Brand Review: What You Need to Know About SWFA Scopes

swfa scopes

A rifle scope is a big investment, and with so many on the market, it’s hard to know which one to choose. If you don’t have SWFA scopes on your radar, it’s time to add it to your shortlist. Here, we examine SWFA scopes and give you a breakdown of some of their most popular options.

We compare them to the competition to help you decide if this is the right brand for you.

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Rifle enthusiasts know that a high-quality rifle scope is one of the most critical accessories for accurate sniping and shooting.

Picking the right one for your needs and your weapon is an important decision.  Regardless if you are a recreational shooter or an accomplished marksman or hunter.

In the market, there are dozens of manufacturers who make a variety of products that could be the right fit.  When comparing what’s out there, SWFA scopes should be on your list.

They have a thirty-five-year history in the business. Several of their models are on the cutting edge of technology and performance.

They build scopes that meet the specifications that the US Navy SEALS use. Also, they offer exceptional durability and accuracy.

Luckily, you don’t need to be enlisted, or a part of elite law enforcement teams like the FBI or SWAT to access SWFA scopes.

Civilians can directly buy them from the manufacturer on their website. Also, through other authorized dealers.

In this informative brand review, we’re going to give you all the details about SWFA scopes.

​We’ll delve into a brief company history. Then, we highlight a few of their most popular models. Let us also discuss what sets them apart from the competition.

We’ve included some general pricing information to get you started. Included also is our professional opinion on how SWFA stacks up in the marketplace.

About SWFA

​SWFA Outdoors has been operating for over 40 years and is based in Midlothian, Texas.  They have a robust website.

​This is where they sell a wide range of shooting accessories and ammo. It includes their own self-branded rifle scopes and binoculars.

SWFA is known industry-wide for their superior customer service, money-back guarantee, and return policies.

Although today, the company name is both prominent and well-respected. Some shooting enthusiasts may remember when this wasn’t the case.

The history of their rifle scopes includes a period with some quality control issues. These were prior to SWFA owning and manufacturing the product.

Here’s the Story

swfa scopes history

It all began in 1993.

It was when the Crane Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center solicited several established manufacturing companies.

​They wanted to build a 10x sniper scope. This scope is included in a specific list of military-spec requirements.

Among those who submitted the specialty scope was Tasco. Then, the Navy purchased their design by the dozens.

Unfortunately, Tasco was not a highly rated company. Moreover, it lacked respect in the industry.

This despite the fact that they crafted their SS scope from the ground up with incredible adjustment travel, durability, and resolution per the specs requested.

​In 1995, Tasco had completely fulfilled the contract obligations. They sold their overrun products to SWFA to sell at extreme discounts at gun shows around the U.S.

This was so successful, that SWFA contracted them to continue making the scopes. And, as long as they were able to offer close-out pricing.

Bankruptcy Issue

In 1996, SWFA began receiving customer complaints about the product quality.

Though it wasn’t publicly known, Tasco was in the process of filing bankruptcy. This resulted in an impact in their daily operations.

By the time Tasco went out of business, SWFA had already negotiated a contract directly with the factory. It dealt with all the quality control issues to get to back to making a superior product.

Following this vital turning point, they reached out to the Department of Defense and got approval to make modifications and improvements to the scopes.

And of course, ensure them that they included all of the modern features needed to have a cutting-edge product.

SWFA Today

swfa today

Today, SWFA offers 30 different SS Scope models. It boasts a variety of features and reticles that appeal to marksmen of every level.

Their products often make the top lists of various notable experts as a “must-have” item for your rifle setup.

What Is An SWFA Rifle Scope and How Does It Work?

The mechanics of how an SWFA scope works are complex.

If you want to break it down to the most basic level, they function similarly to a telescope. In this way, it allows you to see objects that are far away with more clarity.

Assembled with a series of lenses, every SWFA scope magnifies your field of view. It gives you a high-resolution image of your target that allows you to make adjustments to hit it.

They come in a variety of powers. Some scopes are fixed and others are variable depending on the model you choose.  The more magnifying power a scope has, the more expensive it will be.

​The scope has a variety of visual features to make it easier to sight your target.  The reticle is your viewing area. It’s where the expression of having them “in your crosshairs “ originates.

It’s fashioned in a crosshair pattern but other specialized styles might be required. It depends on your shooting style and ammunition.

