Bushnell AR Optics FFP Illuminated BTR-1 BDC Reticle Review

There are a lot of reasons why people become accustomed to guns and firearms; it maybe because of your culture, past time hobby or even sports preference that you are well acquainted with rifle guns and its parts. For products with high sensitivity as this, I’m sure you won’t settle for anything less. You may spend hours of the day looking for the top brands and invest on quality products that will optimize your effective performance through its function.

If you think that rifle gun parts are just a piece of display, you are being misled. Supporting parts of any product is equal to the value of the product itself, in some cases, it can be much more than the product’s value because the main product cannot function well without those supporting pieces. In the case of rifle guns, your excellence in using your favorite rifle gun doesn’t just depend on the brand of the rifle but also on the quality of the rifle parts such as a rifle scope.

Great Features of the Product

1. High-durable rifle scope:

The Bushnell AR Optics FFP 1-4x24mm BTR-1 is a high grade rifle scope that has a matte finish and made with aluminum alloy, anodize-finish and strictly sealed to protect the scope pieces inside; rest assured that this rifle scope is perfected for long useful life. The surface of the product is scratch-proof and its pieces are rustproof. This rifle scope contains Nitrogen which is purged to prevent accumulation of moisture and dust. You’ll be able to enjoy the this amazing rifle scope for years.

2. Advance Rifle scope Technology:

The Bushnell AR Optics FFP 1-4x24mm BTR-1 has illuminated first focal reticle that will enhance measurement and aiming of the target. The illuminating reticle feature is compatible with your eyes; it also enhances your vision up to 500 yard distance. The advance reticle technology is reliable and give accurate distance measurement with regards to the target. In addition to that the target turrets is adjustable by 0.1 Mil click value that doesn’t lock; it is responsible for precise scope adjustments.

3.  Added Features:

The Bushnell AR Optics FFP 1-4x24mm BTR-1 has exquisite exterior features old models of rifle scopes don’t have. This rifle scope has the exclusive throw down power change lever (PCL) which will give you the convenience of easy power change. The multi-coated optics enhances your vision’s tolerance when using this rifle scope.

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Benefits of you when using this product

  • Unaffected vision – even when you use this Bushnell rifle scope on a daily basis, the optical features of the product will not harm or defect your eyes. The lens and optical features of this product is will promote clarity of sight every time you use this rifles cope.
  • Best investment for you – with the quality and advance features of this product, it is considered as the best investment of customers who use rifles and collect rifle scope.
  • Learning made easy – the rifle scope plays a vital role especially when you’re a beginner. In order to make learning fun and easy, you should use user-friendly brands such as the Bushnell rifles copes.

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What Customers Are Saying ?

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When selecting the right product, its very important that you know the nature of the product that you’re looking for before looking for the expensive one thinking that it is the best purchasing decision you’ll make. I hope that this article brought you clarity in selecting the best rifle scope product for you. The Bushnell AR Optics FFP 1-4x24mm BTR-1 will never fail to fulfill your rifle scope standards.

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See Customer Reviews, Rating and Price at Amazon.com!

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