope offers an efficient hunting performance due to its innovative optical system which provides maximum lighting system that can reach up to 98 percent. The result is that you will have maximum brightness at any hunting environment.
Furthermore, its BDC reticle allows you to get a steady target hold even at long ranges for the most accurate shot. With its unique see-through ballistic circles, you are assured ofa more accurate shooting for both short and long-range hunt.
Nikon ProStaffRimfire 3-9 x 40 Black Matte comes with a 3.6 inches eye relief that ensures you will no longer experience severe shooting angles. Another added feature is its waterproof and fogproof capabilities that is perfect for any conditions be it a rainy or sunny hunting terrain.Lastly, this wonderful product comes with a lifetime warranty.

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This is still one of those low magnification rifle scopes good for close quarter combat but with a little bit added specification. Rather than having only 1x, this one is equipped with 2x magnification with an objective lens size of 30mm in diameter. The 2x magnification isn’t much different from the 1x but could at least identify more minor details along with a wide field of view.
The equipped reticle can change color from red or green,as opposed to its twin the SF-BR-AR15 which only has the choice of the bright red color, and it is capable of changing light intensities for easy contrast in most situations. Being multi-coated rather than amber colored, it allows more light to be seen for brighter images.It is also a 4 MOA diameter reticle with ½ MOA adjustments. In terms of wind and elevation adjustments, it has a maximum of 100 MOA.
You also don’t have to worry about parallax adjustments since it is parallax free at most of 50 yards. Just like all other scopes in this low magnification category, it is fog and water proof for uninterrupted performance plus it comes with covers to protect both the objective and main lens of the scope.

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If you are not into hunting or in need of any form of magnification then this scope is worth a try. It is plainly simple and nothing much to offer with its fixed power of only 1x and has an objective lens of 32mm.
It has a 3 MOA T-dot reticle that can be colored green or red depending on your preferences.

The reticle is easy to see especially that it has an amber colored lens to be able to see in dark places during operations. There is also Zoom dot option that allows you to adjust your standard reticle between 1 MOA to 10 MOA to increase field of view but with the standard 3 MOA, you have a field of view of 44 feet at 100 yards.
This scope concentrated more on its rugged functionality since it is made for fast paced multi-event operations so it is all-around hard from water, fog and shock proof. Also, at an average length of 6.75 inches and weight of 15.6 inches, it is nearly unobservable on your rifle scope.
Though this scope is highly comparable to the TRS-25 with 1x25mm specification. The only problem with this one is that it has a smaller objective lens that limits the field of view and the inclined lens is purposed to make the reticle more accurate while also decreasing the total length of the scope. The disadvantage is that the reticle lighting must be regularly adjusted depending on the situation which makes this the loser of the two scopes.


There are several types of rifle scopes you can choose from and some vary significantly than the others. If you know what you are looking for then the process of choosing is made easier but if you are not sure of what you want, don’t worry since there is a simple to follow guide. Overall, getting the Best AR 15 Scopes are tricky and you might need expert help but in the end, it is all going to be worth all the investment.


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