Nikon Buckmaster 6 18×40 Review: Pros, Cons, and Best Uses

It’s not always easy to pick out the best riflescope. Some sports have equipment that’s easily sorted out by quality. But a rifle scope in and of itself comes with a large number of options. And each of them interacts differently with various environmental conditions.

As such, one should always give careful consideration of the best options. If you’ve ever wanted to take an in-depth look at what makes the Nikon Buckmaster 6 unique than reading on. In this article, we’ll examine what makes this unique and sought after by serious sportsman. We’ll also cover specific usage scenarios that might make it a perfect fit for different situations.

Nikon Buckmaster 6 18×40 Specs

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  • Magnification – 6x to 18x;
  • Weight (without mounting materials) – 1.21 lb;
  • Dimensions: (LxWxH) 18.2 x 4.8 x 3.7 inches;
  • Sight Window – 40mm x 40mm BDC;
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10F to 130 F;
  • Power Supply – N/A.

Nikon Buckmaster 6 18×40 Pros and Cons


  1. Advanced Weatherproofing. A Nikon Buckmaster 6 is fully water resistant. And it’s also resistant to water vapor and fog. The combination isn’t usually found in a scope at this price range. But it’s extremely important for any hunter in a rainy area. The overall durability means that one can use it without constantly worrying about weather conditions.
  2. Anti-reflective design. One should also consider sunlight while reading a Nikon Buckmaster 6 18×40 review. The scope’s lens uses the Brightvue technique to adapt to different light levels. It enhances available light to offer superior clarity. But at the same time, it provides over 92% anti-reflective capability. This ensures that one has a clear view during the entirety of a long day spent outdoors.
  3. Large exit pupils. One can see sunlight as a running theme in this Nikon Buckmaster 6 18×40 review. The scope can even compensate for the lower light levels as dusk approaches. And large exit pupils enhance clarity during both dawn and dusk.
  4. Precise adjustment. Adjustments to the reticle are made through a firm but simple adjustment. It’s easy enough that one can perform the action quickly. But it’s firm enough to remain set even in instances with strong recoil.
  5. Wide range of support. Owners of a wide variety of firearms can take note of this Nikon Buckmaster 6 18×40 review. Because the scope supports a large range of hunting rifles. Everything from rimfire to muzzle loading rifles can match up to the Nikon Buckmaster 6.
  6. Powerful BDC reticle. Nikon Buckmaster 6 18×40 review readers should take particular note of the reticle design. It features a number of enhancements which bring some unique advantages. The most notable improvement comes from ballistic circles.
    The ballistic circles work in conjunction with an overall trajectory-compensating design plan. Its end result is simple and precise aiming for both nearby and distant targets. This unique design might well be the most important point to remember when reading this Nikon Buckmaster 6 18×40 review.

Nikon Buckmaster 6 18x40 side-focus parallax adjuster


  1. Cost. The largest issue with the scope isn’t anything inherent to the device itself. Instead, it’s the simple fact that it’s becoming something of a rarity. The scope is out of active production. And this means that stock of sealed scopes is continually diminishing.
    This also means that one needs to deal with issues inherent with any out of production item. So difficulties in actually tracking down the scope need to come under consideration. The scarcity might also affect the overall price point.
    Even at set market value it might sit somewhat high for people looking at mid-range scopes. The overall quality is quite high in comparison to items at a similar price. But if one won’t make use of those features than the cost might be a negative.
  2. Shooting style. The quick focus can also fit into both pro and con depending on one’s particular style. Most people find their accuracy improving from the quick focus. But those used to compensate for changes in the distance on the fly might find themselves fighting with the quick focus.
    The focus can also prove limited on close proximity shots. Issues might develop when taking shots below 50 yards. This too can fall under general differences in style. Whether this is a disadvantage or not is largely dependent on how one intends to use it.
  3. Unlit Reticle. The scope’s reticle doesn’t provide any native lighting. If someone’s used to lit reticles than the lack of one might become an issue. However, the severity of this point is somewhat lessened by how well it adapts to low light conditions.

Who Is This Product Best For?

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Hunters who go out for longer trips are the best match for this scope. There’s two main factors which make it such a good pairing. The first is the level of weather resistance. It can stand up to almost any harsh weather condition.

Secondly, the lens design provides exceptional adaptability to various lighting conditions. It helps decrease issues of overly bright sunlight. But at the same time it’s able to help make use of limited light during dawn and dusk.

Finally, it even adapts to the varying choice of rifle one might need. It fits almost any rifle design. And this in turn helps hunters choose the best rifle for any given trip.


The Nikon Buckmaster 6 is currently out of production. As such, one can expect heavy variation in sales price. But you can still find it on eBay and other used markets.


This Nikon Buckmaster 6 18×40 review highlights how well it can fit into a variety of conditions. It’s not the cheapest option. But it’s also quite reasonably priced for the durability and feature set. One of the main points covered in this review has to do with versatility. In general it should match up to almost anyone’s style.

It does things differently enough that one might want to give it a try before purchasing. But people willing to spend time getting comfortable with the BDC reticle can expect some significant return on their investment.