Best Rangefinder Scope: Good For Hunting And Target Shooting

Best Rangefinder Scope

META: Buyer’s guide and reviews of the best rangefinder scopes on Amazon. Get our 100 percent honest opinion of the top rangefinder scopes.

If you’re new to the world of hunting and target shooting, or you’ve never invested in a scope before, the process of shopping for a rangefinder scope can be bewildering and frustrating. Unless you’re a long-time enthusiast or you’ve done your homework, all of the numbers and acronyms are difficult to decipher.

To make the process a little easier on you, we put together a guide to the best rangefinder scopes on Amazon.

How We Chose Our Ratings

After looking at all of the rangefinder scopes available on Amazon, we decided to review them all against each other, even though there are two distinct classes of scopes available at widely disparate prices. It’s more difficult to compare a $40 scope to a $400 scope than to only consider models in the same price range, but we wanted to provide the complete picture.

Every rangefinder scope on our list has at least four stars on Amazon. We went through all of the customer reviews to discover which scopes were the most loved, regardless of price. We looked at the magnification levels, rangefinder options, ease of installation, and special features to determine how each rangefinder scope compared to the others.

Ultimately, we ended up with a list of the 8 best rangefinder scopes.

The Top 8 Best Rangefinder Scopes

Monstrum Tactical Rifle Scope with Illuminated Rangefinder

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Monstrum Tactical’s rangefinder scope is 2-7×32, which means it can magnify from 2 to 7 times and has a 32mm-diameter forward lens. It has the least-powerful magnification of any of the scopes on our list, which docked some points off our rating.

The adjustable, illuminated rangefinder reticle comes with five brightness levels in both red and green so that you can switch between the two for better visibility at night. The adjustable objective lens (or AO) gives you a sharper focus and better range estimation while eliminating parallax.

The Monstrum Tactical scope’s body is made from aircraft grade aluminum, and the sealed, nitrogen-charged tube makes it waterproof and fog-proof.

The windage and elevation adjustment dials have ¼ MOA/click stops with locking turrets. The reversible one-inch scope rings will mount the rangefinder scope to any flat-top Picatinny rail. The scope comes with a battery and a set of lens covers.

The Monstrum Tactical rangefinder scope doesn’t have a ton of customers reviews, but they’re all positive. If the scope were less expensive ($79.95 is nothing to sneeze at) or had better features, it would rank higher on our list, but as-is we thought it deserved 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Aipa AR15 Tactical Rifle Scope

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The Aipa rifle scope is 4-12×50, magnifying 4 to 12 times with a 50mm forward lens diameter. It comes with a green laser and a holographic reflex sight.

The Aipa scope has a red dot reflex sight, providing high-resolution images and a wide field of view. Five brightness settings allow you to control the illumination of your reticle.

The fast-focus eyepiece allows you to quickly sight your target in tactical situations. The ¼-inch fingertip-resettable windage and elevation adjustments allow you to calibrate on the flight.

The rangefinder scope is matte black and waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof. It’s advertised as being an AR15 scope, but it will fit any rifle with Weaver or Picatinny rails.

The Aipa rangefinder scope is, according to many customers, worth every penny of its $85.99 price. Some folks had issues with the holographic sight losing its calibration after sitting for too long, and others expressed frustration with the mounting process, which the user manual doesn’t fully explain. Overall, we think this scope earned 4.4 out of 5 stars.

XOPin AR15 Tactical Rifle Scope

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The XOPin rifle scope is 4-16x50EG, with 4 to 16 times magnification and a 50mm, etched-glass (or EG) forward lens. Its integrated rails allow it to install on any Weaver or Picatinny rail mount.

The fully coated optical lens is protected by dry nitrogen gas, making it waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof. A detachable green laser sight can reach 200-500 meters. A tubeless holographic sight provides a wide field of view.

Red and green multi-x reticles have five brightness levels. The windage and elevation are adjusted with a fingertip resettable ¼-inch clicking dial. The fast-focus eyepiece allows you to sight your target quickly.

The XOPin seller on Amazon offers a 12-month guarantee and will replace or refund your scope if you have any problems with it.

Though we initially thought the price of $103.99 was a little high for this model, most customers fully believe they got their money’s worth. Many glowing reviews talk about how easy it is to use and how well it works, so it looks like we were wrong about this one. We rated the XOPin tactical rifle scope 4.5 out of 5 stars.

BTC Tactical Rifle Scope with Illuminated Rangefinder

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The BTC tactical rifle scope is 2.5-10×40, so it magnifies 2.5 to 10 times and has a 40mm objective diameter. It’s constructed of high-quality aluminum with an anodized finish that is shockproof, waterproof, and fog-proof.

The integrated quick-release mounting system works with Weaver and Picatinny rails. The field of view at 100 yards is 12.4 to 37.5 feet, depending on the magnification level.

The rangefinder reticle illumination has five different intensity levels, and the reticle displays in black, red, or green. The BTC has standard X-Y windage, and elevation click adjustment.

The rifle scope comes with lens covers, batteries, and Allen wrenches.

