Top 3 Rated Vortex Rifle Scopes

Vortex is a  a great choice of optic. This company offers scopes in a wide variety of product lines in many different price ranges. The tree scopes we’re discussing are from three different price tiers. The first scope is from the high end price range, and offers many premium features that justify that price, including a first focal plane precision etched reticle. The second scope’s price is a middle to high price scope and has many features to it that make it great for tactical shooting, and has a first focal plane optic, which makes it great for long range shooting and range finding. The final scope is a great entry level scope by vortex that still offers many great features that make it an amazing choice for the first time hunter and is well worth your look if you have a limited budget. All of these amazing scopes also feature illuminated reticles, making them great for shooting at targets that have less than optimal contrast compared to their background, and compared to a non-illuminated reticle.

#1 Vortex® Razor HD Riflescopes

Magnification: 5x-20x

Objective Lens: 50mm

OAL (overall length):  15.8 inches

Weight:  35.2 oz

Tube Diameter: 35mm

POU (philosophy of use): This scope was designed with the high end tactical user, the precision shooter, and the long range competitive shooter in mind, as you can see by it’s variety of features that make it ideal for these uses. The most important of these features is it’s first focal plane reticle. This is ideal for range finding, because it means that the scope markings retain the same size relative to the target as compared to second focal plane optics, which are only accurate for their etchings at a single, specified zoom. This means that during a stressful situation you don’t need to worry if you put the scope at the correct magnification to use  


#2 Vortex® Viper PST Riflescope

Magnification: 6x-24x

Objective Lens: 50mm

OAL:  15.5 inches

Weight:  23.4 oz

Tube Diameter: 30mm

POU: This scope is made for the high end precision tactical shooter, and has many features that make it great for this role. First of all, it has a maximum zoom of 24x, which makes it great for the long range shots, because it allows a more precise shoot. This scope also features an illuminated reticle with adjustable illumination so that you can have your reticle contrast your target, but, in low light situations, not completely kill your night vision. This scope is also waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof, so it’s great for the long range hunter who will be using a heavy recoiling rifle and possibly have it out during the rain. It also features turrets that allow you to easily adjust your point of aim so that you can simply put the crosshairs where you want to hit instead of using Kentucky windage. 


#3 Vortex® Crossfire II 3-12×56 30mm Hog Riflescopes

Magnification: 3x-12x

Objective Lens: 56mm

OAL: 14.3 inches

Weight:  21.1 oz

Tube Diameter: 30mm

POU: This scope is a great scope for first time hunters. One great feature of it is it’s 3x-12x magnification. This is great for the beginning shooter who will be facing longer range shots, because, unlike many entry level scopes, this has a maximum zoom of 12x, while most scopes in this price range have a 9x maximum zoom. This scope also features waterproofing and fogproofing, which makes it a great scope for a hunter who may find himself caught out in the rain, and will also have his scope go through the temperature swings of being out in the cold to being in next to a fireplace inside. Finally, it has a massive 56mm objective lens which makes it better suited to being used in lower light conditions than most beginner scopes can be used for.