Sparc 2 Red Dot Rifle Scope Review

Whether you are firing an AR-15 or a shotgun, you’ll get great results using the SPARC 2 red dot rifle scope. Compared to a traditional magnification scope, red dot scopes are generally easier and faster to use. And that’s exactly what you’ll find with the SPARC 2 red dot scope.

A versatile scope, it will mount on either a Picatinny or Weaver base. You can use it in a wide range of lighting conditions with its 10 brightness intensity levels, including night vision. Made from aircraft grade aluminum, it is machined from a single piece and sealed with O-rings to make it waterproof and fog proof. Its included three-piece modular base gives you four different mounting heights, providing both weapon and use specific customization.

Vortex, the maker of the SPARC 2 red dot scope, started in 1986 as a veteran-owned, American-owned, family owned, and family operated business. It evolved in 2002 into Vortex Optics, still providing its customers with exceptional optical products and customer service.

Pros and Cons of Using SPARC 2 Red Dot Scope

Sparc 2 Red Dot rifle scope


1. Compact

This scope is so small you won’t even know it is there. The SPARC 2 red dot scope weighs about one-third of a pound and measures 3.1 inches in length. Set this scope on your rifle and you’ll find no significant impact on how your rifle handles.

2. Ten Intensity Settings

The SPARC 2 red dot works in a wide range of light situations, with the lowest two settings meant for use with night vision. Plus you can turn the scope off and when you turn it back on, the SPARC 2 will automatically set to your last intensity setting.

3. Long Battery Life

The SPARC 2 red dot uses a single CR2032 battery with an estimated life of 300 hours when the scope is set at its maximum brightness. To save on battery life, the scope shuts down after 12 hours of non-use.

4. Flip-up Lens Caps

No need to wonder where you put your scope’s lens caps. The SPARC 2 comes with flip-up caps, making it quick and easy to cover and protect the lens.

5. Vortex’s Customer Service and Warranty

Vortex is known for its outstanding customer service and no hassle warranty. If anything goes wrong with your scope, Vortex will repair it or replace it free of charge.

6. Multi-Coated Lens

To improve light transmission, all glass surfaces that have contact with the air are anti-reflective coated.

7. Unlimited Eye Relief

The SPARC 2 allows for fast target acquisition with its non-critical eye relief.

8. Multiple Height Mounting System

Shipped with the scope are a low mount, a high mount, and a spacer. These are combinable for different mounting heights: 18mm, 21mm, 37mm (absolute co-witness), and 40mm (lower 1/3 co-witness).

9. Easy To Use Controls

Easy to access controls are mounted on the back of the SPARC 2 red dot scope. There are two buttons that control the brightness. The button for raising the brightness also acts as the on/off switch and you’ll get a solid click when pushing the rubber-covered buttons. Windage and elevation adjustment knobs have screw-on caps that are secure. Yet they are easy to remove with rim edges that are textured for a solid grip.

Sparc 2 Red Dot mounted on a rifle


The glass in the SPARC 2 red dot scope gives a light bluish tint to everything you see in the lens. While it has no effect on the scope’s ability to get you on target, this subdued coloring may bother some users.

The red dot, especially when at higher settings, may be a bit distorted, with the distortion being more obvious when shooting with one eye. If you shoot with both eyes open, you probably won’t notice this. However, it could be a function of the 2 MOA dot’s slow refresh rate, resulting in what looks like a tail on the dot as you move from target to target.

The reticle is available only in red and only as a dot. If you prefer other colors or shapes, this scope is not a good option for you.

Because of the automatic 12-hour shut off feature, the SPARC 2 red dot is not suitable for a duty or personal defense weapon. In these types of situations, you want a scope that is ready to go when you are.

If it is taking you longer than you expect to sight in it could be because you are moving the reticle to the point of impact. With the SPARC 2, you need to move the point of impact to the reticle.

Who Is This Product Best For?

The SPARC 2 red dot is a great scope whether you are shooting completion with an AR-15 or hunting with a lever rifle. In competition, you can move the scope from rifle to rifle and will likely find that you don’t have to reset the zero. The multiple base pieces allow for lots of flexibility if you change rifles during competition. And its waterproof construction makes it suitable for hunting, no matter what the weather.


The SPARC 2 red dot scope will provide excellent results in all competition conditions, whether shooting indoors, in the open air during the heat of the summer or in the cold of March rifle matches. A perfect scope for hunting, its rugged construction lets it take a beating as you scramble through woods and fields.

Drop it on rocks, fall on it, or submerge it in swamp water and the SPARC 2 red dot scope will come up working every time. With its 8 visible and 2 infrared night vision settings, it would be hard to find a light condition where this scope does not perform well.

The SPARC 2 red dot body has a black matte anodized coating and all the tools needed for mounting come in the box. You don’t have to look any further than the SPARC 2 red dot scope for a high quality, high performance, and affordable unit all packed into one.