Finally, rifle scopes are equipped with adjustment knobs. It allows you to manually tweak your horizontal and vertical planes via windage and elevation.

These turrets make it simple to line up your target in the center of your reticle for accurate shooting.

What Makes SWFA Scopes Unique

Their construction is the aspect that makes SWFA scopes stand out from their competition.

​Given that they have roots in a military contract, their models are all designed to be extremely durable. They designed their models to stand up to harsh conditions. And also, to be very accurate in extreme circumstances.

Although today, they offer 30 different models with various capabilities. These models are at a range of competitive price points. Also, there are a few best-sellers that consistently get top reviews from enthusiasts.

​Here are three notable models and some details about each.

Excellent Choice for Entry-Level Shooters

10×42 Tactical 30 MM Rifle Scope (SWFA SS)

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A rear-focus option, it can magnify between 10x and 42x for an excellent range.

The focus is easy to use and allows you to view crystal clear images at ranges from 10 meters to as far as you’re comfortably able to see.

The scope provides a total of 156 minutes of angle (MOA) elevation adjustment, and each revolution has 15 MOA.

It weighs in at just 21 ounces and is compatible with .50 mm ammo.

The matte black finish is the perfect complement to the durability features that include a shockproof, waterproof, and soundproof design.

Like all SWFA products, it’s backed by their unrivaled satisfaction guarantee.


  • Side focus
  • Lightweight
  • Matte


  • Throw the corrections out of whack

Top Pick for Target Shooting and Hunting at Mid-Range Distances

14×24 Tactical 30 MM Rifle Scope (SWFA SS)

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If you’re consistently sighting at 100 yards or more, the SWFA SS 1 4×24 Tactical 30MM Rifle Scope is a model that gives you the essential features without breaking the bank.

Although it’s not designed to be a model for tactical shooters, it has the same waterproof and shockproof features. It then makes it durable and long-lasting.

It features windage adjustments of 5 mils per revolution and accommodates a total of 55 mils.

SWFA recently upgraded their reticle. It is now illuminated. It has built-in aiming features that work with most 5.56 and 7.62 rounds at 100, 200, and 300 yards.

Experts agree that this model is a superior choice. A choice for someone who wants loads of capabilities all in one unit.


  • Optic gives excellent clarity in static shooting situations
  • Waterproof and shockproof features
  • Durable


  • Heavy

Best For Experience Long-Range Shooters

HD 5-20X50 Tactical 30MM Rifle Scope (SWFA SS)

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If you’re a long-range marksman, this top-of-the-line SWFA scope might be the one for you.

​Built with a 30mm main tube and a 50mm objective tube, you can achieve a magnification of anywhere between five and 20 times. Thanks to the high-quality glass.

​The parallax setting begins at 35 yards. It can stretch as far as you’re willing to take it thanks to the crisp view through the HD optics.

​Not only does this model include all of the optics and turrets you expect from an advanced long-range rifle scope, but it contains some ergonomic features as well.

The eye relief and eyepiece are designed to be comfortable even with large-caliber rounds. The patented rads make it easy to fine-tune and acquire your target quickly.

It comes in both an illuminated and non-illuminated model. This gives you even more control over choosing the perfect fit for your individual needs.


  • Side focus
  • With ergonomic features
  • High quality glass


  • None

How It Compares

how swfa scope prices compare to competitors

SWFA isn’t the only company producing high-quality, accurate rifle scopes.  There are dozens of competitors in the marketplace, many of which are sold on their website.

​Most of these models work in the same ways and produce similar results. But, there is one significant difference between SWFA and their competitors- price.

They achieve this by taking out the middleman in their distribution process. This saves on overhead costs that they share with their customers.

What We Think

rating on swfa scopes

SWFA has a wide range of scopes available. Thanks to their diverse offerings. There’s something that will work for most anyone’s needs.

Well-suited for entry-level shooters

In our expert opinion, the brand is especially well-suited for entry-level shooters.

Their base models offer similar features and quality to what you’ll see from mid-range options with other companies.

Low price point

The low price point helps to remove the barrier of entry. These models are an excellent way to acclimate to distance shooting with a scope.

Not only will you access high-definition optics, you can also rest easy that it’s durable and built to last. This is regardless of which model you choose.

Unlike other inexpensive options from competitors, SWFA’s scopes will stand up to the elements. Further, it adapts to a variety of challenging shooting circumstances.

