Leupold VX HOG Review – 1-4x20mm Riflescope

Whether you’re a hog hunter, deer hunter or any other kind of hunter, the Leupold VX HOG 1-4x20mm riflescope will be your new best friend. Leupold’s signature VX series line of products are undeniably some of the best scopes available in today’s optics market, and the VX HOG is no exception. You might ask yourself what makes the VX HOG 1-4x20mm riflescope so exceptional? Simply put, the VX HOG 1-4x20mm riflescope sports qualities and features unheard of for a scope in its class or price range.

This sharp shooting little scope is fast on target acquisition and provides a clear, crisp picture every time you shoot with it. Stick around for a few minutes to read this Leupold VX Hog review, and we’ll cover some of the important features, benefits and potential disadvantages.

Leupold VX HOG Review Pros and Cons

Leupold VX HOG 1-4x20mm


  • Magnification: 1.40-4.00 power.
  • Eye Relief: 4.20 inches (Low Power), 3.80 inches (High Power).
  • Field of View: 74.70 feet (Low Power), 29.80 feet (High Power).
  • Weight: 8.10 ounces.
  • Elevation Adjustment Range: 125 MOA.
  • Windage Adjustment Range: 125 MOA.
  • Length: 9.50 inches.
  • Tube Diameter: 1 inch.

The Pros

Lens Glass Quality

Leupold uses enhanced glass production techniques that result in lead-free lenses, which significantly improves optical brightness while also lowering lens weight.

Fog Free

Purging scopes with nitrogen gas displaces oxygen, moisture and a large number of other potential contaminants that could ruin your lens clarity.

Great Eye Relief

The Leupold VX HOG 1-4x20mm riflescope has a surprising amount of eye relief that opens it up for use on a wide range of guns and calibers. At low power the VX HOG sports 4.20 inches of eye relief and at high power, an impressive 3.80 inches, which is more than enough to prevent getting “scoped”.

Sturdy Design

The VX HOG scope tube is crafted with 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum, which allows it to be utilized in tough field conditions without worry.

Fast-Focus and Target Acquisition

Hog hunting normally involves shooting a target on the move, and the Leupold VX HOG’s new lockable Fast-Focus eyepiece makes getting a target picture easy. This feature is incredibly important for close range target acquisition, and can literally make or break a fast shot. Leupold VX HOG reviews online consistently list this feature as one of the primary reasons people enjoy this scope.

looking through the Leupold VX HOG 1-4x20mm

Zero and Hold

Nothing is more exasperating than spending several hours at the range burning through expensive ammunition without getting a confident zero on your riflescope. The VX HOG’s ¼ MOA turret clicks with consistency every time, and the scopes sheer toughness ensures your rifle will stay zeroed even under the harshest conditions.

Quantum Optical System Multicoated Lenses

Leupold has been a pioneer in improving optical brightness and clarity with their proprietary Quantum Multicoated Lenses. Each layer coating (anti-reflective, phase correction, hydrophobic and abrasion-resistant) contributes something different to the spectacular brightness and clarity that Leupold scopes achieve. If you need proof head to your nearest outdoor store and test the clarity with your own eyes. Check out the Leupold VX HOG reviews online too.

Unmatched Gold Ring Warranty

Lifetime warranties on scopes are rare, and lifetime transferrable warranties are even rarer. Leupold has consistently shown that it keeps its promise when dealing with its product warranties. From its VX series line, to its MARK IV line, Leupold replaces or repairs any scope that fails to perform as expected. Scopes are expensive and way too significant of an investment to trust with a shady warranty, so don’t. Check out the customer warranty reviews on Leupold products, and you’ll find a consistent message; The Leupold Gold Ring promise has got you covered.

The Cons

As with most riflescopes, there are potential design flaws and concerns that must be taken into account when making an informed purchase. However, the only significant flaw you will encounter with the VX HOG are the words “PIG PLEX” written on each side of the crosshairs. It can be slightly distracting, maybe even annoying, but doesn’t affect the scope’s functionality when it comes to getting an accurate sight picture. Also, the crosshairs seem slightly too thick; they may actually be a bother to some shooters. However, most complaints about the reticle in the majority of Leupold VX HOG reviews didn’t seem to affect their overall impression of the scope’s quality. It’s a minor blemish, which can largely be ignored, on an otherwise perfect scope.

