Leupold VX R Patrol 1.25 4 Review

Many tactical carbine shooters are caught in a conundrum between mounting a red dot optic or opting for a scope. Proponents of the red dot will emphasize the speed of target acquisition, while proponents of the scope will point out the advantage of accurate shot placement at 200 yards and beyond.While the red dot vs. scope debate rages, many shooters try to find a happy middle ground. In this role, tactical carbine shooters will be enticed by the Leupold

While the red dot vs. scope debate rages, many shooters try to find a happy middle ground. In this role, tactical carbine shooters will be enticed by the Leupold VX R Patrol 1.25 4 scope. The Leupold is quick to acquire targets due to its long eye relief and allows shooters to easily reach out to targets at 200 meters and beyond with the 4x magnification. However, the features offered by the VX R Patrol do not end there. In this Leupold VX R Patrol 1.25 4 review, we will highlight specific features.

Leupold VX R Patrol 1.25 4 scope

Leupold VX R Patrol 1.25 4 Review


1. Versatility

Our Leupold VX R Patrol 1.25 4 review touts the versatility of this optic. Tactical shooters mounting the VX R Patrol on a carbine filing a 0-200 meter role will appreciate the 3.7-4.1″ eye relief for speedy target acquisition at close range and the 4x magnification for reaching out to targets at range. Hunters using both shotguns and rifles will enjoy the 11.5-ounce lightweight as they hike to their favorite hunting spots. Coming in at a $520 price point, the VX R Patrol also appeals to budget-conscious shooters who may otherwise consider a costly red dot magnifier combo.

2. Durability

Hard-use tactical carbine shooters will not have to worry about handling their weapons with silk-gloved hands when using the VX R Patrol optic. Leupold is known around the world for their commitment to creating durable products, and the VX R Patrol is no exception. Leupold’s proprietary “DiamondCoat” technology protects the front and rear lenses from both scratches and glare. The scope is sealed with rubber gaskets at both lenses, keeping the water-repelling Argon/Krypton gas blend inside. On top of the inherent durability is Leupold’s lifetime warranty. Shooters who put their rifles through torture conditions such as mud, water, and drops will not need to fear for the durability of the VX R Patrol.

3. Advanced Reticle

While the features of the VX R Patrol are many, shooters will appreciate Leupold’s “FireDot” Special Purpose Reticle. The FireDot reticle hosts 2.5-mil dotted crosshairs leading to a 10-mil circle for close range shooting. At the center of the reticle is an illuminated dot, which is large enough to be highly visible but small enough to cover only approximately one inch of a target at 100 yards. The red dot boasts 8 brightness settings for any light level.

Following the theme of versatility found in the VX R Patrol, shooters will find the reticle equally suitable for both long and short range shooting. The 10-mil circle allows users to quickly envelop a target at close range and pull off double taps while keeping the target within the circle’s boundaries. As with many other optics sporting mil-dot crosshairs, the mil-dots allow for quick adjustment of bullet drop at varying ranges without re-zeroing the optic.

looking through the reticle of the Leupold VX R Patrol 1.25 4

4. Battery Conservation

Perhaps one of the most useful features offered in the VX R Patrol is the automatic on-off function of the illuminated red dot at the center of the FireDot reticle. Many shooters have cursed their luck after realizing they left their illuminated optic on after a previous shooting session, only to find the illumination dead in a time of need. With the VX R Patrol, users will not need to worry about this concern. Using a gyro sensor to detect motion, the scope will shut off after five minutes without movement, conserving the CR-2032 battery. However, move the scope and the red dot instantly springs back into action as soon as the rifle is moved. Shooters do have the option of manually turning their VX R Patrol on and off using the push button capped with a Leupold logo during long periods of inactivity.


Having a maximum magnification of 4x, this Leupold VX R Patrol 1.25 4 review does not recommend shooters looking to engage targets much past 200 meters choose this optic. While skill levels vary, most shooters will struggle to place shots on target at 400 yards.

The VX R patrol is not recommended for these longer range applications, so do not plan on mounting it on a long range precision rifle. Shooters who plan to mount the VX R Patrol on an AR-15 pattern rifle must be prepared to mount the optic using a fairly high set of scope mounts. If the optic is mounted too low to the rails, shooters will have difficulty manipulating the charging handle underneath the low clearance of the optic, which protrudes a good inch and a half past the rear edge of the rail.

Who Is This Product Best For?

We recommend the optic for varmint hunters using rifles and shotguns will be able to make use of the variable magnification and light weight. Where the optic truly shines, though, is on a tactical carbine used for engagements at 0-200 yards. The optic is an excellent middle ground between a red dot and a high powered scope for tactical carbine use.

This Leupold VX R Patrol 1.25 4 review has shown us that the optic strikes an excellent balance between the quick target acquisition offered by red dot optics and the accuracy at range offered by high powered scopes. The legendary quality Leupold is known for extends to the VX R Patrol, ensuring customers have an optic which will give optimal performance under hard use for many years.

The advanced FireDot reticle is unparalleled for giving shooters ease of use for both close and long range applications. Users will not worry about losing the red dot illumination during times of need, due to the motion-activated battery conservation technology. The VX R Patrol is optimal for 0-200 yard weapons systems, so do not expect it to rival high powered optics at long ranges. AR-15 users should plan to purchase high scope mounts in order to easily access the charging handle.