That’s not to say that their mid and top-tier models are without their merits.

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​​In fact, they regularly show up on top five lists of shooting and outdoor publications. Also to reputable bloggers sites.

Many competitors offer similar products and comparable price points at this level. Yet, the decision will fall to the precise specifications you require for your shooting needs, ammo, and style.

If for no other reason than their reputation for delivering excellent customer service, SWFA scopes should be on your list. That is if you’re considering investing in the accessory.

7 Best Scopes for a Ruger 10 22 in 2022

While searching for the best scope for a Ruger 10 22, you should consider its durability, eye relief, and quality. You don’t want a poor quality scope that takes some of the fun out of shooting. A good Ruger 10 22 scope is fogproof with quality optics. Below we have highlighted some of your top options to help you find the best scope for a Ruger 10 22. We evaluated the scopes based on customer ratings, quality, and durability.

1. Trinity 4×32 Mil-Dot Compact Rifle Scope & Ruger 10 22 Scope Mount

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Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, the Trinity 4×32 Mil-Dot Compact Rifle Scope is durable. It comes with mounting hardware, so you don’t have to modify your rifle. The scope features coated glass to increase lens durability and improve sight picture. It mounts on top of the receiver via the pre-drilled holes.

The blue fused multi-coated lenses minimize internal reflections, offers excellent light transmission, and prevents scratches. This Ruger 10 22 scope is fog-proof and weather-resistant as well. Your eye is protected from heavy recoil with a three-inch eye relief. Another benefit of the eye relief is faster target acquisition.


  • Length: 7.75″;
  • Elevation: 1/2 MOA;
  • Magnification: 4X;
  • Objective: 32 mm;
  • Tube Diameter: 1″.

2. Nikon P-Rimfire BDC 150 Rifle Scope

Nikon P-RIMFIRE, one of the best scope for a ruger 10 22

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The Nikon P-Rimfire BDC 150 Rifle Scope works well in varying weather conditions. It is fog proof and waterproof. The aluminum housing is filled with nitrogen, which is what makes the scope fog proof and waterproof.

This Nikon scope features a special reticle that can aim up to 150 yards and provides an open circle. You can adjust the reticle for different types of ammo. The scope is made of multicoated optics that perform well in low light conditions. It’s good for hunting, even during dawn or dusk when light is limited.


  • Fogproof;
  • Waterproof;
  • Multicoated optics;
  • Anti-reflective.

3. Simmons 511039 3 – 9 x 32mm .22 Mag(R) Matte Black Riflescope

Simmons 511039 3 - 9 x 32mm .22 Mag(R)

[amazon fields=”B002JF7A34″ value=”button”]

The Simmons 511039 3 – 9 x 32mm .22 Mag(R) Matte Black Riflescope is the best scope for a Ruger 10 22 that’s used for hunting. Its Quick Target Acquisition eyepiece makes it easy to manage different targets while hunting. The magnification is variable to help you get the perfect shot. This Ruger 10 22 scope is shockproof, waterproof, and fogproof. You can hunt in various weather conditions without worrying about damaging the scope.

The Simmons 511039 3 – 9 x 32mm .22 Mag(R) Matte Black Riflescope works well in low light conditions. This is important for hunters because they sometimes hunt at dusk or dawn. Rimfire 3/8″ dovetail mounting rings come with the Simmons 511039 3 – 9 x 32mm .22 Mag(R) Matte Black Riflescope. Eye relief on this scope is 3.5 inches throughout the entire magnification range.


  • Elevation: 1/4 MOA;
  • Adjustment (Range): 60/60;
  • HydroShield lens coating;
  • SureGrip rubber surfaces.

4. Nikon P- Rimfire 2-7×32 Nikoplex Rifle Scope

Nikon P- RIMFIRE 2-7x32 Nikoplex Scope

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The Nikon P- Rimfire 2-7×32 Nikoplex Rifle Scope is good for those who dial-in before shooting. It features rapid action turrets. The 50-yard parallax setting assists with precise shooting. This Nikon rifle scope is also nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed to make it waterproof and fog proof. It features a multicoated optical system too, which is helpful in low light conditions.


  • Parallax setting: 50 yards;
  • Anti-reflective;
  • Rapid action turrets;
  • Waterproof;
  • Fogproof.