According to customers, the BTC rifle scope is easy to mount and has a short learning curve. Some users expressed dissatisfaction with how quickly it loses its sight after you use it. You have to recalibrate it every time you take it out. At $40.99 though, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth, which is why we gave the BTC tactical rifle scope 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Pinty Red Green Rangefinder Rifle Scope

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The Pinty rifle scope is 3-9×50, so it magnifies 3 to 9 times and has a 50mm-diameter forward lens. Integrated flip covers protect your lenses and offer ultimate maneuverability.

Pinty makes this matte black scope of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, so it’s both durable and lightweight. The 20mm rail mounts will fit any standard, Picatinny, or Weaver rails. The O-ring sealing and nitrogen filling of the scope keep it 100 percent waterproof and fog-proof.

The rangefinder reticle is illuminated in your choice of red or green and provides quick aiming points depending on your shot distance. The brightness controls are adjustable to five different levels.

This Pinty rangefinder scope is only $27.99 and is considered a “budget” model. For the price, customers were impressed by how accurate it is. It lacks a lot of the features seen in more advanced models, but for a beginner looking for their first scope, this Pinty model would work admirably. We rated it 4.7 out of 5 stars.

American Technologies Network X-Sight II Rifle Scope

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The X-Sight II rifle scope can magnify from 3 to 14 times, with a smooth zoom feature to fine-tune your adjustments. It has high definition day and night vision in full color.

The built-in ballistics calculator automatically adjusts so you can quickly calculate your ballistics. The smart rangefinder can identify the range to your target with two clicks; then it automatically adjusts your point of impact.

The X-Sight II features 1080p HD video recording, with Recoil Activated Video (RAV) and wifi streaming. The RAV automatically records pre-shot, actual shot, and after-shot scenes, so you can capture the full experience and save it to an SD card.

The X-Sight II also comes with an app for iOS and Android, which allows you to stream video, create photo galleries, and save calibration settings.

If our review were based on features alone, the X-Sight II would be the clear winner. However, its price of $485 makes it inaccessible for casual hobbyists, and it has a host of annoying issues that are inexcusable in a piece of gear this expensive. The ATN X-Sight II rifle scope is popular with more serious enthusiasts though, and it does have an exciting range of features, so we gave it 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Pinty AR15 Rifle Scope with Rangefinder

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This Pinty AR15 rifle scope is 3-9x32EG, so it can magnify from 3 to 9 times and has a 32mm etched glass forward lens. It comes with a green laser sight and a red/green dot sight with four reticle patterns.

Both the scope and the rangefinder have five levels of brightness control. The HD119 red/green dot reflex sight offers a clear, high-resolution image with a wide field of view.

This Pinty rifle scope comes with a Picatinny mount that will fit 22 and 11mm Picatinny or Weaver rails. The optics are multi-coated, with an O-ring seal and nitrogen filling to make them waterproof and fog-proof.

Windage and elevation are adjustable with ¼ MOA click stops at 100 yards. The scope comes with the four-reticle red/green reflex sight, a green dot laser sight, a 1-inch compact high riser, three hex wrenches, a lens cover, a cleaning cloth, and batteries for the scope, sight, and laser.

Pinty’s excellent customer service makes up for the minor issues customers had with this rifle scope. They immediately remedied any issues mentioned in a customer’s review through replacements, refunds, or extra parts. Overall, the scope performs well for its low price of $95.99, which is why we gave the Pinty 3-9x32EG rifle scope with rangefinder 4.9 out of 5 stars.

UUQ Tactical Rifle Scope with Illuminated Rangefinder

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The UUQ tactical rifle scope is 4-16×50, which means it can zoom in from 4 times magnification all the way up to 16 times, and the forward lens has a 50mm diameter. It’s a tubeless scope with a 33mm reflex lens aperture, giving you a wide field of view. The adjustable magnification and distance mean you’ll be deadly accurate up to 100 yards.

The UUQ rangefinder’s reticle is dual illuminated with five brightness levels, four different sizes of dots, and a detachable green laser sight reaching over 300 meters.

The UUQ scope’s built-in 22mm rail makes it easily mountable to any gun with 11mm or 22mm Picatinny or Weaver rails. You can adjust for windage and elevation with ¼ MOA click stops and fingertip turrets.

With a matte black finish, the UUQ scope will easily match any rifle you install it on. It’s 100 percent waterproof and shockproof so that it will hold up in rough weather and dangerous situations. UUQ offers a 30-day money back guarantee as well as a 12-month warranty.

Reviewers praise UUQ for their excellent customer service. At a price of only $89.99, even a beginner can afford one of these scopes, but it outperforms many of the more expensive models.  That’s why we rated the UUQ tactical rifle scope with illuminated rangefinder 5 out of 5 stars, making it our pick for the best rangefinder scope.

Buyer’s Guide

Because of the way we selected the rangefinder scopes on our list, we’d feel comfortable recommending any one of them. The key for you, as a reader, is to figure out which one is right for you.

If this is going to be your first scope, you should stick with one of the less expensive models. Until you’re more experienced using scopes and rangefinders, you’re likely to get overwhelmed by all of the features available in the high-end models. You also don’t know your strengths, weaknesses, and preferences with rifle scopes yet, so you shouldn’t invest in anything expensive until you know exactly what you want.

The less expensive rangefinder scopes are also great for experienced shooters, though. You shouldn’t feel like you have to invest a significant amount of money in a fancy scope just because you’ve been hunting for a long time—choose whichever one you think will fit your needs.