An Honest Review of the Burris AR 332 Prism Sight

Burris AR 332 Prism Sight

If you have an AR-15, you want a sight to mount on it. But gun accessories can really add up, so you want quality without the hefty price that goes along with it. That’s why we decided to look at the Burris AR 332 Prism Sight to see if this optic is worth your time and money. After all, once you go to the trouble of mounting your sight, you want it to be perfect. So, what is the Burris AR 332 anyway?

Buttis AR 332 Details

The Burris AR 332 is a battery-powered, illuminated reticle scope with 3x fixed magnification. It comes with two choices in reticle designs, both of which provide for bullet trajectory compensation with 5.56 mm and 7.62 mm cartridges.

A 32’ field of view at 100 yards creates a background for a red, green, or black reticle, with five levels of illumination (brightness). Tethered protective caps cover ½ MOA elevation and windage adjustment dials mounted on a rugged waterproof frame.

Let’s take a look at the details, advantages, and disadvantages of the Burris AR 332.

All About the Burris AR 332 Prism Sight


1. Variable Brightness, Color, and Magnification

Perhaps the most positive feature of the Burris AR 332 is its ability to change with the shooting environment. Few optics in its price range feature both red and green illuminated reticles. Changing brightness is a given in most quality red dots, however, the AR owner who knows the importance of low-light shooting accuracy cherishes the green reticle feature.

Couple the choice in colors with the ability to still view the etched prism reticle when the battery is dead (or the scoped is turned off), and you’ve got most of your sighting contingencies covered. The 3x magnification extends effective range past the point of close-quarters engagement.

Burris AR 332

2. Accessory Mount Versatility

A unique feature of the Burris AR 332, especially in this class of optics, is the presence of Picatinny rail at the 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, and 9 o’clock positions. For shooters who intend to mount a secondary laser sighting system to their optic, having the option to locate the laser in multiple positions may come in handy.

Left-handed shooters may welcome the choice, as well. The rails can also be removed in order to streamline the scope profile.

3. Ballistic CQ or Ballistic AR (3X) Reticles

The Burris AR 332 is available in two different reticle configurations. Short-range specialists may prefer the quick target acquisition of the Ballistic CQ reticle. The CQ is a broader-imaged reticle but does include bullet drop compensation dots for shots out to the medium range.

A sharper-lined, long-range alternative exists in the Ballistic AR reticle. The Ballistic AR provides more refined hash marks for bullet drop compensation and additional reference marks for windage adjustment.

4. Consistent Performance

Burris AR 332 optics ship with a mount compatible with flat-top ARs. Remove the included base, and the optic will mount to ARs with a carry handle. The Burris quick detach mount is available as an add-on for increased versatility.

On the glass, the Burris Hi-Lume® coating reduces glare and increases target clarity in low-light conditions. Like most Burris products, the Burris AR 332 comes with the Burris Forever Warranty, which follows the optic from one owner to the next.


Those who chase the idea of the perfect scope are eventually disappointed. Though the Burris AR 332 is a great value, it is not the ideal optic for every situation.

The Ballistic CQ excels in-close, but users may find it lacking for long-range targets. The reticle lines are fairly broad and may obscure targets at distances past a couple of hundred yards. Bullet drop compensation dots are present on the reticle; however, they lack the fine precision for most shooters’ eyes.

Battery life in the Burris AR 332 leaves a little to be desired. Forget to turn it off, and you will most likely be looking in your range bag for a spare CR2032 the next time you head to the range. Top-end optics in classes above the 332 have battery lives surpassing 10,000 or even 20,000 hours.

It’s a mid-range-priced 3x scope. With that being said, it may not be “go-to-war” durable. Though the nitrogen-filled body and rugged design can stand some punishment from the elements, the Burris AR 332 isn’t rated for the extremes of long-term battle use. There are scopes appropriate for horrible conditions, and they cost two or three times more than the optic we’re examining here.

While on the subject of “mid-range” vs. “top-end,” it should be mentioned that the Burris AR 332 might be a scope without a place. It’s not an entry-level optic, but it’s not the cream of the crop, either. You can spend a lot less on a basic sight, but for a few hundred dollars more, you can have the best. The 332 is caught in between.

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The Ideal Burris AR 332 Owner

Scopes designed specifically for the AR-15 are filling the market. New AR owners will see a great benefit from the Burris AR 332. It has great value when you consider the lower-priced, entry-level AR scopes. Taking a step up to a high-end optic wouldn’t make as much sense for the average recreational AR target shooter.

The 332 serves that purpose very well. Those shooters with higher quality ARs may appreciate this scope for more serious training while they save up for that top-quality scope later.

The Verdict

The popularity of the AR-15 has littered the shooting market with hundreds of accessories. Lights, lasers, sights, and scopes of every level of quality and every range of price fill the shelves of sporting goods stores and internet gun sites. Navigating these choices is daunting, but some things can be more certain.

The [amazon link=”B005SYNDK2″ title=”Burris AR 332″] is what it claims to be: an effective, yet affordable, magnified optic for a variety of AR-15 owners. Advancing from iron sights to a red dot, and then to a magnified scope is a sensible evolution of an AR shooter.

The affordability, durability, and versatility of this scope make it a serious contender for a permanent, or temporary home atop many ARs. Your AR-15 may be ready for a Burris AR 332 upgrade, too.