5. Tasco Rimfire Series 3-9x 32mm 30/30 Reticle .22 Riflescope

Tasco Rimfire Series 22 Riflescope

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The Tasco Rimfire Series 3-9x 32mm 30/30 Reticle .22 Riflescope is the best scope for a Ruger 10 22 that provides a lot of value for the cost. This scope is suitable for various types of shooting, such as hunting and garden range shooting. Its versatility makes it popular among rifle owners. Not many scopes can shoot 300 rounds and maintain its zero. But the Tasco Rimfire Series 3-9x 32mm 30/30 Reticle .22 Riflescope can. The scope has a single tube construction that gives it enhanced durability. It also has variable magnification from 3-9X.


  • Magnification: 3X-9X;
  • Objective: 32 mm;
  • Fully coated optics with HD clarity;
  • Waterproof.

6. Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical Dual Red & Green Dot CQB Ruger 10 22 Rifle Scope

Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical Dual Red & Green Dot CQB Ruger 1022 10/22

[amazon fields=”B00PMEK2TS” value=”button”]

The Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical Dual Red & Green Dot Rifle Scope is the best for a Ruger 10 22 that’s used in day and night tactical situations. It features a red and green dot, allowing for either day or night tactical situations. This Ultimate Arms Gear scope is nitrogen filled, water-resistant, fog proof, and shockproof. It features full windage and elevation adjustments as well.

A lithium battery, lens cleaning kit, see-through flip up lens covers, and 7/8″ mounting rings come with the scope. You can control brightness intensity via the adjustable side wheel on the scope. Made of aircraft grade aluminum, the Ultimate Arms Gear scope is durable. It features a flexible eye relief too.


  • Length: 7.9″;
  • Magnification: 1X;
  • Objective: 30 mm;
  • FOV: 100 yards.

7. Combat Optical Ruger 10/22 4×30 Rifle Scope w/ Free Mount & Rings

4x30 Rifle Scope w/ Free Mount & Rings

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The Combat Optical Ruger 4×30 Rifle Scope is a complete optics kit. It comes with a 4×30 compact size rifle scope, an aluminum rail mount with mounting screws, and aluminum scope rings. It’s easy to install as the scope is designed for bolt-on installation.


  • 4×30 compact size rifle scope;
  • Bolt-on installation;
  • Aluminum scope rings;
  • Aluminum rail mount with mounting screws.

Summing Up

You could consider any of the above scopes as the best scope for a Ruger 10 22. They provide good eye relief and other helpful features. Most of the scopes on this list are weatherproof, fogproof, and shockproof. They are durable, giving you reassurance they’ll last a while. Which scope do you think is the best scope for a Ruger 10 22 and why?

7 Best Spotting Scopes for Hunting to Buy in 2022

Avid hunters are always on the lookout for the best spotting scope for hunting. Similar to telescopes, spotting scopes are mounted on a simple photography tripod and give you a keen view of the surrounding area.

The technology of spotting scopes is improving all the time, which is why it’s important to stay up-to-date with developments in the industry. In this guide, we familiarize you with the seven best spotting scopes available in 2019 and their key features.

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1. Vortex Razor HD (20-60×85)


[amazon fields=” B00BIKFPRO” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=” B00BIKFPRO” value=”button”]

Equipped with premium high-density extra-low dispersion glass, the Vortex Razor HD could be considered the best spotting scope for hunting. Low dispersion means high contrast and vibrant color, clearly picking out targets hundreds of meters away. Armor Tek coating provides incredibly powerful protection for both of the exterior lenses, safeguarding against dirt, oil, and scratches.

Vortex is well-known for producing top-of-the-line optics equipment and this company has even developed their own proprietary lens coatings. Called XR anti-reflective coatings, these layers of high tech material ensure maximum light transmission. The optics are sealed with an O-ring to keep out dust and debris. The internal components have been purged with argon gas to prevent fogging.


  • Magnification: 20-60x.
  • Angular field of view: 2.2-1.1 degrees.
  • Eye relief: 18 mm to 20 mm.
  • Length: 15.3 inches.
  • Weight: 65.7 ounces.
  • Lens diameter: 85 mm.

