Best Tactical Rifle Scope Review: Millett 4-16×50 Illuminated Tactical Riflescope

This scout rifle scope from Millet Industries is the perfect choice for serious hunters, tactical operators and target shooters because it comprises nothing and only demands the best. It is a serious scope for serious shooters and spells serious business as it gives precision shooting under the most demanding conditions and challenging situations. And it should be, since its price is no joke.

For you to learn more about the the Millett 4-16×50 Illuminated Tactical Riflescope, here is our Tactical rifle scope review that consist of its features, advantages and disadvantages, and customer rankings and reviews. Read on to see if this rifle scope is for you.

Features of the Product

1. It has a 4-16x magnification and 50-millimeter objective lens

As said above, this rifle scope is perfect for serious hunters because it has a versatile, flexible and wide magnification that goes from 4x to 16x.  Its objective lens has a diameter of 50mm, which is larger than those we have reviewed and makes aiming easier to see and make shooting accurate.

 2. It is equipped with an illuminated Mil-DotBarreticle  system.

This reticle helps clear your view when in low light or in wide distances. Since, chances are you will use this for long range shooting, you might worry it won’t aim at long distances. But that is not true. It also has a thin line, dot and adjustable green illumination.

Aside from that, this reticle is built indeed for serious shooting because it can go through demanding and worse conditions, challenging situations and varied lighting conditions without getting damaged. 

3. The multicoated optics gives bright and crisp images with 3.5 inches of eye relief.

It can go through low or high lights and still give you clear images. And since this rifle scope is for serious hunters like you, it gives pinpoint accuracy when delivering your bullet.

 4. Higher focus range

This rifle scope has a higher focus range, which goes from 15 yards to infinity—really perfect for long-range shooting.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

1. Advantages

  • It has a bulletproof design and is waterproof and shockproof as well.
  • It can give you crisp and clear images even on low lights.
  • Perfect for serious hunters who go great distances for shooting because it can deliver your bullet with pinpoint accuracy.
  • It has ergonomic handles and knobs that are easy to navigate and easily turned instantly.
  • Adjustable green illumination for precision in various lighting and weather conditions.
  • Higher focus range of 15 yards to infinity.
  • Perfect for long range shooting and competitive-level target shooting; also good for the Law Enforcement and Military.
  • It is lightweight and compact; can fit in any small bag.

2. Disadvantages

This riflescope doesn’t come with mount rings; you have to buy them separately.

For beginners, you may have a hard time using this as some images may get blurry if you are not used to this advanced tactical rifle scope. Lastly, when it comes to magnification, the area on either side of the target may be obscured because of the tube.

  • When light hit the lenses, it can reflect, which is not good for snipers or shooters who conceal themselves.
  • It is a bit expensive than those we reviewed.

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Who this Product is best for?

  • You can use this scope for .222Rem Anschutz & .22LR anschutz target rifle, Springfield M1A, Stag 6HL…
  • If you are owning an AR 15,  AR 10 or any AR platforms, you can be rest assured about this scope.

What Customers Are Saying ??

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Most target shooters and serious hunters agree that this is one of the best tactical rifle scopes in the world and it has never failed them. It is said that this “equal to many of the very top brands out there and just barely behind the very top two or three at one tenth the price”.  It has a good price, yet it speaks for its price thanks to the innovative features and high-tech functions that make shooting easier and convenient no matter the distances.

  • It is very accurate and durable.

Customers are also raving about how accurate the aiming is, thanks to its Mil-DotBarreticle system and its features for a more precision shooting. Plus its bulletproof design makes it shockproof and can withstand any conditions it goes through. This why it is also perfect for military and law enforcement that goes through various rough situations and challenges and their guns go through those too.

  • The illuminated crosshairs also help in making the aiming better.

One of the features customers love is the illuminated cross-hair that lighted green. According to one customer “The vibrant glow of the crosshairs is simply awesome and I love it” and it helps in seeing everything and making your aim more precise. It is super crisp and there is no glare or reflection, no matter the lighting condition. Really perfect if you love to shoot at night or when the sun is really up.


All in all, if you are a serious shooter and into high-end rifle scopes that gives the best and, the Millett 4-16×50 Illuminated Tactcal Riflescope. is for you. You will never regret buying as you will truly get your money’s worth. We hope that we have helped you in picking this product with our tactical rifle scope review and you will decide to get this. So what are you waiting for? Go to and purchase the Millett 4-16×50 Illuminated Tactical Riflescope today!

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