Leupold VX R Patrol 3 9×40 Review – Pros and Cons

The Leupold VX R Patrol 3 9×40 review indicates this scope is designed for military personnel and law enforcement officials. It is because the manufacturer has adopted a range finding mechanism versus a hold over elevation, windage design. The riflescope features Leupold’s proprietary motion sensor that deactivates the illumination function automatically after five minutes of inactivity and reactivates immediately it detects movement.

The VX R Patrol 3 9×40 also comes with the popular Index Matched Lens mechanism that works in conjunction with the lead-free blackened lenses for clear transmission of light. The fast-focus eyepiece allows you to adjust the diopter while performing your duties in the field. The Leupold VX R Patrol 3 9×40 also has a second generation waterproofing feature that rids of the effects of shock from temperature more efficiently than nitrogen. But let’s find out more about the scope below.


  • Magnification- Range 3-9 times;
  • Reticle- FireDot TMR;
  • Finish- Matte;
  • Color- black;
  • Objective lens diameter- 40mm;
  • Tube diameter- 30mm;
  • Adjustment click value- 0.25 MOA;
  • Field of view- range 13.6-33.6 feet at 100 yards;
  • Length- 12.6 inches;
  • Weight- 15.3 oz.


Leupold VX-R Patrol, 3-9 x 40

1. High-Quality Optics

Leupold is known for its excellent illumination features. To begin with, the riflescope features a state-of-art illumination mechanism- the FireDot reticle. Only select models come equipped with this exclusive system- FireDot Circle, FireDot Pig Plex, FireDot Duplex, FireDot SPR, FireDot 4, FireDot SPR, FireDot LR Duplex and Ballistic FireDot.

When it is activated, the dot within the reticle illuminates a sharp, bright definition while the rest of the reticle remains non-illuminated. The combination allows your eye to see your target fast and with precision. The most important time to use this feature is as the lights fade in the evening. Shooters hunting in the open country during daylight hours find the feature particularly useful if they have time to deliberate about most shots.

Secondly, its proprietary index matched lens system ensures each lens’ surface has a different coating material based on placement, function, and lens’ index of refraction. The layering rids of reflections and optimizes transmission of light, providing a sharp resolution across the visual field and unparalleled brightness.

Its blackened lens edge improves the user’s visual ability by reducing unwanted glare and diffusion, offering a higher resolution, optical performance, and enhanced contrast. The Leupold VX R Patrol 3 9×40 review has also identified features such as lead-free glass lenses that provide better clarity. Apart from the superior optics, the lenses are produced using eco-friendly products.

The ballistic aiming mechanism provides the necessary variables required for long-range shooting. Its unique ballistics indicator ring lets users adjust the power settings of their cartridge ballistics and saves the setting. The wide magnification range of 3-6 times provides a great deal of versatility for hunting big game.

2. Durability

The second generation waterproofing feature for this riflescope has Leupold’s proprietary Argon/Krypton blend. This combination eliminates the adverse effects of thermal shock. Additionally, since Argon/Krypton blend has larger molecules than those of nitrogen, it reduces the diffusion of gases sealed in your scope.

Its rugged design bolstered using DiamondCoat layers provides additional protection for the lenses for enhanced transmission of light and resistance to abrasion. Additionally, the eco-friendly lead-free glass lenses prevent damage that is common to regular glass production.

3. Advanced Technology

The Leupold VX R Patrol 3 9×40 review shows that the device comes with motion sensor technology. As such, a single touch or twist of a button activates the illumination, providing different intensity settings- high and low. The reticle adjusts to a standby mode after five minutes of inactivity and reactivates when it is moved. It ridsof the need for excessive movement when reaching the buttons and prolongs battery life.

4. Improved Performance

The riflescope’s generous eyebox feature allows you to achieve clear sight and picture fast. It also provides a great deal of flexibility for shooters who want to make long shots. What’s more, the rifle has a quick target acquisition feature that makes all the difference for shooters who want to get an up-close view of the big game.

Leupold VX R Patrol 3 9×40 review shows that when set at a higher power, the elongated eye relief offers an incredible head position and improves visibility by filling the eyepiece completely. The rifle also accommodates different ranges of visual acuity even in fading light using its one-turn non-locking eyepiece. As such, it helps both far-sighted and near-sighted users and adjusting the reticles is fast and precise. Its 30mm main tube provides a large field of view and a wide range of internal adjustment for elevation and windage despite weighing 15.3 oz.

5. Ease of Use

The Leupold VX R Patrol 3 9×40 riflescope features a 0.1 mil impact point correction that allows finger click alterations for elevation and windage adjustments that offer absolute dependability over its lifetime. Its pop-up re-zero feature also ensures maximum adjustments for precision, range, and instant re-zeroing while the TMR (Tactical Milling Reticle) graduations allow the rifle to retain external and elevation adjustments.

6. Additional Benefits

The package comes with bungee lens covers to protect the lenses from damage.


While the riflescope delivers high-quality optics, it does not have VX-3’s high-quality lens. Additionally, users need to keep on adjusting the FireDot reticle as the light conditions differ. Sometimes you may find it too bright or dim when you want to shoot a target.

Who Is this Product for?

The Leupold VX R Patrol 3 9×40 riflescope has been designed for medium-range targeting. Its optical system makes it ideal for the law enforcement agency, snipers, and street officers.


Amazon sells the Leupold VX R Patrol 3 9×40 at $479.98 while eBay charges $494.00. The same riflescope retails at $477.88 on Walmart.


According to this Leupold VX R Patrol 3 9×40 review the riflescope is designed as a precision rifle that can perform more than shooting game. It’s uniquely priced at nearly half of tactical optics of this genre, and the buyer will be getting a whole lot more for his money. Its FireDot feature is the most outstanding as it rids of the difficulties that come with lack of light and definition when shooters are trying to lock on to a target.