Nikon Buckmaster 4 12×50 Review: Specs, Pros and Cons

Hunting and target practice are two sports that can be greatly improved with a steady and reliable scope. When it comes to rifle scopes, the Buckmaster 4 12×50 by Nikon is one that stands out from the competition. This scope is a reliable, affordable, and extremely durable option that you can use for targeting in the day and at night flawlessly. This Nikon Buckmaster 4 12×50 review covers the pros and cons of using this product and what advanced features it has that makes it stand out and it is guaranteed to help you decide if this is the perfect scope for you.

Nikon Buckmaster 4 12×50 Specs

  • Length: 13.9″.
  • Weight: 20.6 oz.
  • 3.7″ eye relief.
  • 12.5-4.2mm exit pupil diameter.
  • Shockproof.
  • Scratchproof matte finish.
  • Nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed.
  • Waterproof.
  • Fogproof.
  • Lens cover: plastic.
  • Field of view at 100 yards: 24.3@4x and 8@12x.
  • Lifetime warranty.

Pros and Cons of Using Nikon Buckmaster 4 12×50

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A collective Nikon Buckmaster 4 12×50 review demonstrates, like all other scopes on the market, this scope has both positive and negative characteristics. Some of these qualities are elaborated on below.


If you are looking for a scope that is reliable for recreational use, hunting, or competition, then this scope is the perfect option. Users across the country are consistently satisfied with the performance of this scope and especially pleased with the various positive characteristics. Some of these qualities are:

  • Extremely durable lens – this lens is shockproof and made to withstand wear and tear. The matte exterior of the scope itself is strong and made to be scratch resistant. The quality and craftsmanship of this scope is backed by Nikon, who provides a lifetime replacement warranty on the scope should any damage occur that was not intentional.
  • Clear and bright sight – a 92% light transmission ensures your view is always crystal clear. Even at dusk, you will have a brilliantly lit target that ensures accuracy with every shot.
  • Extremely precise – this scope has an excellent 1/4-MOA click adjustment. The positive-click reticle adjustment allows you to rapidly zero in. Nikon Buckmaster 4 12×50 review demonstrates that the positioning remains secure even on guns with heavy recoil.
  • Quick focus eyepiece – this feature makes using this scope at various distances easier-than-ever. Shooters are better able to bring the reticle into sharp focus almost instantly. The side focus adjustments are excellent for parallex-free targeting so you can zero into the target with minimum error.
  • Large exit pupils – this quality works exceptionally well to improve light in low-lit areas. This feature is extremely beneficial for individuals who go hunting at dawn or dusk when game is most active.
  • Affordable and reliable – The Buckmaster 4 12×50 is a midpriced scope offered by Nikon. This scope is fog proof and waterproof and provides an excellent light transmission that works incredibly for sighting at dusk.
  • Adjusts well in the sun – the scope contains a sunshade adaptable accessory that eliminates glare from the sun. Additionally, it works exceptionally well at keeping rain away from the objective lens and preventing dust from clouding your vision.
  • Excellent precision – users found that this scope has the ability to fine-tune shot placement with each circle on the lens and remain in position for over 100 rounds of ammunition. The firm placement is ideal for target shooters and hunters alike.


Like all other scopes on the market, this product has some minor setbacks. Some users have reported minor problems with accuracy while using this scope. Although a few users have reported that the shots did not hit the target directly, they are rather pleased that the shots end up within a close proximity of the intended target point, often within inches.

The size of the scope is not particularly ideal for all users. The overall weight of the scope is a bit higher than the competition, which can take some getting used to. For users that prefer lightweight rifles, they need to adjust to more rear weight on their rifle instead of the common forward weight configuration. Additionally, the scope in itself is rather large in length, but this typically does not hinder usability and has no bearing on performance.

The price of this scope is also not ideal for beginners as it is a rather expensive option when purchased new. There is a major limitation on the availability of this scope and now riflemen can only typically find this scope from other buyers and occasionally online auctions.

Who is This Product Best For?

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This scope performs exceptionally well and makes a great option for professional shooters, competitive shooters, and also individuals who prefer target practice recreationally. A Nikon Buckmaster 4 12×50 review determines this scope is an excellent option for individuals who prefer hunting or target practicing regardless of what nature has in store. The sunshade adaptable feature, as well as the 92% light transmission, ensure this scope is perfect for both day and low-light periods.


Overall, a thorough Nikon Buckmaster 4 12×50 review determines that this scope is an extremely dependable option. The scope itself is made to perform exceptionally well no matter what nature has in store. It is truly built to stand up against fog, rain, shine, darkness, dust, and even water submersion.

For the price and quality, the precision, durability, and accuracy are unmatched. The exceptional magnification provides a crystal clear image that doesn’t obscure the target by any means. This scope is so reliable that Nikon backs it with a lifetime guarantee so you can rest assured knowing you have a scope that is made to last.