2. Bushnell Elite (20-60x)


[amazon fields=” B01BY2XP36″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=” B01BY2XP36″ value=”button”]

The Bushnell Elite is prepared for any challenge with ED Prime fluoride glass. Veteran hunters and novices alike will be pleased by the RainGuard HD waterproofing equipped on this high-tech spotting scope. The Bushnell Elite is also equipped with BaK-4 prisms for dazzling optics and is fully sealed with O-rings. Potentially the best spotting scope for hunting on this list, this scope is made in Japan and features a 45-degree eyepiece and an 80 mm lens.


  • Magnification: 20-60x.
  • Lens diameter: 80 mm.
  • Length: 17 inches.
  • Glass: BaK-4.
  • Field of view: 98-50 feet/1000 yards.
  • Close focus distance: 15 feet.

3. Trijicon TSS-01 (20-60×82)

[amazon fields=” B07H9C1RJH” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=” B07H9C1RJH” value=”button”]


Made in the USA, this spotting scope from Trijicon features fluoride lenses that are fully broadband and multi-coated. This provides hunters with a spectacular view from over 1,000 yards away. With over 80% light transmission, the Trijicon TSS-01 is guaranteed to provide a crystal-clear image.

This spotting scope is dry nitrogen-filled and completely waterproof. The body incorporates magnesium alloy and this scope features a highly-accurate dual focusing knob.


  • Magnification: 20-60x.
  • Length: 15.13 in.
  • Eye relief: 18.5 mm.
  • Light transmission: 80% +.
  • Field of view: 2 – 1.2 degrees.
  • Lens diameter: 82 mm.

4. NightForce TS-80 (20-60×80)

[amazon fields=” B0153X7QXC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=” B0153X7QXC” value=”button”]

This waterproof offering from NightForce is lightweight and compact. Magnesium alloy keeps the weight at 68 ounces and the NightForce TS-80 only measures 14.4 inches in length. Featuring multi-coated fully broadband lenses, this spotting scope picks up incredibly clear images from miles away.

Extra-low dispersion glass only adds to image clarity and variable zoom ranges from 20 to 60x. Featuring 18.5mm eye relief, the NightForce TS-80 can even be used while wearing glasses. This spotting scope is 100% waterproof and is one of the top picks for the best spotting scope for hunting in 2019.


  • Magnification: 20-60x.
  • Field of view: 104.8′ / 20x 56.77′ / 60x.
  • Focus: 20 feet – infinity.
  • Length: 14.4 inches.
  • Lens diameter: 80 mm.
  • Body material: magnesium alloy.

5. Athlon Cronus ED (20–60×86)

[amazon fields=” B015EH3334″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=” B015EH3334″ value=”button”]


Featuring an apochromatic lens system, the Athlon Cronus ED delivers incredible image quality and may be the best spotting scope for hunting for some hunters. The ESP dielectric coating equipped on this high-end spotting scope reflects over 99% of the light in an image to your eye.

Combined with a BaK-4 prism, the result is exceedingly clear image reproduction. Fully multi-coated lenses resist the elements while an argon-purged tube ensures total image clarity. ED glass lenses are completely waterproofed to make this scope incredibly durable.


  • Magnification: 12-36.
  • Objective lens diameter: 50 mm.
  • Prism glass: Bak-4.
  • Field of view: 171-90 feet.
  • Close focus: 26.2 feet.
  • Weight: 26.5 ounces.

6. Alpen Optics Rainier ED HD (25-75×86)

[amazon fields=” B00J8A76MI” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=” B00J8A76MI” value=”button”]


The Alpen Optics Rainier ED features UBX fully coated optics and includes a BaK-4 prism for ultimate image quality. Featuring 45-degree angle optics and 25-75x zoom, this spotting scope from Alpen produces impressive image clarity at any distance. Fully waterproofed, the Alpen Optics Rainier ED comes with a carrying bag and is compatible with tripods. The tube is dry nitrogen filled and Alpen optics offers a lifetime warranty for all of their spotting scopes.


  • Magnification: 25-75x.
  • Lens diameter: 86 mm.
  • Prism material: BaK-4.
  • Eye relief: 18 mm.
  • Close focus: 25 feet.
  • Length: 18.5 inches.

7. Meopta MeoPro 80 HD (20–60×80)

[amazon fields=” B00TO36MOW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=” B00TO36MOW” value=”button”]


The Meopta MeoPro 80 HD features a proprietary MeoBright coating that provides 99.8% light transmission. Military grade MeoShield lens coating protects lenses from scratches and dirt. The MeoPro 80 HD is 100% waterproof with sealed O-rings.

