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Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope, 1 x 25mm

When you own a rifle, the optics are probably those you are willing to invest money on and wish to get the best of what you have paid for. Well a good shooting experience can never happen unless you hit a target; but with the growing shooting interest nowadays, rifle accessories have also become a common thing in the market. If you try to visit a store or an online shop, you will certainly be faced with a good number of accessories, most especially the commonly purchased one- the sight. If you are not knowledgeable or careful enough though, the bountiful products of such and the many fake reviews might only lure you to buying something that you will regret at the end. Without any fuss, the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope is plainly and simple the right gadget you should be mounting in that rifle of yours. It gives you the quality that top-sights offer but only to a very minimal amount. Unlike the topmost brands, this will not leave you empty-pocketed. This is very affordable, at a price that is almost unfathomable for a product as good as this one.

Features of the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight

  • Offers a built-in sight that can most certainly serve the function you want from it at a lesser price.
  • Made with multi-coated optics which allow you to view things brightly even at a poorly lit environment. Furthermore, the high contrast amber-bright lens coating offers a wonderful sight for vivid colors.
  • Its water, fog and a shock resistance construction simply makes this a gadget to bring anytime, anywhere.
  • For the best aiming point, the gadget has a zoom application that you can manipulate in accordance to your convenience.
  • It also has an unlimited eye relief which is something a hunter always looks for in a sight.With the quality of this gadget, any type of climate will be the least of your worries.

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Pros and Cons:

Well, nothing is perfect in this world. No matter how nice the product is, there will always be setbacks that will make you rethink about a planned purchase. This part of the review is not actually to discourage you but to make you see both the positive and negative so when you hit your online market or any regular market, you are already sure about the decision you have made.


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Who this Product is best for?

  • It works great on Ruger 22/45 Lite, Ruger 10/22, Vepr-12 shotgun and perfect for 10/22 Target Rifle.
  • Many shooters and hunter are very happy when they used it on M&P 15-22 and SIG 556
  • This product also suits for AK platform guns and AR platform. Great bang for the buck red dot.

What customers had to say about the gadget?

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Out of  more 946 Amazon reviews, the most common delight that most customers shared is the fact that the gadget is indeed cheap compared to most high-end and reliable sights. They said that the price is so cheap for an excellent site. This is truly a great alternative for more expensive sight offering by the leading brands of sights. Most of them also agreed that the highest brightness setting  of number 11 is probably something that you may not need. It is said to be just way too bright for any type of weather or environment. A setting of number five or six is already excellent enough in a location with a good lighting. And finally, one of the common customer comments is that, this is truly perfect for a close combat battle. This is easy to use and will allow anyone to have a better aim and a better chance of hitting the target.


Well in terms of high quality sights, there may still be a lot out there. Speaking about  accuracy, probably plenty of brands are boasting about that right now.  The red dot is maybe very common. Many red dot sights may in fact use the same feature. In terms of close combat efficiency, this probably may not be the only one in the market at the moment. So what then makes Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope stand out from all the rest? The answer to that would be its affordability. Yes, this may just be quite the same with other top-brands or sights out there but one thing that sets this apart is its affordability. Unlike all those other mentioned, you don’t have to spend so but you still are guaranteed that you get a product comparable to very expensive top sights out there.

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  1. Mark Griffin says

    Though a good post but are these better than Aimpoint PRO? I am planning to buy a red dot sight. Which one would be better for me?

    • riflescopecenter says

      Thank you for comment.
      I think this scope is a good red dot sight. There are more 700 customer used to this scope.
      Are these better than Aimpoint PRO?
      Each product has its own advantages. But, if you are searching a good scope for the money, i think
      Aim Sports Red Dot Sight with 4 Different Reticles is also a good scope, Price is only 29.38. You can read Reviews of Customers used to this scope: At Here
      I am sorry because i don’t yet have a time to review it. I will review it in near future.
      Thank you

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