Best 1-4x Scope: Top 10 Picks Reviewed & Compared

You will need a high-quality 1-4x scope to make the most of hunting season. A true 1x piece will assist you with reflex shooting. The scope lets you shoot with both eyes open as the rifle snaps into place. You use the setting at 1x to optimize the sight for faster shots. These scopes have the same benefits as red dot optics.

Many shooters think they don’t need a scope for hunting squirrels or other small game, but 1-4x scopes may change their minds.

Use this type of scope for target shooting, hunting, defense or tactical reasons.  We’ve looked at all the available 1-4x scopes sold online and in retail stores, and chosen the top models that experts and novices will appreciate.     

Comparison Table - Best 1-4x Scopes

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How We Chose Our Ratings

We looked at the features users want in a scope. A top 1-4x scope normally features coated lenses, excellent light transmission and durable, lightweight material, and a wide field of view. Consider these attributes when shopping for a scope.  

Light transmission capability depends on the surface around the lenses. Most lenses contain coatings that improve light transmission. The size of the objective lenses also helps. If you have a larger lens, you'll get quality light transmission.

A scope with coated lenses also offers better light transmission and image resolution.  A lens may have just one coat, or be multi-coated, with a layer of coating for every lens surface. Coatings are also excellent for reducing glare.

It's best to get a lightweight scope so you won't be saddled with more heavy gear on a hunting trip. Aluminum 1-4x scopes are durable and can be easier to use since they are lighter.  

When you zoom in on an object, the scope’s field of view becomes narrower. Find the scope with the largest field of view you can afford.

We also looked at all the usual factors that make a superior product, including:

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Top 10 Best 1-4x Scopes

There are many 1-4x scopes to choose from for hunting and tactical purposes, so choosing the right one for your needs can get confusing. We've chosen ten top scopes and reviewed them by outlining product specifications and features. We’ve also checked online reviews from customers and firearm experts to round out the information.  

Trijicon TR24 AccuPoint 1-4x24 Dual-Illuminated Riflescope

[amazon box=”B001QT3WX6″ template=”horizontal”]

Trijicon's Accupoint 1-4X 24 Triangle Riflescope is less expensive than many of its competitors but has all of the features you would expect from this firearms leader.  

The TR24 doesn't need batteries, so you can use it with confidence in the field without worrying about the power going out at crucial times.

There’s multi-coated lens provides distortion-free light transmission, and the fiber optics adjust contrast and brightness and let you control the fiber optic during daylight to fulfill your needs. The eyepiece offers total clarity, and you’ll avoid recoil problems with the TR24’s extra eye relief.

This scope is housed in hard coat anodized 6061-T6 aluminum. Online reviewers have almost unanimous praise for this scope, describing it as "epic" and commenting that it works just like a red dot sight.

Vortex Viper PST Scope

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The Vortex Viper produces optimum image brightness and sharpness with the help of its extra-low dispersion, or XD glass. The XD glass boosts light transmission anytime you need it.

The 30mm tube offers better strength. You can adjust it to most widths necessary for accurate sighting and shooting. There's on O-ring seal to stop fog, dust, moisture, and debris from clouding the scope.

The Vortex brand produces some of the best reticle set-ups for scopes in the industry. The reticle on this model is a Tactical Milling Close Quarter (TMCQ MOA) glass-etched reticle. The reticle is illuminated and has a MAG-view bar you can use in dim light.

Most reviewers have nothing but praise for the Vortex Viper, citing the clear glass, clarity, and accuracy in both bright and low light.

Nikon Scope M-223 1-4x20mm

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Nikon is well known for its cameras, and its firearms optics are produced with the same care and precision.

The Nikon M-223 has plenty of features to make aiming and shooting easier, including four inches of eye relief and Ultra Clear Coat optics. Make precise reticle adjustments within a ½ inch for a 100-yard shoot. Use the M-223 with custom turrets to make up for bullet drop for better long-range shootings.

The Nikon's optics are clear, and you get an accurate picture at all distances, according to one reviewer. Another user writes that the ballistic dot is "dead-on."

Hi-Lux Optics Rifle Scope CMR  

[amazon box=”B00BJXLXTE” template=”horizontal”]

This Hi-Lux CMR Series scope has many new design elements, including a windage adjustment on the left side of the scope. The elevation and windage turrets can be locked in place by Hi-Lux’s ZRO-LOK feature.  The lightweight aluminum turret has a screw to protect it from damage.

The reticle has vertical and horizontal lines with Mil scales and BDC aiming points. Be confident when shooting at night with your choice of three-night vision options.  

One user liked this model’s capped turrets, which eliminated faulty turns. The ZRO-LOK is also a favorite feature of many scope owners.

Bushnell Optics Drop Zone-223 Reticle Riflescope, 1-4x/24mm

[amazon box=”B00ABP5UXG” template=”horizontal”]

This 1-4x/24mm scope has a drop zone of 22, a 30mm tube dia and target turrets with a click value of 0.1 for accurate adjustments. The Drop Zone-223’s eyepiece and multi-coated optics help minimize glare and let you focus quickly.