The integrated sunshade and variable 20-60x eyepiece allow hunters to accurately pick out prey at great distances. A mixed magnesium and aluminum chassis make the MeoPro 80 HD a strong contender for the best spotting scope for hunting.


  • Magnification: 20-60x.
  • Lens diameter: 80 mm.
  • Close focus: 19.69 feet.
  • Length: 14.33 inches.
  • Eye relief: 18.5 mm.
  • Weight: 67.97 ounces.

Summing Up

[amazon box=”B00BIKFPRO, B01BY2XP36, B07H9C1RJH, B0153X7QXC, B015EH3334, B00J8A76MI, B00TO36MOW ” template=”table”]

There are a lot of high-quality spotting scopes to look out for in 2019. While this list covered the absolute best spotting scopes that are available, there are plenty of less expensive options on the market if you’re working with a budget.

However, if you want true crystal-clarity for picking out game in the field, then these spotting scopes are the best tools for the job. It can’t be denied that spotting scopes provide hunters with an impressive edge, and these scopes exceed expectations to help your hunting game go the extra mile.

Read The Best Spotting Scope Reviews Before Buying

Being one of the people to have viewing jobs like wildlife observers, it is necessary to have an aid to help you view your subjects without the need to get too close. A pair of binoculars might do the job but they deliver only a small amount of magnification incomparable to your needs same goes with rifle scopes. If you want something more fitting then you are surely going to want spotting scopes. There are a lot in the market and choosing one is quite tricky since they differ variably on specifications that are not generally better compared to others. If you want to get the best in terms of your needs, you must first read the best spotting scope reviews before buying.

A Table of the Probable Choices You might want to pick from

[table id=7 /]

The Road to the Purchase of your Spotting Scope

As I’ve said, there are a lot of features that can be found in a spotting scope and one may not be better than the other. They have their own unique purpose which differentiates them from the others that places them in different categories. The goal is to determine which category your needs fit into so that we can choose the most fitting spotting scope along with the aid of spotting scope reviews.

  • Angled vs straight spotting scopes – there are two types of spotting scopes in terms of structure. They do not differ on performance but are just designed to fit personal preferences of people. If you want something at eye level then go with the straight one but if you are going to deal regular movement then it is preferred to go with the angled one.
  • Lens coating – if you want to guarantee the best view then look for lenses that have magnesium fluoride coating. This prevents light reflection and glare resulting to minimal light loss for a brighter image.
  • Exit pupil – the larger the exit pupil, the more is the light that can enter your scope which results for a brighter image. It also means that you have a wider field of view compared to smaller exit pupils.
  • Eye relief – this is the distance between your eye and the scope that still allows you to get a full-view of what you are looking at. You might want something that has an extended field of view if you are wearing glasses or if you want to be still aware of your surroundings while you observe your subject.
  • Magnification – as an observer, you want something that allows you to view something very far away and that is solely dependent on the magnification of a spotting scope. The magnification is dependent on the sizes of the lenses so look for the ones with a larger lens size.

Discover Top Best Spotting Scopes For The Money!

Huge Discount Available!

4 Best Spotting Scope Recommendations

Price: Under 300
Quality: From 4.0-5 stars.
Brand: Celestron, Barska and Firefield

[go_pricing id=”spotting”]

Spotting scope reviews of the top 4 best products in the market

1. Celestron 52252 100mm Ultima Zoom spotting scope

If you are willing to sacrifice a little bit of that versatility for an additional brightness as well as increased field of view then you might want to consider this scope. It has an exit diameter of 100mm that is also equipped with multi-coating for reduced glare and increased brightness of image.

Along with its large exit pupil comes strong magnification. It has a max magnification of 66x while a minimum of 22x. If you are using the minimum magnification, its exit pupil diameter decreases to 4.5mm which allows you to observe 32 meters worth of width range. If you are using its maximum magnification then expect that there is a decrease of viewing range of up to 18 meters since its exit pupil will decrease from 4.5mm to 1.5mm.

For people who are wearing glass, you are still able to have a clear image of the observed area as long as you don’t go more than 18mm from your eye piece when using the minimum magnification. This allows people with glasses to be able to do their job without much of a hassle.

