Leupold VX 3 4.5 14×40 Review: Pros, Cons, and More

As a hunting scope, the Leupold VX 3 4.5 14×40 does much for the hunter out in the field waiting for his big game prey. While we can’t necessarily say this scope does the best job, it provides good eye relief, and you can track up to 400 yards. The glass may not sit on the top shelf, but this scope is about as high as quality can get before you wind up having to fork over more cash. In this Leupold VX 3 4.5 14×40 review, we will cover everything from the company’s immaculate reputation to its quality workmanship. Most hunters know this company for their quality workmanship and willingness to stand with their customers.

You can double your vision with this scope, and you have a high level of magnification with it. As some hunters have commented, this scope works wonders in the field, and with the sleek matte black finish, it looks great at the same time.

Leupold VX 3 4.5 14×40 Specs

  • Objective Lens Diameter: 40 mm
  • Main-Tube Diameter: 30 mm
  • Magnification: Nominal: 4.5-14x Actual: 4.9-14.7x
  • Eye Relief: 4.5x: 4.4″ / 112 14x: 3.7″ / 94
  • Dimensions: Length: 12.6″ / 32 cm
  • Weight: 15.1 oz / 428 g

Pros and Cons of Using the Leupold VX 3 4.5 14×40

Leupold VX 3 4.5 14x40 scope and box


This Leupold VX 3 4.5 14×40 review will hopefully lay out the pros and cons in a dynamic fashion that helps you to decide if this scope makes sense for you.

1. Offers Better Eye Relief
For those who haven’t yet been smacked in the face with a rifle scope, congratulations. You live among the few hunters who haven’t. Eye relief takes about the distance you have to hold your shooting eye from the lens of the scope to see an image. Hold it too close and the images go fuzzy, and if you keep it too far away from you, the image becomes a dot in the center of the lens. For a firearm with a powerful recoil, you can use this scope to enjoy 9.2 cm of eye relief.

2. Is Waterproof and Fog Proof
Imagine you’re lazing up in the tree stand, eating a bologna sandwich when a big 12-point buck comes sauntering out of the swamp lands. You just had to pass over a creek, and it’s seven in the morning with a slight chill. On those mornings, fog can form on the glass of the scope and make taking a shot next to impossible. On top of that, water can seep into the scope and leave it ruined.

3. Offers a Custom Dial
Definitely one of the aspects worth mentioning, if you decide you like what this Leupold VX 3 4.5 14×40 review says and you decide to go out and buy this scope, you can ask Leupold to make you your own custom dial. You provide them with the information, and after it has been finished, they will send you your own custom dial. For hunting purposes, this is one of the best rifle scopes you can get in this price category, and it makes it perfect for taking those long range shots.


1. Faulty Eye Relief

Getting the eye relief correct at 14 mm can be a little tricky. If you’re sitting out in the field and you haven’t put in many hours of practice, it can lead to you missing your shot when the big game comes out.

2. No Long Range Reticle

You also do not have a long range reticle, which makes taking the super long distance shots next to impossible. It needs a few more aim points if you’re going to succeed at making a long-distance shot.

3. Pricey

This scope costs $475, which is a little higher than what many hunters can afford. Granted, the scope does its job, and once you get past the high cost, it’s well worth the price.

As you can see from our review and looking at some of the other Leupold VX 3 4.5 14×40 review posts written, most of the people who tried the scope didn’t have too many negative things to say about this hunting scope. In fact, if you’re hunting, it could probably rank as one of the finer scopes with crystal-clear imaging.

Who Is This Product Best For?

This Leupold VX 3 4.5 14×40 review looked at multiple customer angles. After looking over the facts, we learned that this scope works best for hunters, and of the hunters who used it, only a small handful of them had a complaint about it. Most of them couldn’t think of anything they disliked, and the price makes this product a great deal. Why does this scope work so well for hunters? It works well because in general, hunters need to take short to medium-range shots and this scope specializes in just that.


The Leupold VX 3 4.5 14×40 rifle scope is available on various online shops. You can find the optic on Opticsplanet.com, where it will cost you $500.00. On eBay.com, this scope is priced at $475.

Having been burned on expensive scopes that failed to measure up to the price asked, many hunters opt for the less expensive scopes. However, the Leupold comes from a solid brand that backs their products. For example, their customer service promises they will either repair the scope or replace it at no cost to you.

This means that even if you did run across a dud, you could still get your money back because Leupold products boldly hand you a full lifetime guarantee. In addition, you don’t need proof of ownership or a warranty card to make good on this promise.

Summing Up

In general, this Leupold VX 3 4.5 14×40 review gives this scope a favorable review. Most customers did not have a lot of negative to say about it. The vast majority, in fact, was positive. With this scope, you have everything needed to make the shots of a lifetime. Bring home a big trophy buck and with wide grin on your face as you tell your wife how you will soon have a freezer full of venison.