Leupold VX 3 3.5 10×40 Review: Specs, Pros, and Cons

Being the company that pioneered the use of waterproofing optics using nitrogen purging, Leopold maintains its successful tradition of making state-of-art rifles. The Leupold VX 3 3.5 10×40 review has found that the riflescope offers world-class features like darkened lens edges, a double spring erector spring, and XT (Xtended Twilight) lens system that comes with DiamondCoat 2 covering.

The VX-3 presents the best alternative to gamers who like the 3-9×40 optics. Its sighting features provide more excitement to your hunting expedition. The one-inch fog proof main tube and precision adjustments make the rifle the best for water sports and reliable enough for all kinds of weather. Additionally, the unobstructed 40mm objective delivers remarkable performance during the night. It sets the new standard of riflescope performance for an ingrained thrill that comes with hunting.

Leupold VX 3 3.5 10×40 Specs

  • Type: adjustable riflescope power
  • Reticle: Second focal plane; Boone & Crockett tested, Duplex
  • Magnification: 3.5-10x
  • EP (Exit Pupil): 11.4mm for 3.5x and 4mm for 10x
  • Eye relief: 4.4 inches
  • Adjustments: Up to 1/4 MOA (diameter), 58 MOA (maximum allowable internal adjustment)
  • Power: Variable
  • Turrent Height: low
  • Coatings: Multi-coated, DiamondCoat 2 technology, light management system for twilight use
  • Field of View (at 100 yards): 29.8” for 3.5x, 11” for 10x
  • Effective Objective: 40mm
  • Dimensions: 12.6” in length, one-inch in diameter and 12.6 ozs of weight
  • Construction: Waterproof, shockproof, fog proof, argon/krypton-filled gases, single-piece anodized aluminum tube, black matte, silver finish
  • Accessories: Neoprene scope covering, a coupon for free CDS calls
  • Warranty: Fulltime

Getting the CDS Coupon

To enjoy coupon free custom dial, provide the company with your coupon code, shipping information, and ballistics details. The company’s custom shop then engraves the CDS dials that match with the specifications. When you have received the CDS dial, make a simple screw adjustment to swap between the dials.

PROs and CONs of the Leupold VX 3 3.5 10×40


1. Advanced Riflescope Technology

The duplex reticle is located in the second focal plane with tapered posts for use in thick cover as it pulls your eyes to the center of the sight picture. Its fine cross hairs intersect to provide a clear view of the target. The reticle also delivers impeccable performance for night hunters as it allows them to isolate their target during difficult lighting conditions. Additionally, its location does not interfere with the dimensions when the scope’s magnification is adjusted.

2. Rifle Scope Lens

The XT lens system has defined wave-length coatings that enhance the transmission of light for improved definition and luminance for night hunters. Its darkened lens edges improve resolution by reducing glare. What’s more, the XT lens feature allows hunters to specifically target the color spectrum present in critical last minutes of fading light, allowing hunters to focus on their targets for longer periods. As such, users can enjoy a deeper saturation and contrast at 3.5x, 6x, and 10x.

3. High-Quality Performance

The alumina eyepiece guard allows fast adjustments, which make the difference between making a clean shot and going home empty-handed. The Leupold VX 3 3.5 10×40 review shows it resisted using the Euro-style fast-adjusting eyepiece diopter used to focus the reticle. Its elevation settings come with adjustable pointer dials and cryogenically-treated quarter MOA windage that allow hunters to make accurate shots. The sensitive power indicator has an integral range estimation feature that comes with graphite O-rings for hassle-free operation. The zoom-ring turns easily, stops, and holds firmly compared to its predecessor the VX-3.

Additionally, the twin spring configuration exerts up to 30% additional force on the erector assembly to rid of backlash and stress on the internal mechanism. Thus, the rifle exhibits an improved tracking, repeatability, and durability for the internal moving parts of the scope. The company’s proprietary one-inch main tube is lightweight to allow rangers to keep a low profile.

4. Durable Rifle Scope

The company’s proprietary blend of krypton and argon gases provides significant resistance to thermal shock compared to the regular nitrogen purging. This technology provides long-term water and fog proofing solution as the mixture of gases has a lower incidence of diffusion for a crystal clear view during long hunting expeditions. The feature also allows excellent viewing under all kinds of weather conditions.

Leupold’s proprietary DiamondCoat 2 coating on the outer part of the lens surface provides enhanced resistance to abrasion while increasing transmission of light. The silver finish provides the perfect match for stainless all-weather rifles.


  • The clicks aren’t as loud as on lots of other long-range scopes;
  • Users most dial to make elevation adjustments.

Who Is the Product Best For?

The Leupold VX 3 3.5 10×40 review has found the riflescope ideal for hunters who prefer medium to long-range shooting and target hunting. To get started, you need some mounting rings and a mounting base. Its base is attached to the firearm while the rings are joined to the rifle scope at the base. The rings should be spaced properly. Users should also ensure the ring height does not interfere with the line of sight. This way, you enhance the shooting experience and maximize the value of the investment. Note that most mounting applications require a seasoned gunsmith skill for correct installation.


The Leupold VX 3 3.5 10×40 review found that the riflescope has a price range of $ 355- $ 399 on online stores like Amazon and eBay. For some hunters, the price may feel a little out of range, but its state-of-art features and upgrades make it definitely worth it. The price is inclusive of Leupold’s lifetime guarantee.


While most riflescopes that have parallax adjustments, 8x zoom ranges, illuminated reticles, shoot past 1500 yards, and provide pretty impressive performance, new hunters want rifles that give them a thrilling hunting experience. The Leupold VX 3 3.5 10×40 review shows the riflescope provides just that. This re-engineered upgrade from the company’s previous VX-3 suits most hunters’ needs with its Boone & Crockett ballistics reticle, not to mention the slim, bright, and sharp build. Of course, the 40mm objective may feel a little undersized for most 21st-century rifle scopes, but with different EPs produced at various powers, it presents an excellent rifle for most gamers.