Leupold Mark 6 3 18x44mm Review – Worth It?

The Leupold Mark 6 3 18x44mm review presents a fast, lightweight, and versatile riflescope. It makes a perfect rifle for competition, military, and law enforcement shooters. Its 6x zoom range provides a good field of view, incredible long-range targeting at high power, and rapid targeting at low magnification.

The riflescope also features the special Xtended Twilight lens by Leupold that ensures you get clear images from one edge to another throughout the zoom range. Its DiamondCoat2 protects the riflescope from any scratches while increasing the transmission of light. The Leupold Mark 6 3 18x44mm is also fog proof, waterproof and comes with full lifetime guarantee. Continue reading to find out more about it!


  • Length- 11.9 inches;
  • Weight (without mounting materials) – 23.6 oz;
  • Diameter of objective lens – 44 mm;
  • Magnification range – 3-18;
  • Field of view – 36.8- 6.3 feet every 100 yards;
  • Zero stop;
  • Mil based reticle;
  • Mil adjustments;
  • Color- black;
  • Finish- Matte.


Leupold Mark 6 3 18x44mm side view

1. Advanced Technology

Shooters have been using a mildot reticle for years; the advances in technology over the last five years have changed the shooting game completely. Unlike other riflescopes that feature a variety of reticle options, the Leupold Mark 6 3 18x44mm has two reticles. Based on the elevation knob you choose, this optic provides six options; the TMR (it is illuminated), CMR-W GRID, CMR-W 7.62, H59, H-58, and the TREMOR 2, which is also lit. The TMR makes an ideal option as it features a modest mil hash reticle that has divisions after every .5 mils and .2 mils. It does not have graduation labels and works well for low light use.

TREMOR 2 is the most recent grid type of reticle by Horus that allows users to engage in sniper operations. It is because the reticle increases the magnification of the scope and the probability of getting an accurate shot. The H58 is also reliable, fast, and ideal for amateur shooters.

2. Improved Performance

The rifle features a focal plane that provides a great deal of accuracy for target shooters and hunters compared to a second focal plane scope. Its M5B2 adjustments that are located in the middle of the rifle are lighter and slimmer because Leupold uses exotic aluminum alloy in its constriction instead of brass.

With a magnification range of 3-18 inches, the scope is useful regardless of the shooting range. However, in extremely low-light conditions, users may need to set it at 12 or less, which is pretty common even with scopes that have 50 mm objectives.

Additionally, if you get lost in your turns, you can use the zero stop feature to dial back and start again. It is easy to set the zero stop as it has positive clicks and clunks. After every 10th mil, you get a click and then a positive clunk after the 5th mil. It allows you to shoot fast during the night as you don’t need to count. The low profile C2 turret has a small button located on the side that allows you to dial in a long shot.

3. High-quality Optics

The riflescope is incredibly short, which according to experts, makes light to be bent to more dramatic angles. It is often mitigated by adding lens groups instead of single lenses to allow a little bending. The Leupold Mark 6 3 18x44mm, however, is both short and light- a feat that is difficult to achieve from an optics perspective.

Compared to high-end riflescopes like the USO and Vortex, as well as middle-range rifles like the Zeiss and the SHV, the Leupold Mark 6 3 18x44mm performs incredibly well optically. The 44mm objective lens diameter allows adequate light to go through the lens, providing bright images.

You are also sure to get optimized transmission of low-light wavelengths using its Index matched lens mechanism. Most manufacturers quote a percentage of light transmission (green wavelength) when the human eye is most sensitive. At night, the green light disappears, and a blue one takes over. Human eyes can’t identify this light, which makes them immobile. The unique Xtended Twilight Lens system emphasizes on matching coatings to the glass indices. This way, it achieves the best transmission of the blinding blue/violet spectrum without compromising on color.

4. Durability

As earlier highlighted, the Leupold Mark 6 3 18x44mm review features an ion-assist lens finish (DiamondCoat 2) that increases transmission of light and is resistant to scratches. Note that DiamondCoat exceeds military standards for durability and hardness. Hence, you are sure the rifle will endure the tests of time. It offers additional benefits like increased clarity, brightness, and contrast.


While the riflescope offers lots of advantages, users may find the turret body a little daunting to work with. Since it rotates + 0.05 mils in both directions when locked in place, it may be difficult to determine where you are dialed. You may need to count all the clicks when rotating the turrets. The turrets are torqued down to the maximum level. Hence, there may be no need of tightening the turrets down.

Who Is This Product Good For?

The Leupold Mark 6 3 18x44mm review shows that the riflescope is designed for hunters and shooters. Its unique length also allows use on various weapons platforms for defensive and offensive capabilities.


The Leupold Mark 6 3 18x44mm can be found on the Amazon online store at a price of $2499. eBay, however, offers a lower price of $1940 for a brand new riflescope, exclusive of shipping. You will also find the rifle on OpticsPlanet.com where it costs $2199.99.


The Leupold Mark 6 3 18x44mm review shows this is a reliable riflescope. Its zoom range makes it comfortable to use when shooting, though it may not provide the desired accuracy. Additionally, while it is in the $3k price range, it’s more comparable with riflescopes in the $1.5k price range.

Mark 6 3 18x lightweight features make it a tactical riflescope for long-range shooters who carry rifles for long distances. And, while competitors have tried to enhance optical performance without compromising on the weight and size, the Leupold Mark 6 3 18x44mm has managed to deliver exceptionally well on all these features.