The Most Comprehensive Brand Review 2019: Millet Scopes

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Millet is a brand that has enjoyed recognition for making sights and other tactical gear, and they have been a respected name since their inception in the 1970s. Millet entered the armament industry in 1980 when they began making sights for pistols. Today, Millet is owned by Bushnell, and the label has been producing scopes for firearms since 2000.

If you are in the market for Millet scopes, you'll be happy to know they produce Long-range scopes, Designated Marksman scopes, and Tactical Riflescopes.

Scopes from Millet surprise many shooters for the quality and performance for the affordable price tag. Compared to higher-priced scopes, Millet still manages to keep toe-to-toe with competitors. Although at some point, there are higher-end models that will undoubtedly surpass Millet's clarity concerning the glass when taking a shot taken at a larger distance.

If you are looking to shoot anywhere between 100 to 600 yards, Millet has built its scopes to comfortable handle adjusting zoom, adjusting for light, and taking on the stronger recoil of select firearms. The markings on most scopes from Millet are very clear, and the provided lock ring keeps things set.

You will want a Millet scope if you desire a scope that is no-nonsense, user-friendly, easy to mount, and gives shooters reliability with every shot. You can't beat the look, feel, and precision of a Millet scope compared to other scopes that cost just as much, or even more than a Millet.

Considering that Millet has been in the shooting industry for over a few decades, they have had enough time to produce quality scopes, which are large, built tough and accurate.

What Are Millet Scopes And How Do They Work?

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 Millet scopes have been a mainstay offering for interested persons who enjoy hunting or shooting targets at mid-range to long-range since 2000. Bushnell is the parent company for Millet, and the company is respected for its red dot scopes, rifle scopes, mounts, and other tactical gear.

 Millet offers four types of scopes.

  • DMS
  • TRS
  • LRS
  • Buck Gold
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    Before Millet entered the industry of firearm implements, they were known for metal injection molding and manufacturing.

    What Makes Millet Scopes Unique

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    Millet is unique because it offers a small range series of scopes for rifles. Millet only offers one LRS model for ultra-long range shots, so you are better off considering the Millet for its DMS or TRS scopes, and purchasing a military-grade scope that is built to handle a 2,000 yard shot.

     The LRS or Long Range Scope does come with a Mil-DotBar reticle that is available illuminated or non-illuminated. If you enjoy shooting with a large caliber, the LRS scope from Millet will suffice.

     The TRS or Tactical Rifle Series offers three different options, and all make use of a 30mm tube. All of these scopes have 3.5 inches of eye relief, and the lenses are multi-coated to increase the light transmission. The TRS models also use a Mil-DotBar reticle like the LRS model.

     The Buck Gold model offers shooters two options for magnification, a range of 4x to 16x zoom with a 56mm lens, or 6x to 25x zoom with a 56mm lens. An adjustment knob is available to adjust the side focus parallax, but there is no Mil-DotBar reticle. The lenses are treated to increase light transmission.

     The DMS or Designated Marksman Scope only has one option, similar to Millet's LRS. This scope stands out because it uses a Donut-Dot reticle, and it has an 18 MOA ring so you can execute quick targeting at a close range. You will appreciate that it has a 1 MOA dot in the center to aid you with precision targeting and to shoot at longer distances.

     The DMS comes in a camouflage finish or black matte finish.


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     Millet scopes are thought to be a good choice for entry-level sniper rifle shooters, looking for a scope that offers quality craftsmanship and features, but comes in well under the $500 mark. Millet scopes are very friendly for most marksmen and their budget.

     LRS models range between $450 and $675. TRS models are priced around $300 to $475. DMS scopes are priced around $225-$350. You can also purchase scopes online sites like eBay from sellers for closer to $100 to $200.

    Millet is known for offering hunters and marksmen bargain priced scopes that do not sacrifice quality and features because of their price. Millet has been known for its sights for a while, and the brand continues to produce scopes that you can rely on for accurate targeting.

    Public Perception

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     Online internet forums, avid firearm, and tactical gear enthusiasts are all too happy to swap stories, tips, and tricks about their choice of rifle scopes and other gear.

     When it comes to Millet, they don't measure up to a Leupold, but they are durable, uncomplicated, and applicable for hunting, tactical use, and target practice for competitions.

    Everyone does need a tactical rifle scope, and Millet brand scopes may not be for everyone. Millet produces scopes that feel aggressive, big, and are user-friendly because they are easy to grip and turn.

    Overall, you will want to choose Millet scopes if you want something that is affordable, offers precision and okay clarity for mid-range to long-range targets, and performs well under various weather conditions. Some outdoorsmen feel that around the 800-yard mark that the resolution or sharpness with a scope from Millet falls a bit short on performance.

    Any scope you get from Millet can be thought of as comparable or interchangeable with Mueller scopes for their value and functions for the price tag.

    Some hunters have felt that scopes from Millet are best for hunting varmint, and other scopes are a better option for more experienced marksmen.