Who Is This Product Best For?

Honestly, the VX HOG could be a valuable and preferred item in almost any hunter’s collection. It has the quick focus needed for fast shots, and the clarity for longer follow-ups. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it for hogs, deer, big game, and maybe even dangerous game. This scope has the ability to comfortably shoot out 200-300 yards and is excellent at close range. Whether you’re a deer hunter in the stand with a 30-06 or a big game hunter packing a 444 Marlin, this scope is most likely going to be the perfect fit for your intended use.


Leupold’s VX HOG 1-4x20mm riflescope is a great riflescope choice for just about any occasion, and it’s at a price that won’t leave your pockets empty. The solid design allows it to be paired with almost any heavy recoiling rifle, and its lead-free, fog-free lens allows for excellent clarity. After you take it to the range, your zero will hold consistently during rough use, and remain predictable for every shot.

The VX HOG’s excellent lens clarity, solid design, Fast-Focus eyepiece and Gold Ring Warranty make it a solid choice for short to mid-range hunts in almost any environment. Really, its only drawback is the annoying “PIG PLEX” logo written on the crosshairs, but even that grows on you with time. Leupold offers a kind of scope quality that is very hard to find at the VX HOG’s typical price point, and a unique versatility that’s hard to beat.

Next time you’re out looking for a good scope, keep Leupold’s VX HOG 1-4x20mm riflescope in mind. Let us know what you think about the scope too.


Leupold VX6 1 6×24 Review: The Good and The Bad


The Leupold VX6 1 6×24 multigun scope is a favorite of deer hunters, long range target shooters and three gun match competitors. It’s a price-competitive choice as well. Users like its high optical performance and clear glass with a 1-6x magnification range, accurate 1x setting for close shooting, and a reticle designed for the needs of competitive shooters. Other popular but higher priced gold standard three-gun scopes include Swarovski 1-6 and Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6.

The Leupold includes well-executed illumination and blackened-edge lead and arsenic-free glass to sharpen long shoots. The scope is lighter than most in the 1-6 class. When compared to other scopes in the category, the Leupold also compares favorably in terms of durability and performance. Users say the Leupold VX6 1 6×24 allows users to shoot within 100 yards to 400 yards. It goes out easily with 1-6. The .5 interdot is ideal for small, accurate shots. The illuminated 5 moa circle turns into an up-close power dot. The red dot is great for the 0-50 range and well-defined in the 200-300 yard range.

Leupold VX6 1 6x24 riflescope


Pros and Cons of Using the Leupold VX6 1 6×24

Users of the Leupold VX6 1 6×24 say the pros outweigh the cons. More than 80 percent of users give it a five-star rating.


1. Outstanding Image Resolution. The Leupold VX6 1 6×24 riflescope offers Xtended Twilight Lens coatings. The scope test well in low light to darkness, even at 6x magnification. Exterior lenses are coated with DiamondCoat 2™ to improve resistance to abrasion and assist in light transmission for greater contrast, brightness, and clarity. Users rave about the clean and clear glass.

2. Great Precision Shots. The one MOA dot is great for precision shots in which the shooter doesn’t want the dot to cover the target. It’s clearly visible even in bright sunlight. The dot can be turned off when desired. Power adjustment is precise.

3. Affordable, Durable, Lightweight Riflescope. The Leupold VX6 1 6×24 tests well in military conditions. It’s less expensive than primary competitors’ packages and weighs just 13.4 ounces. These factors sell the scope for most users.

4. Automatic Shut-Off Feature. The optics turn off when the scope is not in use for five minutes. If the gun is moved, the scope turns on.

5. Proprietary Waterproofing. The Leupold VX6 1 6×24 uses proprietary waterproofing technology to reduce the effects of humidity, weather, and thermal shock effects.

6. Fixed Eye Relief. The 3.8 eye relief doesn’t change with power range and it’s easy to stay behind.

7. CMR2 Reticle. Competitive shooters like the mid-range reticle.

8. Ease of Operation and Quality. Users like the on and off push button and overall quality of the riflescope. Multiple reviewers place the Leupold VX6 1 6×24 in the top three scopes in the category.

9. Target Enhancement. Some users prefer a compact and lightweight scope that enhances a target without adding burdens to a semi-automatic or tactical sporting rifle. The Leupold VX6 1 6×24 power scope is extremely popular with users that don’t want a high-powered, high priced scope.

