Best Binoculars for Hunting 2015 – Ultimate Buying Guide

In the modern era of today, there are many people who are interested in knowing which the best binoculars for hunting are. A good pair of binoculars are a must in all forms of hunting nowadays. There are some people who say that the binoculars are as important for hunting as a rifle. You can use the binoculars to scout the surrounding terrain, get a better view of your targets and also distinguish the sexes of the animals in an effective manner. Some people really fear to buy the binoculars of hunting nowadays as they don’t know which of them is best for hunting purposes.

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Top 10 Best Binoculars for Hunting

Today, there are many binoculars available for hunting purposes in the market. But, the matter is you will not be able to select the best binoculars for hunting until you know their features and how can they assist you in hunting. Below I have discussed the top 10 best binoculars for hunting from which you can easily select to enjoy your hunting experience:

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Why Hunters Prefer Binoculars to Spotting Scopes

Below I will explain to you the five reasons why hunters are preferring binoculars to spotting scopes:

1. Easy to Carry

Today, there are many hunters who are heavily equipped with their hunting gear which includes, guns, rifle scope, food, ammunition, water and many more other things that are required in hunting. They prefer binoculars over spotting scopes due to their extraordinary portability features. Moreover, binoculars also provide long range clear and high quality vision to the hunters as compared to the spotting scopes. There are some binoculars which comes with shoulder strap, so you can easily hung it around your neck.

2. Freedom of Movement

Hunters who prefer binoculars over spotting scopes will be able to get quicker reactions. Like for instance if you are in a forest and are hunting for birds, deer or squirrels you will be able to quickly and quietly raise your binoculars to have a better look at them as compared to the spotting scopes which takes time and are heavy to carry around. There are also some guns which have fixed spotting scopes, which makes the hunter raise its entire gun to view its target. This will require more movement and disturbance to view your target accurately, but if you use binoculars you will not require much effort and can view your target with ease.

3. Flexibility

The hunters prefer binoculars over spotting scopes due to their extraordinary flexibility to carry it around with ease. Moreover, the binoculars will allow you to have close-up views of leaves, mosses, insects and many more other natural phenomena as compared to spotting scopes. The binoculars have more magnification capability as compared to spotting scopes which is why hunters prefer binoculars over spotting scopes to get a clear vision of their target with ease.

4. High Price

Price is also considered to be another reason which shows that why hunters prefer binoculars to spotting scopes. You will not spend a lot of money while buying the best binocular for hunting to enjoy your hunting experience, as they are available at a much lesser price as compared to the spotting scopes available in the market.

5. Extended Durability

Hunters also prefer binoculars to spotting scopes due to the reason that they are considered to be more durable than the spotting scopes. Even if you buy a low price hunting binocular you will be able to use it for a long period as compared to using a spotting scope for your hunting experience.

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Top 5 Best hunting binoculars Reviews

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The Bushnell H20 binocular is one of a kind hunting binocular, which has really amazed me by its extraordinary features. You will really enjoy your hunting by using this hunting binocular. It is a very lightweight binocular and is water and fog proof, which will let you use it even in extreme weather conditions with ease. The multi coated lenses will allow you to see a clear and high quality image of your target. The longer eye relief feature of this amazing binocular will help you use it for a longer time period without putting any extra pressure on your eyes.

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2. Vortex Optics Diamondback 10×42 Roof Prism Binocular

If you are in search for a superior quality and an economical price hunting binocular, the vortex optics diamondback 10×42 roof prism binocular will be the perfect option for you. I have used this amazing hunting binocular during bird hunting. It allowed me to take a close look at the beauty of nature in the forest with its extraordinary high performance hunting optics. The amazing 10×42 diamondback allows you to focus on your target in an effective manner. You will also be able to get a cool result in low light as it has the ability to detect life in low light effortlessly. Moreover, according to some reviewers it is a hunting binocular which is fully equipped with all the latest features.

3. Bushnell Bear Grylls 10 x 42mm Roof Prism Waterproof/Fogproof Binoculars

Bushnell is considered to be a well-known name in the line of hunting binoculars. The Bushnell Bear Grylls edition of hunting binoculars is gaining a lot of popularity among people due to its exceptional values in terms of reliability and affordability. These binoculars are ideal to use in awful and unforgiving ranges during hunting. These are a lightweight, water proof and fog free hunting binoculars made for the hunters who have a keen interest in hunting. These binoculars come with high quality prisms which makes your vision crystal clear. It also a soft texture grip which will provide you a firm grip of it during use.

4. Nikon 7541 Monarch 3 – 10×42 Binocular (Black)

Nikon is a popular name in the line of hunting binoculars. The Nikon 7541 Monarch 3 hunting binocular of Nikon is setting a benchmark of performance in the line of hunting binoculars brands. This hunting binocular of Nikon has set an extraordinary standard for high quality hunting binoculars in the past few years. If you are in search for extraordinary performance and durable hunting binoculars, this binocular can prove to be an excellent option for you. This hunting binocular is especially designed for your tough and exciting hunting adventures. It comes with a multi-click option, slide rubber eye cups and a long eye relief feature. This model of Nikon is available in two types, one is in 10x42mm and the other in 8x42mm.