The ballistic reticle is calibrated for 5.556 loads, 55 to 62 grains, and you can aim in the field up to 500 yards. This scope gives you great close range accuracy, and the mid-range reticle (a 223 BDC) offers precision for intermediate sightings.

This 9.1-inch reticle scope is made of anodize-finished aluminum alloy, so it's lightweight but durable. The inside of the scope is sealed to protect it from weather damage.

The Optics Drop Zone-223 has a matte finish and an eye relief (in mm/in.) of 3.5/90. The exit pupil is 13.1 at 1x or 5.2 at 4x.

One reviewer liked the scope clarity and wrote that the clear glass and light transmission is better than the Vortex Viper and that it is as good as a Nikon or Leupold.  

Meopta Optics ZD Riflescope

[amazon box=”B00BDRO3M0″ template=”horizontal”]

This waterproof, shockproof tactical scope comes with seven reticle intensity settings for every need. It lets you position yourself better for close-up situations and for operations that are 600 yards or more.

You can control the 1x magnification to use at long distances. The scope is built for both day and low-light hunting. This ZD Tactic Series scope has seven intensity levels in its illuminated system of reticles. You’ll find “off” positions between the settings. This half-click ensures you’ll only use the illumination you need and won’t drain the battery.  

Experience faster acquisition of your targets without a red dot reflex sight by using this scope. Sighting in with this scope is easy in most situations.

Fast single shots are easy with this scope due to the bright illumination, writes one reviewer. Another user comments, "the 1 in the 1-4 is a real one, and it is like an ‘eyes wide open' red dot. You can see even in sunny conditions."

Leupold 110793

[amazon box=”B00AOTA8TU” template=”horizontal”]

The Leupold 110793 scope is made in the U.S.A. and perfect for a mid-range rifle. Use a cantilever scope mount for easier and more precise sightings. It has a one-inch tube so that you can use it with a standard rifle scope ring.

The four lens system is multi-coated to give you better light transmission. The lens coating has blackened edges, DiamondCoat4, and is index matched. There's a fast focus eyepiece you can lock so your target, and the reticle will stay within your sight longer. The scope features per-click windage of ¼ MOA and elevation knobs.

The scope has a fixed parallel adjustment and closes in on targets quickly, and can even scope large game if you use a throwing device.

All Leupold rifle scopes go through tests to ensure they withstand water and impact and have a full lifetime guarantee.

User reviews are mostly positive. If you don’t want to use mil dots or batteries, the 110793 works great with just crosshairs, one user states.  

Primary Arms Scope

[amazon box=”B06XD6G7K1″ template=”horizontal”]

This fog and water-resistant Primary Arms scope boasts an illuminated center dot and standard 30mm tube. The field of view at 100 yards with this scope measures 90 feet – 23 feet.  

This Primary Arms scope is great if you need it for occasional target practice o hunting. It's an accurate illuminated scope that keeps it simple with a crosshair reticle and dot.

Users like the accuracy, the clear glass, defined reticle, and the price.  

Burris Scope 200437 MTAC 

[amazon box=”B00705G2O6″ template=”horizontal”]

A 1-4 gun scope, the 200437 MTAC allows you to keep your eyes open at one power as you look through the scope and achieve quick shoots on nearby targets. It lets you imitate red dot scope functions, and has room to spare for eye relief. When you use one power, you don't have to be in the perfect spot to get a clear picture.

This scope has a field of view of 32 feet at 100 yards to 100 feet at 100 yards.

The Burris contains a 30mm tube, and it helps to put the scope in the proper position.

You can sight in easily, and the turret offers positive clicks. Unlike many scopes, it has an etched reticle, so you can still see it when your battery dies.

On the minus side, it doesn’t have scope cover, and it is difficult to turn the zoom ring with one hand and maintain your target. The center dot may be too prominent when you’re shooting at a distance.

The Burris MTAC has a lifetime warranty.

Mueller Speed Shot

[amazon box=”B006WPSCOI” template=”horizontal”]

This Speed Shot Scope has all the features of big-name scopes, including a 30mm tube, 3.5 eye relief with an eyepiece that’s easy to use and fast-focus. Its illumination system lets you see the illumination even in daylight, without causing the tube to glow.  

The dot reticle and Speed Shot's illumination application will improve your accuracy if you hunt bears, hogs or need close-range precision for squirrels or turkeys. This scope has a finger adjustment to help you focus on the game more accurately.  

A reviewer complained that the scope lacks a focus lock ring and goes out of focus after you carry it for a while. There is some distortion around the edge of the viewing field, and the dot isn’t as bright as it could be, the user continued.

Buyer's Guide

Finding the right 1-4x scope is a matter of comparison shopping. All high-quality scopes have clear glass, excellent eye relief, and fast focus, but the mixture of certain features determines what you'll consider the top scope for your hunting or target shooting.

Our best scope list was designed to give you an overview of the product specifications, user reviews and best features of popular scopes by well-respected manufacturers. Use this information to make a well-educated decision about which rifle scope to buy.

Being well-informed will help you save money in the long run, and prevent unpleasant surprises in the field. Most people don’t have to the time to research dozens of scopes online, so we’ve done it for you.