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Increase Accuracy When Using a Rifle Scope

Rifle Scope Infographic

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How To Zero Your Rifle Scope

You CAN’T aim your target, you CAN’T shoot a target accurately if you DON’T zero your rifle scope accurately!

For anyone who loves hunting or target practice using a rifle and scope, unless you plan on being an embarrassing shot, you should zero your rifle’s optics before anything else. If you are a novice shooter, a rifle scope can improve your shot tremendously if implemented correctly. The following information is a steadfast way to get your optics set up for prime accuracy for out in the hunting field or at the shooting range.

infographic-rifle scope

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Here’s a summary of the steps on how to zero a scope:

  1. Installing The Scope
    • Mount the base and rings on the scope
    • Mount the scope on the rifle
    • Position the eyepiece correctly
    • Level your cross-hair
    • Tighten your mounting base securely
  2. Setting Your Zero
    • Head to the range
    • Mount the gun in a rest
    • Load the gun and take three to five shots with the rifle
    • Examine your shot grouping
    • Make adjustments using the knobs, and recheck
    • Set zero from multiple distances
  3. Making Adjustments
    • Examine the adjustment knobs
    • Move the sight toward the misses
    • Make very small adjustments
    • Use a bore sight for more adjustments, if necessary

That’s it! Now, you can buy a rifle scope and you’ll know how to zero it!

Some of best scopes for you:

Good luck and happy shooting!