5. Bushnell Power View Super High-Powered Surveillance Binoculars

Bushnell Power View super high powered surveillance binoculars are the best binoculars for the hunters, travelers and nature observers. No matter what your matter is, you will find a vast variety of magnification, styles, sizes, multi coated, fully coated optics options in this amazing binocular. You will be able to view vivid and bright images by the help of this extraordinary hunting binocular by Bushnell. It will also allow you to easily focus on moving targets in an effective manner.

Where to Shop for Hunting Binocular?

Today, there are many hunters who don’t know where to buy their high quality hunting binoculars in an economical price. There are many options which you can utilize to buy your desired best binocular for hunting. Below I have discussed some option which will guide you where to buy your hunting binocular:

  • There are many online websites which exclusively deals with hunting binoculars. You can easily select any of the recognized online website which guarantees that they can provide a hunting binocular which will fulfill all your requirements.
  • There are many retailers who offer various types of deals and services on many popular hunting binoculars. If you are in search for a low price high quality hunting binocular these retailers will be the ideal option for you.
  • If you buy your hunting binocular online, you will be able to save your time as well as your valuable time that you waste in search of a quality hunting binocular.
  • There are now many online stores which are offering customers reviews to their customers which they can read before buying any hunting binocular.

Benefits of Buying Hunting Binoculars from Amazon

The benefits which you can avail from buying your hunting binocular from Amazon are discussed below:

  • Price: Today, there are many online stores which are offering hunting binoculars to the people all around the world. Price is considered to be a very important factor in buying a quality hunting binocular. The prices offered on Amazon are comparatively less to the prices offered on other online shopping website. It is only because Amazon offers different types of deals and discounts on various popular brands of hunting binoculars.
  • Warranty: If you buy you’re hunting binocular from any other online shopping store, you will not be able to avail full company warranty, which is only being offered by Amazon. It is because Amazon is an official seller of various popular brands of hunting binoculars and it assures it customer’s full service and repair guarantee on all brands of binoculars.
  • Authorized Dealer: If you buy your desired hunting binocular from Amazon, you will be assured that you have bought a high quality binocular from an authorized dealer. Amazon being an authorized dealer also offers various services to its customers like for instance free delivery, shipment services, official company warranty and many more other services.

How to Choose a Best Binocular for Hunting?

Below I am going to discuss few steps which will guide you how you select your best binocular for hunting in an effective manner:

Step 1: Consider the Size of Lenses

The first thing that you will need to decide before buying a hunting binocular is the size of lenses, for this you should know the number of lenses available in the hunting binoculars. If you buy a large size objective lens hunting binocular, you will be able to have a clear image even in low light. The other important factors which you need to consider in lenses are their quality, coating and also their prisms which play an important role in transferring massive amount of light to your eyes. The binoculars which have big lenses are heavy in size as well as expensive as compared to small size lenses.

Step 2: Check the Quality of Eyepieces

You should buy hunting binoculars with eyepiece lenses which have comparatively small and comfortable distance from your eyes. So, even if you are wearing glasses you can use them effortlessly. This feature in many hunting binoculars is called eye relief.You should buy hunting binoculars which have rubber eye cups around their eyepieces.

Step 3: Check the Focusing Capability

Before buying a hunting binocular you will need to check its focusing capability. You should buy a hunting binocular which have the ability to allow you focus properly and measure the distance between you and the object you are looking at in an accurate and clear manner. There are mostly binoculars which focus in two ways and there are also some which are “focus-free”.

Step 4: Check the Prism Design

The prism design also plays a vital role in buying the best binocular for hunting. If you want to buy low price hunting binoculars, you can easily select the binoculars which have BK-7 prisms. However, if you are interested in buying expensive hunting binoculars you can buy binoculars having BAK-4 prisms in them.

Step 5: Consider Weight of Binoculars

Before buying your desired hunting binocular you will need to consider how much heavy binocular you can afford to carry around. Usually. The binoculars which have large lens are heavier than the small size lenses binoculars.

Step 6: Consider Waterproof and Water Resistant Features

Most importantly before buying your hunting binocular you should consider its features like for instance waterproof and water resistant. If you are not going to use your hunting binocular in bad weather conditions you can easily buy the water resistant hunting binoculars. If you plan to use them during skiing, swimming and in rainy weather, than go for the waterproof binoculars.

Step 7: Check Manufacturer’s Repute and Warranty Offers

Before buying your desired manufacturer hunting binocular, you will need to check its repute in the market as well as how long it has been dealing in optical products. Most importantly, if your binoculars gets damaged does its warranty covers its repairs or not.

You’re Checklist for Buying a Hunting Binocular

The checklist for buying a hunting binocular will include the following few points:
•    For what purpose you are going buy the hunting binoculars. If you know the purpose it will help you buy the right hunting binocular for you.
•     What power and objective lens hunting binocular you are going to buy.
•     What field of view you are planning to view with the help of hunting binoculars
•    Check out the features of your hunting binoculars, do they or do they not fulfill your requirements. For instance check if they are available in an economical price and are waterproof, fog proof and water resistant.
•    What type of coating lenses hunting binoculars you are planning to buy for your hunting experience?
•    How much you are planning to spend on your hunting binoculars.


A good pair of best binoculars for hunting will be a good investment for your hunting experience. It will help you to improve your chances of viewing the sites of nature that could normally remain unseen without the help of these hunting binoculars. You will have a wide variety to choose your desired hunting binoculars, Amazon offers every beginner and professional hunter the opportunity to buy the perfect pair of hunting binoculars.