Leupold VX HOG Review – 1-4x20mm Riflescope

Whether you’re a hog hunter, deer hunter or any other kind of hunter, the Leupold VX HOG 1-4x20mm riflescope will be your new best friend. Leupold’s signature VX series line of products are undeniably some of the best scopes available in today’s optics market, and the VX HOG is no exception. You might ask yourself what makes the VX HOG 1-4x20mm riflescope so exceptional? Simply put, the VX HOG 1-4x20mm riflescope sports qualities and features unheard of for a scope in its class or price range.

This sharp shooting little scope is fast on target acquisition and provides a clear, crisp picture every time you shoot with it. Stick around for a few minutes to read this Leupold VX Hog review, and we’ll cover some of the important features, benefits and potential disadvantages.

Leupold VX HOG Review Pros and Cons

Leupold VX HOG 1-4x20mm


  • Magnification: 1.40-4.00 power.
  • Eye Relief: 4.20 inches (Low Power), 3.80 inches (High Power).
  • Field of View: 74.70 feet (Low Power), 29.80 feet (High Power).
  • Weight: 8.10 ounces.
  • Elevation Adjustment Range: 125 MOA.
  • Windage Adjustment Range: 125 MOA.
  • Length: 9.50 inches.
  • Tube Diameter: 1 inch.

The Pros

Lens Glass Quality

Leupold uses enhanced glass production techniques that result in lead-free lenses, which significantly improves optical brightness while also lowering lens weight.

Fog Free

Purging scopes with nitrogen gas displaces oxygen, moisture and a large number of other potential contaminants that could ruin your lens clarity.

Great Eye Relief

The Leupold VX HOG 1-4x20mm riflescope has a surprising amount of eye relief that opens it up for use on a wide range of guns and calibers. At low power the VX HOG sports 4.20 inches of eye relief and at high power, an impressive 3.80 inches, which is more than enough to prevent getting “scoped”.

Sturdy Design

The VX HOG scope tube is crafted with 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum, which allows it to be utilized in tough field conditions without worry.

Fast-Focus and Target Acquisition

Hog hunting normally involves shooting a target on the move, and the Leupold VX HOG’s new lockable Fast-Focus eyepiece makes getting a target picture easy. This feature is incredibly important for close range target acquisition, and can literally make or break a fast shot. Leupold VX HOG reviews online consistently list this feature as one of the primary reasons people enjoy this scope.

looking through the Leupold VX HOG 1-4x20mm

Zero and Hold

Nothing is more exasperating than spending several hours at the range burning through expensive ammunition without getting a confident zero on your riflescope. The VX HOG’s ¼ MOA turret clicks with consistency every time, and the scopes sheer toughness ensures your rifle will stay zeroed even under the harshest conditions.

Quantum Optical System Multicoated Lenses

Leupold has been a pioneer in improving optical brightness and clarity with their proprietary Quantum Multicoated Lenses. Each layer coating (anti-reflective, phase correction, hydrophobic and abrasion-resistant) contributes something different to the spectacular brightness and clarity that Leupold scopes achieve. If you need proof head to your nearest outdoor store and test the clarity with your own eyes. Check out the Leupold VX HOG reviews online too.

Unmatched Gold Ring Warranty

Lifetime warranties on scopes are rare, and lifetime transferrable warranties are even rarer. Leupold has consistently shown that it keeps its promise when dealing with its product warranties. From its VX series line, to its MARK IV line, Leupold replaces or repairs any scope that fails to perform as expected. Scopes are expensive and way too significant of an investment to trust with a shady warranty, so don’t. Check out the customer warranty reviews on Leupold products, and you’ll find a consistent message; The Leupold Gold Ring promise has got you covered.

The Cons

As with most riflescopes, there are potential design flaws and concerns that must be taken into account when making an informed purchase. However, the only significant flaw you will encounter with the VX HOG are the words “PIG PLEX” written on each side of the crosshairs. It can be slightly distracting, maybe even annoying, but doesn’t affect the scope’s functionality when it comes to getting an accurate sight picture. Also, the crosshairs seem slightly too thick; they may actually be a bother to some shooters. However, most complaints about the reticle in the majority of Leupold VX HOG reviews didn’t seem to affect their overall impression of the scope’s quality. It’s a minor blemish, which can largely be ignored, on an otherwise perfect scope.

Who Is This Product Best For?

Honestly, the VX HOG could be a valuable and preferred item in almost any hunter’s collection. It has the quick focus needed for fast shots, and the clarity for longer follow-ups. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it for hogs, deer, big game, and maybe even dangerous game. This scope has the ability to comfortably shoot out 200-300 yards and is excellent at close range. Whether you’re a deer hunter in the stand with a 30-06 or a big game hunter packing a 444 Marlin, this scope is most likely going to be the perfect fit for your intended use.


Leupold’s VX HOG 1-4x20mm riflescope is a great riflescope choice for just about any occasion, and it’s at a price that won’t leave your pockets empty. The solid design allows it to be paired with almost any heavy recoiling rifle, and its lead-free, fog-free lens allows for excellent clarity. After you take it to the range, your zero will hold consistently during rough use, and remain predictable for every shot.

The VX HOG’s excellent lens clarity, solid design, Fast-Focus eyepiece and Gold Ring Warranty make it a solid choice for short to mid-range hunts in almost any environment. Really, its only drawback is the annoying “PIG PLEX” logo written on the crosshairs, but even that grows on you with time. Leupold offers a kind of scope quality that is very hard to find at the VX HOG’s typical price point, and a unique versatility that’s hard to beat.

Next time you’re out looking for a good scope, keep Leupold’s VX HOG 1-4x20mm riflescope in mind. Let us know what you think about the scope too.