Nikon Buckmaster 3 9×40 Review: Pros, Cons, and Best Uses

The Nikon Buckmaster 3 9×40 is one of the most advanced scopes offered by Nikon on the market today. Not only is this scope waterproof, it has a multi-coated optic that allows the flawless transmission of light to improve your sight at incredible distances. This Nikon Buckmaster 3 9×40 review will cover the pros and cons of using this scope, some of the specs that make this product stand out, and what this scope is best for.

Nikon Buckmaster 3 9×40 Specs

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  • Length: 12.3″.
  • Weight: 13.1 oz.
  • 3.6 in eye relief.
  • 4.4 – 13.3 mm exit pupil diameter.
  • Shockproof.
  • Waterproof.
  • Fogproof.
  • FOV at 100 Yards: 33.8-11.3 ft.
  • Lens cover: Brightvue multicoating.
  • Field of view 11.9 – 35.7 ft @ 100 yds.
  • Lifetime warranty.

Pros and Cons of Using Nikon Buckmaster 3 9×40

Nikon Buckmaster 3 9x40 mounted on a rifle

Like all other products out there, a Nikon Buckmaster 3 9×40 review demonstrate this scope has both positive and negative attributes. Some of these qualities are highlighted below.


This scope hosts numerous positive features demonstrating the exceptional quality of the scope. This scope features a fantastic 1/4″ click adjustment value at 100 yards and a maximum 80 MOA. Nikon is sure to impress users with this product. Some quality features of this scope are:

  • Extremely durable lens – This scope is fog proof, waterproof, and shockproof. It is guaranteed to maintain a crystal clear view during use, no matter what elements of nature you expose the lense to. You do not have to worry about damaging your scope if you drop it in water or on a hard surface. This is the perfect scope for any rugged terrain.
  • Excellent product warranty – Nikon is a company that truly values its’ customers and stands by their products 100%. You are protected if you experience any problems with the scope that are unexpected. this product comes with a lifetime warranty that covers the entire scope. If there are any issues with any part of this scope, Nikon will replace it for you hasslefree.
  • Crystal clear and bright scope – this scope provides a consistently clear view. The light for this scope is very bright, with a 92% light transmission, ensuring a clear and bright view even at dusk.
  • Excellent Adjustments – the multiplier ring is extremely easy to adjust and very smooth to operate, even during use. The side focus is excellent, even with objects far away. The 1/4″ click adjustment value ensures you can zero into your target quickly and without any hassle.
  • Quick focus eyepiece – this feature makes using this scope at various distances easier-than-ever. Shooters are better able to bring the reticle into sharp focus almost instantly. This scope zeros in extremely well and holds its position even on large caliber rifles.
  • Large exit pupils – this quality works exceptionally well to improve light in low-lit areas. This feature is extremely beneficial for individuals who go hunting at dawn or dusk when game is most active.
  • Extremely affordable – this is an excellent quality scope, especially for the price range. This scope is under $200, top quality, and extremely reliable. Users have found this scope to be far superior compared to others in the same price range and even comparable to more expensive models.


Although this scope has several positive characteristics that drastically improve the sight and experience of users, there are some setbacks with this scope. Some users have reported problems with accuracy while using the Buckmaster 3 9×40. Although a few users have reported that the shots did not hit the target directly, they are rather pleased that the shots end up within a 2-inch area of the direct target.

One of the most common problems found in a Nikon Buckmaster 3 9×40 review is the drop compensation. The bullet drop reticle does show shooters where the bullet will drop, but weather and other conditions can impact its accuracy. Although the lens is designed to be fog proof, a Nikon Buckmaster 3 9×40 review shows that fog can be an issue in thick wooded areas. You may consider bringing a glass cleaner towel with you to clear up the lens.

Who Is This Product Best For?

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Some users have found this scope to be excellent for distances over 300 yards, especially when shooting larger objects. A Nikon Buckmaster 3 9×40 review determines this scope is best for large game hunters. Long range is not an issue as the accuracy is rather reliable; however, it could be an issue with smaller targets.


The Nikon Buckmaster 3 9×40 can be purchased from various retailers online. Amazon and Cabela’s each have this scope listed for $129. If you prefer to order the scope directly from the manufacturer, Nikon, it is available for $129.95. Additionally, Dick’s Sporting Goods store has this scope available for $129.99 and can be picked up same-day in most stores. No matter which retailer you choose, this scope comes with a manufacturer warranty through Nikon that ensures replacement for all scopes unless it is lost, stolen, or intentional damage occurs.


Hands down the Nikon Buckmaster 3 9×40 is the best scope you will find in this price range. The crystal clear lens provides an image that is unmatched by the competition. The large exit pupils and the quick-focus eyepiece make using this scope easier than ever and the multiplier ring and side focus are truly added bonuses.

The shock and waterproof features ensure your scope remains problem-free no matter what Mother Nature has in store. Although the Nikon Buckmaster 3 9×40 is considered a step-up from a starter scope, the quality and performance is on par with professional scopes.