Additionally, it is water proof and fog proof to be still functional in any condition you might need to work on with uninterrupted image quality. It has a total length of 19 inches which is the total of the portions since this is an angle spotting scope with an average weight of 4.5 pounds. It fits the average range for a versatile spotting scope and all comes at a price of .

2. BARSKA Blackhawk 20-60×60 Angled Spotting Scope Reviews

BARSKA is one of the leading companies in the optical business industry delivering quality optic tools for nearly a decade. This just gives you an idea of how much they already know about the needs of their customers and using this, they have perfected their design to deliver the best spotting scopes.

It has a 60×60 specification which means it has a maximum magnification of 60x times with an objective lens that has a size of 60mm and is multicoated. If you don’t need that much magnification, you can always adjust it with the knob just found near the eye-piece. It can reduce its magnification down to 20x.

Using different levels of magnification means having different ranges of field of view. At its minimum magnification of 20x, the exit pupil reduces to a size of 3mm. This allows you to observe a total width of 91 feet. When you are maxing it out on the other hand, its exit pupil reduces to nearly just 1mm allowing you to view only 45 feet worth of field.

Don’t worry if you are wearing glasses since it has a very good eye-relief of 18mm when using the minimum magnification and 15mm if you are maxing it out. This is quite a big distance which makes it good for people who are far sighted or have thick glasses.

Additionally, it has a shock absorbing exterior, 100% fog proof and water proof capabilities for rugged use. At an average weight of 2.86 pounds and total length of 15 inches, this scope is easily maneuverable and versatile fit for any wildlife observer. All these quality specifications are then backed up with a limited lifetime warranty.


3. Celestron 52250 80mm Ultima Zoom Spotting Scope

This scope is not too different from its other relative in this list. They are basically the same in build material, multi-coating and etc. other than the objective lens. This scope only has an 80mm lens as opposed to the 100mm of the 55252. This in turn affects the maximum magnification, field of view and eye relief.

With this minor change, the scope now has a magnification range between 20x to 60x with a field of view of 35 meters for the minimum magnification and 18 meters with the max. Though the eye relief has maintained to be at 18mm under the minimum magnification.

4. Firefield 20 – 60×60 Spotting Scope Reviews

A shorter spotting scope is always better and this can be achieved when utilizing a folded light path for a compact length. The firefield 20 just does that and this also does not risk the quality of your image or your field of view.

With its specification of 60×60, it has a maximum magnification of 60x and has an objective lens of 60mm. The ratio between the two is good, and it is vital to not have a disproportionate max magnification to lens size because this can affect the image quality and field of view. A ratio of 1:1 is best and anything close to it is also great.
Along with its strong maximum magnification is a field of view worth of 19 meters of observable area. If you are using the minimum magnification of 20x then you will be able to observe a wider area of 37 meters. Eye relief is also affected along with the changes of magnification power, eye relief is at 17mm in minimum magnification and 13.5 if used in maximum.

Additionally, it is rated IPX6 for waterproof which is equivalently resistant to a force of 100 liters of water sprayed per minute for 3 minutes. This condition cannot be replicated in the field but gives you an idea of how resistant it is to such factor. It is also nitrogen purged to prevent internal fogging during cold and humid weather.
Expect quality image with its BAK-4 prism which is made from Barium crown glass for better light transmission and edge to edge sharpness of your viewing field. With a total length of 350 mm and weight of 22.5 ounces, it is still portable. 


Being one of the few people who have specialized jobs, you are also one of the few people who are going to be in need of spotting scopes. If you are new to this kind of stuff, you are going to have difficulties choosing and differentiating one type from the other especially that there is deep technology involved in these kinds of devices.

If you are still new to such, you would want to take note of the most basic components that you understand the most, like material build, magnification capacity and field of view. You would want to know its adaptability to situations like being water proof and fog proof. Other specifications like prism structure is going to require a longer explanation but is not usually that big of a deal for people who are still new to this kind of stuff.

The most basic to remember when looking for a spotting scope is its magnification to lens size ratio. They must be 1:1 or something relatively closer. If they are highly disproportionate then you will be experiencing dimmer and low quality images which you don’t want as an observer.

Overall, it is a tricky task to look for a spotting scope that will fit your needs. The task involves more than just looking at specifications and comparing them from one another. Their performance might differ when in the field but don’t worry since spotting scope reviews are always there to broaden your knowledge.

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