10. Iron Sights Replacement. The Leupold VX6 1 6×24 is a one to six power scope that’s adjustable from one power, or no magnification, to six power, or six times’ actual life appearance magnification. This is “low-powered optics” or optical sight, because the shooter needs only minimum magnification. He or she typically wants to replace or extend shooting range a bit beyond iron sights. The Leupold VX6 1 6×24 scope was designed with this user in mind, featuring an illuminated reticle, rangefinder, bullet-drop compensation, and additional precision features.


Users of the Leupold VX6 1 6×24 don’t report many cons. Less than 10 percent of users give the product three stars or less. It’s important to note that Leupold offers a full lifetime guarantee of the product.

1. FireDot Adjustment. A small group of users don’t like the button to make positive or negative changes in brightness. Other riflescopes offer positive adjustment dials that owners like. In addition, users say the green FireDot isn’t as large or bright as desired since most shots of the three gun shooter occur at 50 yards or less. A large, bright dot helps to fix the A-Zone.

2. MOA Adjustment. A small number of users say the leupold doesn’t return to zero and left the scope at one MOA high.

3. Power Adjustment Lever. Users say it’s too tight and difficult to use. Leupold seems aware of the issue and they’re working to resolve it.

4. Illuminated Reticle Issues. Batteries drain quickly and a small percentage of users say they’ve returned the scope for repairs.

Who Is This Product Best For?

Leupold VX6 1 6x24 on top of a rifle

Shooters, hunters, three gun competitors, and safari-goers like the Leupold VX6 1 6×24 riflescope. Users like that it’s quick to acquire targets. Large eye relief makes it easy to stay behind for long periods. The ability to make quick “combat-accurate shots” is ideal for three gun competitors. Users say its zoom range is great for close shots used in three gun competition but powerful enough for the user’s eyes to find targets out to about 400 yards.

Most users pair the Leupold VX6 1 6×24 with modern sporting rifle platforms, such as the AR-15. This stands for ArmaLiterifle, reflecting the 1950s company that designed it.


A few years ago, users complained there weren’t enough quality 1-6x power riflescopes. Today, there are many choices in the category. It’s important to know that not all riflescopes offer the same quality as the Leupold VX6 1 6×24. Reviewers like the proprietary waterproofing to protect against water accumulation from temperature swings and low temperatures on the hunt. It’s shockproof, so it’s also recoil- resistant.

Most users rave about the Leupold VX6 1 6×24 fully-coated optics. The Leupold’s supra-military grade anti-glare coating allows for a consistent transmission of light. That means you get a clear, sharp image with reduced glare. The illuminated reticle lights up the crosshairs and provides desirable contrast against your targets.

Since black crosshairs don’t always show up clearly on the target in lower light – or because the color of the target makes it difficult to see the crosshairs – the illuminated reticle on the power scope allows you to see the crosshairs on your target. You can then better engage it. Since users of competitors’ power scopes complain about the added weight of an illuminated reticle, it’s no surprise that owners love the light weight, durability, and performance package.



Leupold VX R Patrol 1.25 4 Review

Many tactical carbine shooters are caught in a conundrum between mounting a red dot optic or opting for a scope. Proponents of the red dot will emphasize the speed of target acquisition, while proponents of the scope will point out the advantage of accurate shot placement at 200 yards and beyond.While the red dot vs. scope debate rages, many shooters try to find a happy middle ground. In this role, tactical carbine shooters will be enticed by the Leupold

While the red dot vs. scope debate rages, many shooters try to find a happy middle ground. In this role, tactical carbine shooters will be enticed by the Leupold VX R Patrol 1.25 4 scope. The Leupold is quick to acquire targets due to its long eye relief and allows shooters to easily reach out to targets at 200 meters and beyond with the 4x magnification. However, the features offered by the VX R Patrol do not end there. In this Leupold VX R Patrol 1.25 4 review, we will highlight specific features.

