How to Mount a Rifle Scope (Video)


Mounting a scope properly is a vital first step to ensure that you get the most possible accuracy out of your rifle. In this article, we will breakdown a video showing you the proper way to mount a scope.
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Trijicon Red Dot Sights Comparison

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Trijicon makes five different types of red dots; they are the ACOG, the MRO, the RMR, the SRS, and the Reflex. Each of these sights has it’s own unique features and has it’s own ideal POU that it can be used for. This article will help you decide which sight is optimal for you and your philosophy of use (POU). All of these have an aluminum alloy casing that is extremely durable, and have fixed magnification. [Read more…]

Choosing the Best Rifle Scope For You (Video)

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Now that we’ve covered the basics of scope components, it’s time to go into comparing some features on the scope that you will have to decide on, such as whether or not you want variable magnification, and what reticle you want, as well as several other features that can make a difference in your experience of the scope’s purchase and use. This is part two of a two part series about the YouTube video  “Gunsmithing – How to Chooses A Rifle Scope Presented by Larry Potterfield of MidwayUSA.” Part one of the series can be found here.

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Rifle Scope Basics (Video)

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A scope should be the second most expensive part of your firearm purchase, after the rifle itself. In fact, many target shooters recommend you spend at least as much on your scope as you did on your rifle, if not more! As such, it is important that you know the basics about scopes before you make a decision on what scope best fits your rifle and intended philosophy of use (POU). This is why Midway USA goes over the basics parts of a scope and how it works in the first half of their video “Gunsmithing – How to Chooses A Rifle Scope Presented by Larry Potterfield of MidwayUSA.”

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AR Optics: Scope vs Red dot: 5 Big Differences

Or, you could always use both!

When getting a new AR, the biggest accessory purchase to consider is what sight to use on it. While some people continue to use antiquated iron sights, more and more people are using optics. The two main types of optics are red dots and magnified scopes. These are just a few of the things to keep in mind when purchasing an optic. [Read more…]

Rifle Scope – Benefits

How do you know in the initial stages of starting the rifling that which is the important part of it to be kept in mind and which is not so important, and even if you are experienced then also then also there are few things which you will never notice or have noticed but are worth noticing. When we are going to tell you those some of the things which are important but you have never noticed in the whole career of you of rifling. That is the rifle scope. You may feel that it is a mere wastage of money and you do not need it at all, but today over here we are going to tell you the importance of the rifle scope. How it can be used etc.

Rifle scope may look like it is a small thing which will cost you heavy and will not give you the results as you want but after reading this you will also rush to buy it first.

How it the Rifle Scope Beneficial for you?riflescope

1. Will give you better vision:

Yes this is the biggest things which is required by the people who are in this profession, they will want that in which ever field they are going they should have the best vision which any other person is not having. For getting the better vision you need to make the some make spent on the rifle scope so that that problem of your can get a perfect solution. Because we understand that how does it feels like when you are not able to hit the target and then you have to regret so if you want to take out that regret from your mind then go for one just now.

2. For making better scores:

If you are the sports persons who is having the mindset that he has to only make the  best scores at any cost and because of the bad vision you are not able to perform in the better way and lose the scores how does that feels? Good? No not at all. It feel the worse, so go for a rifle scope if you think that you want to have the better scores than before, we know that it will be the best feeling when you not leave any target behind , and will hit every target only because you will have the better vision than anyone else.

3. You won’t face the dangerous situations ever:

What are we scared of in life, especially when we are in the kind of profession where we have to risk our life very moment. Yes we are scared of losing are lives. For that sake also if you buy a rifle scope, your vision will get improved and you will be able to get target hit very easily. In this kind of situation you will be able to save your life in every sense. Because dangerous situations may come if you are not having the rifle scope and you are not able hit the target and get into the trouble.

These are some advantages of getting the rifle scope which will at least make you realize that how much important is the rifle scope for you. Few points are mentioned below which are the very important before you buy a rifle scope:

Points to remember:rs

1. How much money will it require:

It may require much of the money or less of it but the important thing is that you need the rifle scope and you will have to buy it. This is the investment which is known to be the one time investment. This will help you for the life long and you then need not to worry for much time.

2. Know what you are buying:

After you buy a perfect scope for the rifle you are having then you only have you use it but before doing that you need to understand that how much important is it to know that what kind of thing you are buying meaning there by that you should be having the perfect knowledge of the thing, so that you do not face any kind of problem using it. go for someone experienced who will teach you the small techniques of how to use the rifle scope.

3. Every rifle is different from the other one:

This is one of the most important things to be noted that every rifle with even the same models can be different from each other, so when you are going to buy the rifle then keep in mind that you need to take the rifle along with you so that you can get something which is of your use. Go get a rifle scope which is better for your vision because when you are going to spend money on something then do give it a check twice

4. Do not think that it will be temporary thing for you:

Always have a thought which will tell you that it is important to have rifle scope because if you are going to have doubts in your mind then you won’t be able to do anything good. If you are even planning out to buy a new rifle then also buy a rifle scope for the previous one. If you will keep it maintained then you can even sell it in a very good price.

Do you still need to think that you should buy a rifle scope or not. Because thinking will help you in nothing but buying it will give you many benefits. For the sake of good performance you have to only buy the rifle scope, because many people get frustrated when they are not able to give the best shots which they have ever expected from themselves. So if you do not want to have any regrets about the performances you give and you also want the success then go for the best of the best investments of your profession that is a good version rifle scope!!!

Important Aspects of Rifle Scope

If you think that rifle itself is enough for the shooting purpose then you are absolutely wrong. What is the main thing you consider when you go for buying a rifle? Just buy a rifle according to your work, and even buy it without thinking about the other things which are important to keep along with it. Do you need anything else to make your rifle experience better? The people who think that no they do not need anything else they are the people who suffer a lot in rifling. But if you think that yes you need to have something else then you are at right place. Yes you need to have a rifle scope for making your experience better than ever. For the better performance you have to only buy a rifle scope, because not having it may adversely affect your performance, you even had noticed when you were performing somewhere and could not hit the target because you could not get the target exactly. [Read more…]

Rifle Scope – Tips and Advantages

What do you do when you go out for buying a rifle? Buy a rifle spend much of the money and then go back home. Do you think that something else can be done to make the rifle using experience better? Go and use it? No actually not because a better thing can be done, for making a better use of it. That is get a rifle scope for it. Don’t you think it is important for you when you are going for a professional training or going to perform professionally? Yes it is very important do you want me to tell that how much it is important for you and how does it effects your performance? Yes this write up is specially to make you realize the important of using rifle scope. Many people think that only buying a rifle is enough for them. But it is nothing like that you need to have a scope for it rifle itself is not having that ability to make the target hit at the right point so now I am going to tell you the main advantages of using the rifle scope so that you can have a positive mind for using a rifle scope and you may hit the target in such a good way that other people should praise you in a best of the manner. [Read more…]

The Basics on Infrared Rifle Scopes

infrared scope

Infrared Rifle Scopes

Rifle scopes are the easiest sights to use. Equipped with scopes, shooting becomes Continue Reading

About Rifle Scope Parallax


Rifle scopes are not perfect and, one or another, they will have some defects and mishaps no matter what brand or how expensive they are.  These defects sometimes affect how shooters do their gun shooting or hunting and most of them wish they are not present in future rifle scopes. One of the defects that shooters don’t want to have is the rifle scope parallax.

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