Leupold VX6 1 6×24 Review: The Good and The Bad


The Leupold VX6 1 6×24 multigun scope is a favorite of deer hunters, long range target shooters and three gun match competitors. It’s a price-competitive choice as well. Users like its high optical performance and clear glass with a 1-6x magnification range, accurate 1x setting for close shooting, and a reticle designed for the needs of competitive shooters. Other popular but higher priced gold standard three-gun scopes include Swarovski 1-6 and Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6.

The Leupold includes well-executed illumination and blackened-edge lead and arsenic-free glass to sharpen long shoots. The scope is lighter than most in the 1-6 class. When compared to other scopes in the category, the Leupold also compares favorably in terms of durability and performance. Users say the Leupold VX6 1 6×24 allows users to shoot within 100 yards to 400 yards. It goes out easily with 1-6. The .5 interdot is ideal for small, accurate shots. The illuminated 5 moa circle turns into an up-close power dot. The red dot is great for the 0-50 range and well-defined in the 200-300 yard range.

Leupold VX6 1 6x24 riflescope


Pros and Cons of Using the Leupold VX6 1 6×24

Users of the Leupold VX6 1 6×24 say the pros outweigh the cons. More than 80 percent of users give it a five-star rating.


1. Outstanding Image Resolution. The Leupold VX6 1 6×24 riflescope offers Xtended Twilight Lens coatings. The scope test well in low light to darkness, even at 6x magnification. Exterior lenses are coated with DiamondCoat 2™ to improve resistance to abrasion and assist in light transmission for greater contrast, brightness, and clarity. Users rave about the clean and clear glass.

2. Great Precision Shots. The one MOA dot is great for precision shots in which the shooter doesn’t want the dot to cover the target. It’s clearly visible even in bright sunlight. The dot can be turned off when desired. Power adjustment is precise.

3. Affordable, Durable, Lightweight Riflescope. The Leupold VX6 1 6×24 tests well in military conditions. It’s less expensive than primary competitors’ packages and weighs just 13.4 ounces. These factors sell the scope for most users.

4. Automatic Shut-Off Feature. The optics turn off when the scope is not in use for five minutes. If the gun is moved, the scope turns on.

5. Proprietary Waterproofing. The Leupold VX6 1 6×24 uses proprietary waterproofing technology to reduce the effects of humidity, weather, and thermal shock effects.

6. Fixed Eye Relief. The 3.8 eye relief doesn’t change with power range and it’s easy to stay behind.

7. CMR2 Reticle. Competitive shooters like the mid-range reticle.

8. Ease of Operation and Quality. Users like the on and off push button and overall quality of the riflescope. Multiple reviewers place the Leupold VX6 1 6×24 in the top three scopes in the category.

9. Target Enhancement. Some users prefer a compact and lightweight scope that enhances a target without adding burdens to a semi-automatic or tactical sporting rifle. The Leupold VX6 1 6×24 power scope is extremely popular with users that don’t want a high-powered, high priced scope.

10. Iron Sights Replacement. The Leupold VX6 1 6×24 is a one to six power scope that’s adjustable from one power, or no magnification, to six power, or six times’ actual life appearance magnification. This is “low-powered optics” or optical sight, because the shooter needs only minimum magnification. He or she typically wants to replace or extend shooting range a bit beyond iron sights. The Leupold VX6 1 6×24 scope was designed with this user in mind, featuring an illuminated reticle, rangefinder, bullet-drop compensation, and additional precision features.


Users of the Leupold VX6 1 6×24 don’t report many cons. Less than 10 percent of users give the product three stars or less. It’s important to note that Leupold offers a full lifetime guarantee of the product.

1. FireDot Adjustment. A small group of users don’t like the button to make positive or negative changes in brightness. Other riflescopes offer positive adjustment dials that owners like. In addition, users say the green FireDot isn’t as large or bright as desired since most shots of the three gun shooter occur at 50 yards or less. A large, bright dot helps to fix the A-Zone.

2. MOA Adjustment. A small number of users say the leupold doesn’t return to zero and left the scope at one MOA high.

3. Power Adjustment Lever. Users say it’s too tight and difficult to use. Leupold seems aware of the issue and they’re working to resolve it.

4. Illuminated Reticle Issues. Batteries drain quickly and a small percentage of users say they’ve returned the scope for repairs.

Who Is This Product Best For?

Leupold VX6 1 6x24 on top of a rifle

Shooters, hunters, three gun competitors, and safari-goers like the Leupold VX6 1 6×24 riflescope. Users like that it’s quick to acquire targets. Large eye relief makes it easy to stay behind for long periods. The ability to make quick “combat-accurate shots” is ideal for three gun competitors. Users say its zoom range is great for close shots used in three gun competition but powerful enough for the user’s eyes to find targets out to about 400 yards.

Most users pair the Leupold VX6 1 6×24 with modern sporting rifle platforms, such as the AR-15. This stands for ArmaLiterifle, reflecting the 1950s company that designed it.


A few years ago, users complained there weren’t enough quality 1-6x power riflescopes. Today, there are many choices in the category. It’s important to know that not all riflescopes offer the same quality as the Leupold VX6 1 6×24. Reviewers like the proprietary waterproofing to protect against water accumulation from temperature swings and low temperatures on the hunt. It’s shockproof, so it’s also recoil- resistant.

Most users rave about the Leupold VX6 1 6×24 fully-coated optics. The Leupold’s supra-military grade anti-glare coating allows for a consistent transmission of light. That means you get a clear, sharp image with reduced glare. The illuminated reticle lights up the crosshairs and provides desirable contrast against your targets.

Since black crosshairs don’t always show up clearly on the target in lower light – or because the color of the target makes it difficult to see the crosshairs – the illuminated reticle on the power scope allows you to see the crosshairs on your target. You can then better engage it. Since users of competitors’ power scopes complain about the added weight of an illuminated reticle, it’s no surprise that owners love the light weight, durability, and performance package.