Top 3 Rated Leupold Rifle Scopes

Leupold is a well known maker of scopes, and offers a wide variety of products. The three we have chosen to give you an overview of come from three of the different price ranges that Leupold offers, though all are lower power scopes which makes them very useful for close range shooting. The first scope is from one of their more affordable lines of centerfire scopes, and is a fixed 4 power magnification. The second scope is from one the more middle of the road price range, and is also a low power scope, with a variable zoom that’s from 1.25 to 4 times. The final scope is from the higher end of Leupold’s scopes, and has a 1-6 times magnification, making extremely valuable for close to medium range shooting. This should hopefully help get you pointed in the right direction as you look for a great scope for your rifle.

#1 Leupold FX-II 4×33 mm Scope, MATTE


Magnification: 4x

Objective Lens: 33mm

Weight:  9.3 oz

POU (philosophy of use): This scope is a great choice for the beginning shooter who needs a low price scope to get them started into shooting and into the field hunting. The waterproof coating makes it great for a beginning hunter. Another great feature of this scope is it’s lens coating that allows it to transmit more light in the visible spectrum to make the sight picture even clearer and brighter, even in low light situations, such as dawn and dusk, which is when a lot of shots present themselves while hunting. Finally, fixed magnification scopes offer many advantages over variable zoom scopes, such as their lighter weight, better light transmission, and dead simple operation.


#2 Leupold 111231 VXR 1.25-4x20mm Scope


Magnification: 1.25x-4x

Objective Lens: 20mm

Weight:  11.5 oz

OAL (overall length):  9.5 inches

Tube Diameter: 30mm

POU: This scope is great for a more experienced hunter, who wants to get a higher end scope than his/her first one, but still doesn’t want to break the bank, and hunts somewhere where most of his/her shots are within 200 yards. This scope is also great for a tactical shooter who wants to be using his rifle for close to medium range shooting, given the scope’s low range of magnification. This scope is also great for the tactical shooter, because of the red illuminated aiming dot that it contains. This makes it great for them, because it allows quick and accurate shooting at close ranges, and also has crosshairs that make it very usable for more precise shooting. Also, this scope contains a motion sensor that saves battery life by turning off the do when the scope is not being used or in motion.


#3 Leupold VX-6 1-6x24mm Rifle Scope, CDS, Matte Black, Illum Firedot Circle 112319


Magnification: 1x-6x

Objective Lens: 24mm

Weight:  14.6 oz

POU: This scope is great for the high end tactical and competition user because of it’s true 1 time magnification, and it’s illuminated dot allows it to be great for quick up close, and fast shooting that is often seen in competition shooting. This scope also incorporates a 6x zoom which makes it very useful for longer range tactical run-and-gun competition shots, which can be up to 600 yards,  making the 6 times zoom very useful. This scope is also useful for hunters, especially ones who see a wide range of shots, with more of the shots being closer than further away. This is also very useful for faster paced hunting, such as feral hog hunting, where a 1 times zoom is extremely useful as it allows it to be used with both eyes opened, which is useful when your target is moving and you need to be able to have the maximum field of view that you can.