Nikon P-223 4-12×40 BDC 600 Riflescope with Rapid Action Turret

Nikon P-223 4-12x40 BDC 600 Riflescope with Rapid Action Turret
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BDC 600 Reticle with open circle aiming points. Make quick hand-turn ¼-inch @ 100 yard adjustments with Rapid Action Turrets. Magnification: 4-12x. Customer reviews: 68+

Having trouble shooting in a long range? Can’t accurately shoot target with your riffle? Do you have a riffle scope that is difficult to handle and is not accurate enough for your liking? If you think that what you need is a riffle scope that is expensive to make sure you get the right product, then you are absolutely wrong. Introducing, the Nikon P-223 4-12x BDC 600 Riflescope with Rapid Action Turret. It is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. This riffle scope is made by a well known brand that has the best quality cameras; hence it will guarantee that the riffle scope would also be a high quality product.

Benefits of you when using this product

  •  Similar to Nikon P-223 3-9×40 with the BDC 600 reticle, it will surely give you a more accurate aim at longer range. It can be adjusted to use within 100 to 600 yards, which offers accuracy and precision.
  • The fully multicoated optical system guarantees a high resolution for any time of day or night. It offers a bright and vibrant sight pictures and finest light transmission and best brightness because of the multiple layers of anti-reflective compounds that is present in every surface of the glass. It is easy to use so you don’t need to worry about its mechanisms, just enjoy shooting at close or longer range.
  • The reticle adjustments are made in a ¼ MOA click-stop moves that enables you to feel and hear without the backlash. A positive click reticle adjustment allows you to zero in quicker without messing up with the setting even with repeated recoil and under rough conditions.
  • The spring loaded instant zero-reset turrets has made it convenient for you to adjust the rifle scope to your desired setting. Field adjustment is as easy as dialing-in your desired range.
  • This product lets you to immediately bring the reticle into sharp focus and it is filled with nitrogen and O-ring sealed so this product will be durable even in the roughest conditions.
  • The product is the great for AR 15 platform

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Great Features of Nikon P-223 4-12×40 BDC 600 Riflescope

  • This riffle has the BDC 600 reticle that has an open circle aiming points.
  • Hand-turn 1/4 MOA adjustments with Rapid Action Turrets
  • It is made of fully multicoated optics that offers maximum brightness and light transition.
  • Is has spring-loaded instant zero-reset turrets.
  • Has a dimension of 3.2 by 4.7 by 15.8 inches and only weighs approximately 1.1 pound, so you don’t need to bother carrying it with your rifle.
  • Magnifies from 4 up to 12 times.
  • It has a matte finish and is built with fully multicoated lenses. Since of rifles comes in black color, this rifle scope would be a comfortable fit without being out of fashion.
  • It has a quick focus eyepiece that brings the recticle into sharp focus instantly.
  • It is very durable. It is waterproof, fog proof and shockproof.

Pros and Cons of the Nikon P-223 4-12×40


  • You may think that with a product that is fully functional, has the best quality and a matte finish, purchasing it will put a huge dent on your account. You can purchase this product with good price from Amazon..
  • With its 1.1 pound weight, transporting and attaching it on your rifle wouldn’t be a problem anymore.
  • It is convenient to use and will surely improve your vision and aim.
  • You can use it up to 600 yards and some consumer states that it can also be use up to 700 yards and still the optimal resolution is good.


What’s good about this product is that the cons are minimal. The only bad thing about it is that it is best used with an AR or a modern sporting riffle. All in all, it is a quality product for an affordable price.

What Customers Are Saying about this product?

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If you want to improve your skills in shooting yet you couldn’t find the perfect rifle scope that can meet your specifications then what you need is the Nikon P-223 4-12x BDC 600 Riflescope with Rapid Action Turret. It is innovated to enhance your optical resolution that can magnify up to 12 times and has vivid sight pictures that enable you to see whenever time of day or night.
For a very affordable price, a deal like this would be hard to come by. Passing it up would surely bring you regret and I can attest that this product would be a good purchase and guarantees your money’s worth.

To sum it all up, this product is highly recommended by costumers and has been given a good feedback. The costumer reviews show how using this riffle scope has improved their optical resolution. It is accurate, easy to operate and has a good quality for an affordable price. Don’t pass up this opportunity while this product is still up for grabs.

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