Leupold VX R Patrol 1.25 4 scope

Leupold VX R Patrol 1.25 4 Review


1. Versatility

Our Leupold VX R Patrol 1.25 4 review touts the versatility of this optic. Tactical shooters mounting the VX R Patrol on a carbine filing a 0-200 meter role will appreciate the 3.7-4.1″ eye relief for speedy target acquisition at close range and the 4x magnification for reaching out to targets at range. Hunters using both shotguns and rifles will enjoy the 11.5-ounce lightweight as they hike to their favorite hunting spots. Coming in at a $520 price point, the VX R Patrol also appeals to budget-conscious shooters who may otherwise consider a costly red dot magnifier combo.

2. Durability

Hard-use tactical carbine shooters will not have to worry about handling their weapons with silk-gloved hands when using the VX R Patrol optic. Leupold is known around the world for their commitment to creating durable products, and the VX R Patrol is no exception. Leupold’s proprietary “DiamondCoat” technology protects the front and rear lenses from both scratches and glare. The scope is sealed with rubber gaskets at both lenses, keeping the water-repelling Argon/Krypton gas blend inside. On top of the inherent durability is Leupold’s lifetime warranty. Shooters who put their rifles through torture conditions such as mud, water, and drops will not need to fear for the durability of the VX R Patrol.

3. Advanced Reticle

While the features of the VX R Patrol are many, shooters will appreciate Leupold’s “FireDot” Special Purpose Reticle. The FireDot reticle hosts 2.5-mil dotted crosshairs leading to a 10-mil circle for close range shooting. At the center of the reticle is an illuminated dot, which is large enough to be highly visible but small enough to cover only approximately one inch of a target at 100 yards. The red dot boasts 8 brightness settings for any light level.

Following the theme of versatility found in the VX R Patrol, shooters will find the reticle equally suitable for both long and short range shooting. The 10-mil circle allows users to quickly envelop a target at close range and pull off double taps while keeping the target within the circle’s boundaries. As with many other optics sporting mil-dot crosshairs, the mil-dots allow for quick adjustment of bullet drop at varying ranges without re-zeroing the optic.

looking through the reticle of the Leupold VX R Patrol 1.25 4

4. Battery Conservation

Perhaps one of the most useful features offered in the VX R Patrol is the automatic on-off function of the illuminated red dot at the center of the FireDot reticle. Many shooters have cursed their luck after realizing they left their illuminated optic on after a previous shooting session, only to find the illumination dead in a time of need. With the VX R Patrol, users will not need to worry about this concern. Using a gyro sensor to detect motion, the scope will shut off after five minutes without movement, conserving the CR-2032 battery. However, move the scope and the red dot instantly springs back into action as soon as the rifle is moved. Shooters do have the option of manually turning their VX R Patrol on and off using the push button capped with a Leupold logo during long periods of inactivity.


Having a maximum magnification of 4x, this Leupold VX R Patrol 1.25 4 review does not recommend shooters looking to engage targets much past 200 meters choose this optic. While skill levels vary, most shooters will struggle to place shots on target at 400 yards.

The VX R patrol is not recommended for these longer range applications, so do not plan on mounting it on a long range precision rifle. Shooters who plan to mount the VX R Patrol on an AR-15 pattern rifle must be prepared to mount the optic using a fairly high set of scope mounts. If the optic is mounted too low to the rails, shooters will have difficulty manipulating the charging handle underneath the low clearance of the optic, which protrudes a good inch and a half past the rear edge of the rail.

Who Is This Product Best For?

We recommend the optic for varmint hunters using rifles and shotguns will be able to make use of the variable magnification and light weight. Where the optic truly shines, though, is on a tactical carbine used for engagements at 0-200 yards. The optic is an excellent middle ground between a red dot and a high powered scope for tactical carbine use.

This Leupold VX R Patrol 1.25 4 review has shown us that the optic strikes an excellent balance between the quick target acquisition offered by red dot optics and the accuracy at range offered by high powered scopes. The legendary quality Leupold is known for extends to the VX R Patrol, ensuring customers have an optic which will give optimal performance under hard use for many years.

The advanced FireDot reticle is unparalleled for giving shooters ease of use for both close and long range applications. Users will not worry about losing the red dot illumination during times of need, due to the motion-activated battery conservation technology. The VX R Patrol is optimal for 0-200 yard weapons systems, so do not expect it to rival high powered optics at long ranges. AR-15 users should plan to purchase high scope mounts in order to easily access the charging handle.


Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 Review – Specs and More

Whether you are planning on mounting the Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 1.5-4x20mm on a precision bolt-action rifle, a modern sporting rifle, or an MSR/AR you’ll find this scope performs. Leupold has a long history of creating scopes with excellent optics. Now add features like FireDot illumination, multicoated lenses, 4 to 1.5-zoom ratio, and a battery-conserving motion sensor. Put this all together and the result is the must have Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 riflescope.

Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 on a rifle

Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 Review

Leupold is part of Leupold & Stevens, Inc. A fifth-generation, family-owned American company, it has been producing quality optical instruments for over 100 years. Since 1907, the company commits itself to manufacturing the best optics, whether for the sportsman, wildlife observers, or law enforcement and military.

The turnaround for the company came during World War II. The United States Army and Navy approached Leupold & Stevens to help with their optics. The Army was looking for rugged scopes and the Navy wanted waterproof optics for use on board ships. The results are evident in the durable and waterproof scopes available from Leupold today.

Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 Pros

1. Customization

Many options are available from the Leupold Custom Shop. Want to change the look of your scope? No problem. The Custom Shop offers several types of finishes. Want to take advantage of customization to improve your accuracy. Also no problem. You can order a reticle matched to the ballistic information for your rifle and ammunition.

2. Illuminated Scope

Reticles on illuminated Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 models have the green Firedot. Just push a button and the small green dot appears in the crosshairs, putting them spot on to your target. With six options for intensity level, you don’t have to worry about the scope washing in low light situations.

3. Easy to Use

The circles and hash marks in the reticle make it fast and easy to estimate the target distance. The turrets are clearly marked in both yards and mils, and adjustments are a snap.

4. Lens Coating

Multicoat 4 propriety technology coats the lens of the Leupold Mark AR MOD 1. Image quality can suffer if light reflects off the lens surface. Multicoat 4 minimizes reflections while at the same time, maximizes the amount of light reaching your eye. While you have no control over the light at the time you are shooting, the Multicoat 4 technology will allow you to make the most of what is available.

5. Zoom Ratio

You’ll have edge-to-edge clear images with the Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 scope 4x to 1.5x zoom.

6. Motion Sensor Technology

The Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 Motion Sensor Technology conserves battery life in illuminated models by deactivating the light if the rifle is inactive for five minutes.

7. Fog Proof and Waterproof

Don’t wait for the sun to come up and clear the air. If you are the kind of shooter that likes to get out early while the dew is still hanging, then you’ll love the fog proof technology of the Leupold Mark AR MOD 1. Don’t care what the weather is like? Then you can depend on the Krypton and Argon waterproofing of the Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 to protect your scope.

8. Lightweight

At only 9.5 oz., you won’t even notice the addition of this scope to your rifle.

9. Full Lifetime Warranty

If you have a problem with this scope, just sent it back to Leupold for repair or replacement, no questions asked.

matte Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 1.5-4x20mm

Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 Cons

  • The 20mm objective lens is relatively small for shooting in low light conditions.
  • The battery needs to be strong for the FireDot illumination to work properly.
  • The reticle is duplex and to range it properly, the shooter has to know the size of the target and the subtension at different ranges. Plus, these ranges will change at different magnifications. For some shooters, this type of reticle is too busy and bothersome to use.
  • The Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 does not come with flip-open lens caps and the cost of a cap for the objective lens can be pricey.
  • Some shooters may feel that the clicks on the turret are soft and hard to feel. Plus, the turrets markings are in MILS. For anyone experienced in national matches that use Minute of Angle, this will take some adjusting on the part of the shooter.
  • The bullet drop compensation is set for 55 grain bullets. Testing and experimentation are necessary if you’ll be shooting heavier ammo.
  • Eye relief at full 4x magnification is only 3.80 inch, which is short for some shooters.

Who Is This Product Best For?

Shooters who like to hunt in low light, including dusk, dawn, and even at night, will love Leupold’s green Firedot. The little green dot on the circle of the reticle sets you quickly on your target at close and intermediate ranges with both eyes open.

If you are looking for a quality American made scope that is small, illuminated, and lightweight, the Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 is the one for you. The matte black finish will look great on your rifle or customize it and made yours stand out. It is easy to zero, easy to dial in, versatile, and easy to mount. Whether hunting hogs, deer, target shooting in your backyard, or shooting competition, this scope has just the right features to help you improve your accuracy at any distance.