    If you enjoy shooting an AR-15 rifle, you'll like using a Millet scope. And the performance for scopes from Millet work out just fine for precision targeting, good range, and the glass has decent clarity if you can't afford to invest in a Leupold or Nikon scope.

    How It Compares

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    Comparing Millet to Nikon, Nikon may have a slighter edge on clarity because of the optics are nicer, but Millet's TRS offers .1 mil clicks. Nikon is recognized for having a high-quality glass for their scopes, but the price tag is a bit steeper than Millet.

    If you don't want to spend more money, you can feel comfortable going with Nikon scopes versus Millet. However, for the price, Millet does offer dependable features and offers clarity from 100 yards to 600 yards.

    With a Millet scope, you shouldn't have much issue with holding zero or making adjustments. The overall feel and look of a Millet scope is strong, tough, and handles itself nicely.

    The illumination provided by Millet for its scopes ensure precision when in low-light conditions and even hold up during full daylight. The clicks feel good with the scopes, and the ¼ adjustments are true.

    The Donut-Dot on the DMS model may be too big for some marksmen and off-putting. However, the DMS will give you a decent field of view up to about 300 yards. After you go past the 300-yard mark, you'll realize why some people complain about the size, and prefer comparable scopes that use a smaller mil-dot instead. If you like to shoot fast, a DMS scope is an okay choice.

    Millet's DMS is a little hefty and is similar in size to many 3x9 scopes with 40mm. The weight and size of the scope can make it challenging to mount backup sights.

    When it comes to comparing red dot sights on various types of scopes, we considered how the Millet ZoomDot compares to the Vortex Strikefire. Both scopes are user-friendly with adjustments and allow you to track your target comfortably. However, the Millet scope has an adjustable dot size which pushes itself into your field of vision and can throw your sighting off, and the aperture shape can be distracting.

    Comparing Millet LRS to NightForce scopes, NightForce still has better quality optics for shooting targets at ultra-long distances. If you are into competitions and challenges, Millet is a basic entry-level option. If you can spend the money to enjoy upgraded optics quality, go for it.

    Vortex scopes may offer more quality optics, reliability, and other features versus Millet or Burris scopes. However, you will incur a higher initial cost for a Vortex scope. Burris is another viable budget option like Millet.

    Comparing Millet to Leupold, the sight and optics are not as clear as a Leupold scope, but you aren't paying over the $1000 mark either. The tick marks on the mil-dot reticle can take some getting used to, as they are on the thicker side.

    What We Think

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    If you are looking for a decent and affordable scope that is good for TRS, you should consider a Millet scope. Some of the scopes do have features that can be a bit distracting, but the overall performance is tried and true. Entry-level marksmen will appreciate how user-friendly Millet brand scopes are, and the construction quality stands up to most weather conditions in the field.

    If you are budget-conscious and don't need a scope that is outfitted with lots of bells and whistles, Millet gives you a glass that offers unexpected quality and clarity and still offers features like mil-dots and illumination. If you are looking for a more compact and lightweight scope, you might want to pass, as a Millet model will take up a lot of space when attached to your rifle.

    If you are interested in Millet for an LRS, you can't beat the price. You will get optical clarity with a good range of varying magnification power so you can lock onto your target.  You won't want to have the power up to high when shooting at a 1000-yard match, and strong sunlight will certainly require dialing down the power

    The controls are large and visible, much like those extra-thick mil-dots that can be a little distracting, until you get comfortable with the adjustments. The illuminated reticle is nice and crisp, with both clearly defined crosshairs and Mil Dots. However, make sure to keep the illumination brightness at a low level, especially if you are shooting in full daylight to reduce any unwanted harm to your eyes.

    Millet's LRS is a good buy for shooters who enjoy hunting or feel like they will need to play sniper in an urban setting, or for competition. The Millet LRS will give you the accuracy you want, and if paired with a lightweight rifle, you'll be able to pick up to move in your terrain with ease.

    A Millet scope is an excellent choice for big guns with a high caliber and can withstand heavy recoil. That being said, expect to deal with a bigger scope that will not leave room for a back-mount. You won't have many problems with holding zero with a Millet scope, and they come with a lock ring.

    Mounting a scope from Millet is a breeze. Unlike other scopes that have been called out for mounting problems or loose lock rings, a Millet scope stays steadfast holding your settings through the range of your focus and zoom.

    If you don't want to shell out thousands of dollars on a scope, are a moderate to regular hunter or marksman, and are looking for average to high-quality optics, clarity, and precision for a more than reasonable price, you want to go with a Millet scope.

    If you are willing to shell out more money for a higher-end scope, you can't beat Millet's price for their products. However, higher-priced scopes from other companies do have slightly better optics and glass.

    If you outfit yourself with a Millet scope for your rifle, you are letting everyone know how much you value an affordable, user-friendly scope with solid features and a rugged exterior and construction that holds up over the years for precision shooting.

    Coupons And Deals

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    You can find online deals for discounts or percentages off of Millet scopes online Optics Planet. Retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, and Best Deals online offer deals and deeply discounted prices on Millet scopes.