Best Long Range Scopes: Top 5 Picks And Buyer’s Guide

Long-range scopes represent the best in optics quality and magnification. If you're looking to purchase a new scope, consider one of these five options.

As a hunter, you may want to consider improving your shot by adding a long-range scope to your rifle. Adding a scope of this nature could allow you to increase your shot range to more than 400 yards, which could revolutionize the way you hunt. Long range scopes represent the best in optics quality and an increase in magnification. If you’re looking for the best long-range scopes, consider yourself in luck.

Comparison Table




CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope

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Primary Arms Illuminated
Dot Scope

product photo of Primary Arms 4-16 X 44 Rifle Scope with Illuminated Mil-Dot Crosshair

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Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Scope

[amazon fields=”B01BU1UD5O” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_height=”120″ image_width=”120″]

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Vortex Optics Crossfire Riflescope

[amazon fields=”B00HYRGSTO” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_height=”120″ image_width=”120″]

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Ade Advanced Options Long-Range Rifle Scope

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How We Chose Our Ratings

close-up photo of a soldier looking through a long-range scope attached to a rifle

At RifleScopeCenter, we understand how important it is to you that you have the best equipment while hunting. As we all know, every second and every millimeter matters when taking your shot. One misstep could be the difference between the kill of a lifetime and allowing your game to escape unscathed. We kept this in mind when compiling our ratings of the best scopes for long ranges.

We began by having each one of our team members test dozens of scopes. They measured things such as:

  • Optics quality
  • Magnification increase
  • Durability
  • Shot quality

After each team member finished testing the scopes independently, we had them rate the products. Using these grades, we compiled a general list of what we thought were the best scopes on the market today. For the most part, the ratings were consistent from team member to team member. The “cream rose to the top,” per say.

But, we did not stop there. We then browsed hundreds of online reviews to get a better feel for what other customers had to say about the scopes. We understood that our team pales in comparisons to the thousands of marksmen who use these scopes on a daily basis. We wanted to get a better idea of the consensus of the scopes so that we could provide you the best ratings.

While the reviews from our team generally matched online reviews, we did take one scope off the list because of poor customer reviews. Although it performed well when our team tested the product, other customers remarked that within a few months of use, the protective coating began to wear off the lens, which made it difficult to keep clean.

Our team would not have been able to discover this by only taking a couple of shots. It’s a perfect example of how we were willing to admit our list was not necessarily complete, and that we were concerned with only providing you the best products. We’re confident that the products listed below represent the best scopes for long ranges available on the market today.

We plan to keep this list fluid over time, which is why we encourage you to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. We value our community of readers. If you have experience using any of the scopes on our list, both good or bad, we invite you to let us know your thoughts. Similarly, if you use and trust a scope that is not on our list, we ask you to let us know as well.

If we need to make any adjustments to our list, we are more than willing to do so. Together, with our valued community, we can come up with a comprehensive list of the best scopes for long ranges. Ultimately, we all share a love and passion for sharp-shooting, and we all would like to see one another improve in our sport.

An Overview
Of Long Range Scopes

close-up photo focused on long-range scope lens

If you’re in the market for a new scope that can assist with your long-range shot, consider the five options listed below. We’re confident that when using one of these five options, you’ll find success in taking your next shot. These scopes can help you hit distances that you’ve never before reached, expanding your range as a marksman.

CVLIFE Hunting
Rifle Scope

[amazon box=”B007UT3N4Y” template= “horizontal”]

The CVLife Hunting Rifle Scope is a great beginner’s scope. It carries a 4.1-star rating on Amazon with more than 1,600 customer reviews. The product also has an “Amazon’s Choice” label because it has 47 percent fewer returns than similar products and is very popular among people searching Amazon for long range scopes.

The scope features a 6-24x magnification and an objective diameter of 50mm. It features a field-of-view of 28 feet at 100 yards and a click value of 1/8” at 100 yards. The scope also features both red and green illumination features. The equipment also carries eye relief of 3.52” and a 1” tube diameter. The scope is 40 centimeters long.

Of those who reviewed the product, more than 65 percent gave the product either a four or five-star review. Reviewers remarked that this was a great value buy, available for less than $. Many mentioned that the product was durable, able to withstand tough recoils. Some remarked that the focus was fidgety, but for those looking for a first scope for long ranges, this could be an affordable option.

​Primary Arms Illuminated
Dot Scope

product photo of Primary Arms 4-16 X 44 Rifle Scope with Illuminated Mil-Dot Crosshair

[amazon fields=”B007UT3N4Y” value=”button” link_overwrite=”×44-sfp-riflescope-mil-dot-reticle”]

This scope from Primary Arms carries a 4.6-star rating on Amazon with nearly 75 customer reviews. Of those who reviewed the product, 81 percent gave it a five-star rating. You can purchase the scope for less than $. Multiple reviewers remarked that this was one of the best scopes they have ever used for that amount of money and that they were delighted with the device.

The scope features side-mounted focus controls and an illuminated mil-dot reticle. It is also nitrogen-purged, making it one of the most durable models we tested. Additionally, the product is resistant to water, which is great for when you are shooting in the rain or are sweating on a hot day. The scope weighs approximately 1.6 pounds.

Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Scope

[amazon box=”B01BU1UD5O” template= “horizontal”]

This scope from Bushnell features a 4.7-star rating on Amazon with nearly 60 customer reviews. 93 percent of reviewers gave the product either a four or five-star rating. The product costs a little more than $$. The scope features a 50mm objective and a 6-24x magnification. It also comes with a Dao Lr800 reticle and ¼ MOA fingertip windage and elevation adjustments.

One of the things that stood out to us most about this scope was the product design. Manufacturers designed the scope so that it was shockproof, waterproof, and fog proof. Additionally, the lenses of the scope are high-definition and come coated with rain guard technology to help give you a bright look at your shot.

Many reviewers remarked that it was effortless to adjust the scope and that this was one of the best scopes they’ve ever tested when it came to making last-minute adjustments. Additionally, customers appreciated the visuals the scope provided. One reviewer remarked that they brought down their best kill in moderate rain thanks to the scope.

Vortex Optics
Crossfire Riflescope

[amazon box=”B00HYRGSTO” template= “horizontal”]

Vortex is one of the most trusted names in rifle technology, so it’s no surprise their Crossfire Riflescope found it’s way on to our list. The scope carries a 4.6-star rating on Amazon with more than 165 customer reviews. Of those who reviewed the product, 78 percent gave it a five-star rating. Less than 10 percent of customers gave the product a one or two-star rating.

The scope features an adjustable 6-24x50 objective crossfire. It also comes with Vortex’s patented Dead-Hold BDC reticle, ideal for when you are estimating holdover. Additionally, the adjustable objective provides image focus and parallax removal. The lenses on the scope are coated with an anti-reflective material to offer views that are clear.

The scope’s construction is a single-piece aircraft-grade aluminum that helps make the product shockproof. The company also guarantees that the scope is fog-proof and waterproof. The tube size is 30mm, and the eye relief is 4”. You can purchase the scope for less than $$. Reviewers said that for this price, this is by-far the best scope available on the market.

Ade Advanced
Options Long-Range Rifle Scope

[amazon box=”B00CUQLDO4″ template= “horizontal”]

This scope from Ade Advanced Optics is available for less than $$. It carries a four-star rating on Amazon. Of those who reviewed the product, more than three-quarters gave the device a four or five-star rating. Reviewers remarked that the scope was very sleek and sturdy and that they were impressed with the functionality of the scope.

The Advanced Optics scope features a one-piece, heavy-duty design. It also carries 6-25x magnification and a 56mm objective lens, making it the most prominent option on our list. The scope also has a Mil-DotBar reticle and precision controls offering 140 MOA adjustments. The tube is 35mm in diameter and comes in a matte black finish. The scope comes with an anti-fog design.

Buyer’s Guide

a navy aiming the target using a firearm with riflescope

When it comes to buying a long-range scope, there are a few things you’ll want to consider. If you have never purchased one of these scopes before, you could be overwhelmed by the options available. Fortunately, this buyer’s guide should help you sort through the vast number of products to help you find the best scope for you. Consider a few of the criteria listed below.


One of the first things you should consider is how much you wish to spend on a new scope. Scopes can cost a few hundred dollars. Before you begin searching for the ideal scope, you should have an idea of how much you wish to pay. Knowing your budget can help you narrow down your choices. There’s nothing worse than finding the right scope, only to discover that it far exceeds your price range.

If you have never worked with long-range optics before, we recommend a mid-range scope. Perhaps consider a scope that costs around $ - $. This will give you a better idea of if you like using a scope meant for long ranges. If you end up falling in love with your new scope, you could always upgrade your equipment later. Don’t spend too much until you know that you like the feel of long-range optics.


The lens is arguably the most important physical component to consider. You’ll want to find a lens that works in both high and low magnifications, presenting a crystal-clear image either way. Additionally, you’ll want to look for a lens that allows you to read the wind correctly. Wind becomes even more of a factor when taking a long-range shot, so it’s imperative that you have a proper reading.

Tell-tale signs of wind include flags and trees. However, you could see these with nearly any scope. When taking a long-range shot, the slightest breeze could have you missing your target by hundreds of feet. You’ll need to find a scope that allows you to see details such as the way the wind or dust is blowing.

Body of the Scope

a man lying on the ground and trying out long range shooting with long range scope attached to a gun

You’ll want to ensure that you find a scope made of the finest materials. This helps determine how durable your scope is. Hopefully, you’ll be getting frequent use out of your new scope, so you want to ensure that it withstands the test of time. One of the best materials for scopes is aircraft-grade aluminum. Additionally, your scope should be a single-piece design, made from one piece of aluminum.

Magnification Power

Many beginner marksmen believe that the bigger the objective lens size, the better because a larger objective lens typically allows for more light transmission. While this is true, you eventually reach the point where it’s possible to have an objective lens that is too big without providing any additional light transmission. This typically occurs once you surpass a 50mm objective lens.

The problem with using objective lenses that are too large is that you can significantly alter your shot. That’s because to mount the glass, you need a higher scope mount. The higher the scope mount, the less precision you’ll see when firing your rifle. As a general rule of thumb, the closer the mount height is to the barrel, the more accurate the shot. Look for objective lenses ranging from 42mm to 50mm.  


If you plan to use your scope strictly for long-range shots, then you may want to find the strongest magnification power possible. But if you would like to be able to adjust your scope for both short and long ranges, you may want to look for a bit more versatility in your magnification options. Magnification powers around 16 are an excellent choice for hybrid shots.