Nikon M-308 Review: To Buy or Not to Buy?


Founded in 1917, Nikon is one of the oldest imaging companies there is. Which is why this review about one of their most recent products the Nikon M-308 will be fascinating even for those that are not very adept with rifles. After the success that Nikon enjoyed with the M-223 series, they decided to launch three more entries that are caliber specific. The M-308 is particularly calibrated for the .308 Winchester cartridge.

If you recently got yourself a Winchester and had been struggling with getting a good riflescope to pair with your gun, you might want to read this Nikon M-308 review and see what this rifle scope could offer you and, why you ought to be considering it in the near future.

nikon m-308 scope

The Pros and Cons of Using a Nikon M-308


As you’re about to see in this Nikon M-308 review, there are plenty of exciting and innovative features that are packed into the scope. Each of these is critically thought to offer the best experience under all circumstances.

  • 1. Durable rifle scope The Nikon M-308 features a BDC 800 reticle that is shockproof, waterproof and fog proof. These features protect the riflescope from external factors and allow it offer longer service even under different weather elements.
  • 2. High-quality performance With an Ultra ClearCoat optical system and a BDC 800 reticle, the scope also has features like a 4× zoom ratio and a rapid action turrets that offer the user ultimate vision and flexibility with how they can use the scope. You are guaranteed of high performance and deliverance courtesy of the assortment of features that come with the rifle scope.
  • 3. Impressive rifle scope lens Fully multicoated optics with a side objective lens (42mm) with an exit pupil of 2.62-10.55 mm complete with a flip-open lens cover provide up to 95% of light transmission. The lens is usable during the day until dusk. The flip-open cover keeps the integrity of lens intact and protects it from scratches and accumulation of dirt.
  • 4. Sizeable scope Even with an extensive array of features and plenty of wiggle room as shown in this Nikon M-308 review, the scope is built from a one piece main body tube which makes it easier to work with and also to mount. The size of the lens keeps the mechanics of holding the weapon intact and can be comfortably used for offhand shooting without requiring additional aids.
  • 5. Advanced technology Cutting-edge features that include; the Spot on Ballistic Match Technology, spring-loaded instant zero-rest Turrets, and a quick focus eyepiece all make the rifle scope more adaptable, scalable and applicable to a broad range of terrains.
  • 6. Complete mounting kit Before you get to use the scope, you have to mount it on the rifle. The Nikon M-308 comes with one piece of mount and is complete with the Allan keys that you will need for the fastening. You don’t need to invest in a separate mounting kit.

It is also worth mentioning in this Nikon M-308 review that the rifle scope comes with a lifetime warranty. It acts as security to assure you that you’re making an investment in a sturdy, uniquely built and durable product that will be able to last.

nikon m-308 scope


Despite the impressive collection of features and benefits, there are a couple of drawbacks as covered in different Nikon M-308 reviews that you ought to be aware of.
To begin with, the rifle scope great as it is, is built for particular types of guns. As much as there are quite a number of rifles that fit the .308 category, there are plenty more that are locked out. Obviously, this means that owners of other types of guns might not find the device useful and, if you have to purchase the device and own a rifle that is not a matching caliber, you might have to buy a new rifle as well to make the most out of the scope.

Also, because of the BDC reticle, the rifle scope is best used for short range applications of below 500 yards. Within such range, the scope is quite accurate but is moderately accurate at longer ranges. With enough experience, it is possible to use the scope over long range with plenty of success.

Featuring a built-in 20 MOA slope, users that are not highly adept to calculating the distance might find using the feature slightly challenging especially in ranges other than 100 yards because of the precise and fragmented measurement. However, in most instances, this is a necessary evil that you can learn over time.

The single body build is greatly highlighted in this Nikon M-308 review and reduces the weight and size of the scope drastically. However, that also makes it less portable since you can’t take it apart for more economical storing on transit.

Who Is this Product Best For?

nikon m-308 scope

The Nikon M-308 is a caliber specific riflescope. It is built to maximize the performance of the .308 rifles. While the rifles in this class are best suited for long range applications on a wide scale of use, paired with this rifle scope the rifle is best suited for hunters.

Also, based on a number of features on the rifle scope, like the magnification and the lightweight and sizeable nature of the scope, the M-308 is best used for hunting. It might also be excellent to work with in a shooting range. However, it is slightly shorthanded to be used for combat.

When it comes to scopes, high quality and performance rarely ever feature in the same description with low price. The Nikon M-308 is not only affordable but offers total value for the money with a carefully selected collection of features that make it better adapted for use.

The easy to use nature of the scope with the resetting turrets is user-friendly even to users that might not be very conversant with scopes especially given its clear optics and diverse zooming options.

The scope is superbly accurate with moderate length of up to 500 yards and moderately accurate over 500 yards. With skilled hands and a trained eye, it can prove to be very handy even at long range. It is a great scope to consider for hunters and for practicing at a shooting range. It is also an ideal pick if you’re considering it as your first scope. Hoping this Nikon M-308 review has shed light on your next rifle scope and what you should look for.